Golden Retriever

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Sunshine Goodtime Henry MH WCX

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Sunshine Goodtime Henry MH WCX (OFA GR-84360G30M-PI)
Sunshine Heaven Sent Victory
Sunshine Golden Blaze JH (OFA GR-89605E49F-PI)
HR Sunshine's Fancy Allie Sheba SH
Counterpoints Captain MH WCX OS CGC (OFA GR 62098E24M-T)
C-Point's Callback Cheela Am MH Can WCX JH (OFA GR-62721G27F-T)
Counterpoint Full O'Blarney JH, WCX
Erinhills Fly The Bunker Can SH
AFTCH Erinhills Rug Cutter *** FDHF (OFA GR-40434G49M)
Erinhills Sidewinder (OFA GR-47128E24F)
Erinhills Copper of Goldendale
Erinhill's Abbey Road
FC AFC Tangelo's Side Kick OS FDHF (OFA GR 15144)
FTCH AFTCH Erinhills Nellie O'Sky **
Jaybar's Unsinkable MH *** (OFA GR-42376E24F)
Topbrass Cooper Smith UDX JH NA NAJ WC (OFA GR-45315G37M)
Jaybar Golden Cassie (OFA GR-43115G25F)
Huntrails Tuffy (OFA GR-32348G88M)
Hi-Hope's Ginger Brandy CD WCX *** OD (OFA GR-18334-T)
Hi-Hopes Showboat Dancer CanCD
High Times Sunshine Fancy (OFA GR-57900G62F-T)
U-CDX HR OTCh High Times Can't Touch This UDX10 WCX MH OS (OFA GR-39845E24M)
High Times It Must Be Karma CDX SH WCX OD (OFA GR-40456G26F)
High Times Wood Duck Decoy AmCD JH CanCD (OFA GR-39935G24M)
High Times Booker T MH WCX *** (OFA GR-23223 Normal)
High Times Denny's Trooper MH WCX *** OS (OFA GR-21789G62M)
U-OCH HRCH Can,OTCH High Times Thorr UDX TD MH WCX ***
High Times All That Jazz (OFA GR-31164G29F)
High Times Prince Tamberlain CanCDX AM UD
High Times Jumpin' Jack Flash *** (OFA GR-30169G25M)
High Times Otto (OFA GR-13199)
High Times Luke's Kate (OFA GR-16268)
High Times J.G. Jack (OFA GR-16343)
High Times Red Pepper (OFA GR-17446)
High Times Happy Andy (OFA GR-23940G35M-T)
High Times Little Creek Tess (OFA GR-23440G26F)
High Times Stellar Rita (OFA GR-25739G24F)
High Times (OFA GR-48680F112M)
High Times Tejas Fajita Rita (OFA GR-32634G35F)
High Times Annie Getyour Gun CD SH WCX (OFA GR-33047G27F)
High Times Straight As'n Arrow CD WCX *** (OFA GR-36688F26M)
CanOTCH High Times Windy Ben Bear UDX
High Times Amazing Grace MH WCX (OFA GR-33091E29F)
High Times Amazing Grace MH WCX (OFA GR-33091E29F)
High Times Straight As'n Arrow CD WCX *** (OFA GR-36688F26M)
High Times Annie Getyour Gun CD SH WCX (OFA GR-33047G27F)
CanOTCH High Times Windy Ben Bear UDX
HRCH Kc's High Times Roll'n Gold CDX MH WCX *** OS (OFA GR-25538G29M)
Kc's Reflection Of Sparkle MH WCX ** OD (OFA GR-24353F121F-T)
KC's Spirit Of Sparkle MH *** (OFA GR-24352F47F-T)
KC Chances R Walk'n On Sunshine CD MH WCX ***
KC's Ready Willing And Able MH **
Kc's Willie Or Won't He SH (OFA GR-40291G25M-T)
KC's Tasmanian Devil
KC's Absolut Delight (OFA GR-34107G26F)
Somday's Glimmer Of Gold UD SH WCX OD (OFA GR-25154G37F)

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