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Redland's Eastern Basil

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Redland's Eastern Basil
Redland's Exactly Mac
Redland's Extra Ginger WC
Redland's Enticing Keltie
Redland's Evangeline Annapolis
Redland's Ever Ruby
Harbourlights Nifty Duke
Harbourlights Bright Sunshine
Harbourlights Shore Blaze
Harbourlights Sonny Boy
Harbourlights Tolling D'uffe
Harbourlights Heart Breaker
Harbourlights Lady
Harbourlights Scotia Haven Fdch
Harbourlights Scotia Sparkle
Harbourlights Miss Alanikki
Harbourlights Ala Gatter
Harbourlight Toby Light
Harbourlights Blue Sky's Aspen
Jock O'Dee of Harbourlights
Harbourlights Tawny Cove
Harbourlights Heilan Laddie
Can Ch Harbourlights Joshua CDX
Harbourlights Little Badger
Harbourlights Merle Mazer
Coreen Cousteau Plaisance
Harbourlights Foxy Lady
Harbourlights Golden Fancy
Harbourlights Golden Kahli
Harbourlights Schooner
Harbourlights Scotia Bandit
Harbourlights Scotia Belle
Harbourlights Scotia Kipper
Mason's Dixie Delight
Harbourlights Nova Nada
Harbourlights Penelope Rouge
Harbourlights Quasi Modo
Harbourlight's Red Chinook
Harbourlights Red Fancy
Lady Linda of Harbourlight
Harbourlights Scotia Boy
Harbourlights Red Kali
Bengie Lahave of Harbourlight
Queenie of Harbourlights
Crane Lakes Little River Scoter
Dede of Harbourlights
Harbourlight's Tricky Nicky
Harbourlights Amber Mist
Scotias Sauce Pequante
Harbourlights Hilan Ginger
Harbourlights Hopeful
Harbourlights Jeddore
Harbourlights Scotia Bear
Harbourlights Scotian Shandy
Harbourlights Miss Pronto
Harbourlights Princess Lily
Hilan Lad of Harbourlights
Harbourlights Gunner Too
Harbourlights Country Caleb
Harbourlights Saucy Boots
Harbourlights Misty Blue
Harbourlights Fundy Twist
Harbourlights Red Ochre
Harbourlights Cinniman Twist
Harbourlights Mighty Duck
Harbourlights Rapid Ruby
Harbourlights Rip An Tare
Harbourlight's Big Mac
Harbourlights Autumn Frost
Harbourlights Bonnie Bell
Harbourlights Brynn Wolf
Harbourlights Cajun Ginger
Harbourlights Tollin Torey
Harbourlights Unsinkable Molly
Harbourlights Zeke
Harbourlights Great Pluto
Harbourlights Chessie Belle
Harbourlights Deseret Lexie
Harbourlights Missouri Fox
Harbourlight's Misty Mae
Harbourlights Tawny Two
Harbourlights Meg-a-Duck
HR Harbourlights Trapper Jack WC
Harbourlights Alamo
Harbourlights Birchtown Buddy
Harbourlights Steves Kedjie
UKC-HR Harbourlights Taffy Pull WC TT
Harbourlights White Socks
Harbourlights Golden Scotia
Harbourlights Green Wood Rex
Harbourlight's Helan Shoney
Harbourlights Island Ginger
Harbourlights Claire Chase
Harbourlights Daisy Lou Ducky
Harbourlights Flara Foxacadia
Harbourlights Rusty Hunter
Harbourlights Rusty Rufus
Harbourlights Scotia Duke of Lyonhouse
Tennessee Golden Leif
Dutchess of Harbourlights
Hilan Lads Nova Lights
Harbourlights Misty-Blu
Harbourlights Morgan The 2nd
Harbourlights Olympia Gold
Harbourlights Orion
Harbourlights Perky Peppy
Harbourlights Red Caper
Harbourlights Red Kate
Mallorys Red Wren
Hilan Lad of Harbourlights
Harbourlights Gunner Too
Harbourlights Country Caleb
Harbourlights Saucy Boots
Harbourlights Nova Nipper
Nipper of Harbourlights
Sir Rusty of Bethdon

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