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Jem's Cajun Fox CDX

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Jem's Cajun Fox CDX
Jem's Duke Winchester
Jem's Gypsy Margaree
Jem's Harrison's Beauregard
Jem's Keisha-Copper
Jem's Lady Amber Holly
Jem's Luna Capri
Jem's Micmac Dream
Can Ch Jem's Native Sun CD
Jem's Radiant Ruby
Jem's Red River Rust of Texas
Jem's Red Skye Dawn
Jem's Renard Rouge
Jem's Riverside Rusty
Jem's Winchester Scout
Jem's Winter Venus
Jem's York Highland Rebel
Jem's Armadale
Jem's Ballantrae Boy
Jem's Bit O' Cajun
Jem's Bluenose Charlie
Can CH Jem's Changin Pace at Taybro
Can Ch Tayann Teddy Bear
Tayann Abigail
Tayann Amber
Tayann Ameretto
Tayann Cedar Forest Sam
Tayann Dory
Tayann Foxy Girl
Tayann Golden Girl
Tayann Kilkenny Kid
Tayann Lady Guinevere
Tayann Lady of Shallot
Tayann Misty Rose
Tayann Rusty Maverick
Tayann Schooner
Tayann Troubleson Chester
Can Ch Sundrummers Harbour Master CD
Can Bda CH Coltriev Drummer Boy CD
Coltriev Samanatha
Coltriev's Buster Brown
Coltriev's Golden Dawn
CAN CH Coltriev Golden Duchess
Coltriev's Sir Patrick
Can Ch Sproul's Highland Belle
Sproul's Red Ace
Sproul's Rusty Prince
Sproul's Scarlet Charm
Sproul's Scarlet Dawn
Sproul's Dusty Dugan
Sproul's Firefly
Sproul's Foggy Bajhtimm Keji
Can Ch/Otch Sproul's Amber Gem
Sproul's Anchor Man
Sproul's Ben Bolt
Sproul's Cinnamon Susie
Kurt's Flicka of Sproul
Can Ch Littleriver Trouble
Can CH Bellboy of Jeffery Coldwell
Red's Girl of Jeffery Coldwell
Red's Lady of Jeffery Coldwell
Johnston's Red of Coldwell
Can Ch Prince of Jeffery-Coldwell
Talaria of Jeffery Coldwell
Red Wright of Jeffery Coldwell
Mcleod's Kennet of Coldwell
Prisella of Jeffery Coldwell
Brymwyle of Jeffery Coldwell
Can Ch Conqueror of Jeffery Coldwell
Jennella's Ambers Mist
Jem's Ginger
Jem's Velvet Diamond
Jennella's Armbos Rubro
Can CH Jennella's Bras D'Or CDX WC FD
Can Ch Jennella's Breton MacNamuir CD
Jennella's Marquess O' Skye
Jennella's Stella Nova
Can CH Jem's Acadian Red Rebecca CD
Can Ch Jem's Bluewater Ceilidh CDX
Jem's Brandy Sunshine
Jem's Chase
Jem's Copper Flame
Can Ch Westerlea's Tru Ray Red Rebel WC CDX
Westerlea's Siren Fancy
Can Ch Westerlea's Summer Sunset
Westerlea's Taster's Choice
Westerlea's Tofino Decoy
Westerlea's Voyageur of Jalna
Westerlea's Blue Peter
Westerlea's Terra Nova Maiden
Westerlea's Lahaina Sunset
Westerlea's Maple Taffy
Westerlea's Mistress McNabb
Can CH Westerlea's Red Duster
Can CH Westerlea's Rippling Brook CDX WC
Westerlea's Sir Toby
Westerlea's Pint o' Guinness
Westerlea's Nimpkish Copper
Westerlea's Blazing Sunrise
Westerlea's Bo of Cheticamp
Westerlea's Cally's Comet
CAN/MEX CH Westerlea's Cinnamon Teal CAN/MEX CD GRCA WC
Can Ch Westerlea's Copper Vixen
Westerlea's Decoy Duchess
Can Ch Westerlea's Dory Skipper
Can Ch Westerlea's Flying Fox
Can Ch Westerlea's White Ensign
Can CH Westerlea's Cinnstar Eric
Westerlea's Kia
Westerlea's Coffeenova
Westerlea's Johnny Canuck
Westerlea's Acadian Belle
Can Ch Westerlea's Commander Cody
Can Ch Sundrummers Seawitch
Sundrummers Amber Contessa
Can Ch Sundrummers Ardun Ella CD
Sundrummers Commander Harry
Sundrummers Northern Red
Sundrummers Red Emperor
Sundrummers Rhonda
Can Ch Liscot's Scotia O' The Glen CD
Liscot's Coaster Boy
Can Ch Liscot's Crown Jewel
Can Ch Liscot's Kishkadina Joy
Can CH Liscot's Tru Ray Dyna Mite WC
Can Bda CH OTCH Sproul's Angus MacBeth WC TT
Can Ch Sproul's Kinsman's Cedar Fox
Can Ch Sproul's Sandy MacTavish CDX
Sproul's Happy Hudson
Can CH Sproul's Highland Playboy CD
Sproul's Highland Scotty
Can Ch Sproul's Apache Princess
Sproul's Cocoa Bear
Can Ch Liscot's Foxy Lady
Liscot Brandy of Hollister
Liscot O'Reilly
Liscot's Bruin
Liscot's Daisy Mae
Liscot's Mactavish McKay
Can Ch Liscot's Number One Son

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