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Visa Virgo Vestalis

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Visa Virgo Vestalis
Vinetou Virgo Vestalis
Victoria Virgo Vestalis (2005)
Venus Virgo Vestalis
Vaya Virgo Vestalis
Vasa Virgo Vestalis
Vanessa Virgo Vestalis
Vala Virgo Vestalis
DKCH Hedera's Classic Look
Hedera's Cristal Cameo
Hedera's Cap-a-Pie
Hedera's Cashmere Wool
Hedera's Charming Copper
Hedera's Chubby Clown
Hedera's Columbian Colt
Hedera's Cool Cool Man
Hedera's Crystal Cameo
FIN CH FIN TRCH Nordwart Kassandros
Nordwart Karoline
Nordwart Kasper
Nordwart Kassandra
Nordwart Kleio
Nordwart Korinna
Lyonhouse Fergus Stuart
Aust CH Lyonhouse Agnes
Lyonhouse Alistaire
Lyonhouse Amabel Stuart CD CDex
Lyonhouse Andrew
Lyonhouse Balnahard Stuart
Lyonhouse Ben Stuart
Lyonhouse Bruce
Lyonhouse Colin
B CH LUX CH NL CH Lyonhouse Davinia Stuart at Freelane
Lyonhouse Dirke at Alameda
Lyonhouse Elspeth Stuart
Lyonhouse Evelyn Stuart
Lyonhouse Ewan Stuart
Lyonhouse Fenella Stuart
Lyonhouse Fiona Stuart
Lyonhouse Kintra Stuart
Lyonhouse Machir Stuart
Lyonhouse Machrie Stuart
Lyonhouse Precious CDex
Harbourlights Pick Up Sticks
Harbourlights Blond Sia
Harbourlights Tuskets Ace
Hedera's Very Sexy One
Hedera's Vaporhead Guy
Hedera's Vulnerable Gift
Hedera's Warning Sign
Hedera's Wet Autumn Lace
Hedera's What A Twister
Hedera's Wild Bluenose
Hedera's Winnie The Pooh
Hedera's Working Witch
Rodravens Tim
S VCH SU(u)CH Rodravens Tom
Rodravens Jac
S VCH NV-01 SU(u)CH Rodravens Mac
Rodravens Pim
Rodravens Puc
Hedera's Orange Flower
Hedera's Recent Arrival
Hedera's Right Choice
Hedera's Ritch In Talent
Hedera's Rote Kaiser
Hedera's Royal Highness
Hedera's Olympic Game
Hedera's One By One
Hedera's One Man Show
Hedera's Onestep Further
Hedera's Orchid Blossom
Hedera's Radiant Pearl
Hedera's Rambling Rose
PL CH Bohemia Tosti
Art Tosti
Atyl Tosti
jCh CZ Alexa Tosti
Asa Tosti
Bazy Tosti
Brit Tosti
Andy Tosti
Akea Tosti
Ch Pl, j Ch Cz Buller (DKK06031/97)
Oliver (DKK06027/97)
Ronja (DKK06030/97)
Freja (DKK06028/97)
Bimmer (DKK06029/97)
Basse (DKK06026/97)
NUCH DKCH NV-88 Flyingtollers Boomer
Flyingtollers Rasmus
Flyingtollers Roy
Flyingtollers Bonny
Flyingtollers Buster
Bonny White Nose Under The Red Sky
Hunter Tylo Under The Red Sky
Toller's Delight Amazing Savannah
Toller's Delight Daylight Dreamer
Toller's Delight Dazzling Djonno
Toller's Delight Whispering Jack
Toller's Delight Wild Dancer (DKK08388/97)
Sita Chevy Under The Red Sky
Whistling Cliff Under The Red Sky
Dutch Anabel Chevy Under The Red Sky
Dutch Bright Eye's Under The Red Sky
Dutch Chikki Under The Red Sky
Milo Chevy Under The Red Sky
Shaggy Toller's Hurri Helper
j Ch Cz, CH Pl Shaggy Toller's Happy Hunter
Shaggy Toller's Hello He-Man
Shaggy Toller's Helpful Hilda
Shaggy Toller's Highland Harley
Shaggy Toller's Hurricane Hero
Dienesmindes Odin
Dienesmindes Bolle (DKK24063/87)
Dienesmindes Balder
Dienesmindes Bolle
Dienesmindes Chang
Dienesmindes Fylla
Dienesmindes Janus
Dienesmindes Jeppe (DKK 12016/88)
Dienesmindes Rina
Dienesmindes Rolle
Dienesmindes Sally
Dienesmindes Sam
Dienesmindes Sofus
Dienesmindes Sussi
Dienesmindes Tulti
DKCH EUV'96 LCH BESG'96 VV'96 DCH-VDH BESG'97 Ardunacres Diplomat
Ardunacres Russett Choice
Ardunacres Shandy Blythe
Ardunacres Tugboat Charley
Ardunacres Canadian Sunset
Ardunacres Energizer
Ardunacres Jack
Ardunacres Lady Jay
Ardunacres Malagash Kejimkujik
Ardunacres of Brandy

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