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CHCh Objibwa's Ghiisis

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

CHCh Objibwa's Ghiisis (FCI A/A)
Objibwa's Gabena (A/A)
Objibwa's Gaschka-Noki (A/A)
CHCh/Int.CH/FTfCh/CHVetCh Objibwa's Ghibichi-Taa WT/sw500/DA (FCI A/A)
Objibwa's Gibingo Agi-L2 (A/A)
CHCh/ Int.Ch/ Objibwa's Gichi-Ajowo Trialer (A/A)
Objibwa's Ginjiba (A/A)
Objibwa's Gwayo (B/A)
Happy Trail's Commander Douglas (FCI A2)
Happy Trail's Cadet Andrew Jr.
Happy Trail's Cajolery Daisy
Happy Trail's Captain Morgan
Happy Trail's Carefree Molly (FCI B)
Happy Trail's Charming Lucy
Happy Trail's Cheerful Minnie
Happy Trail's Corporal Chester
Lyonhouse Andrew (FCI ua)
Aust CH Lyonhouse Agnes (RH2/LH7=9)
Lyonhouse Alistaire (FCI ua)
Lyonhouse Amabel Stuart CD CDex
Lyonhouse Balnahard Stuart
Lyonhouse Ben Stuart
Lyonhouse Bruce
Lyonhouse Colin
B CH LUX CH NL CH Lyonhouse Davinia Stuart at Freelane (FCI # (A))
Lyonhouse Dirke at Alameda
Lyonhouse Elspeth Stuart
Lyonhouse Evelyn Stuart
Lyonhouse Ewan Stuart (FCI A)
Lyonhouse Fenella Stuart
Lyonhouse Fergus Stuart (FCI A)
Lyonhouse Fiona Stuart
Lyonhouse Kintra Stuart
Lyonhouse Machir Stuart
Lyonhouse Machrie Stuart
Lyonhouse Precious CDex (RH0/LH0=0)
Harbourlights Scotia Duke of Lyonhouse (FCI 30/10/1991 (4:7))
HR Harbourlights Trapper Jack WC
Harbourlights Alamo (OFA DTR-87G24M-T)
Harbourlights Birchtown Buddy
Harbourlights Steves Kedjie
UKC-HR Harbourlights Taffy Pull WC TT
Harbourlights White Socks
Harbourlights Golden Scotia
Harbourlights Green Wood Rex
Harbourlight's Helan Shoney
Harbourlights Island Ginger
Harbourlights Meg-a-Duck
Harbourlights Claire Chase
Harbourlights Daisy Lou Ducky
Harbourlights Flara Foxacadia
Harbourlights Rusty Hunter
Harbourlights Rusty Rufus
Tennessee Golden Leif
Dutchess of Harbourlights
Hilan Lads Nova Lights
Harbourlights Misty-Blu
Harbourlights Morgan The 2nd
Harbourlights Olympia Gold
Harbourlights Orion
Harbourlights Perky Peppy (FCI ua)
Harbourlights Red Caper
Harbourlights Red Kate
Mallorys Red Wren
Jem's Hamish's Girl of Lyonhouse (FCI RH4/LH6=10)
Can Ch Jem's Double Trouble CD (OFA DTR-116G38F-T)
Jem's Gentle Ben
Jem's Happy Hunter
Can CH Jem's Redstar Tobey CD
Drogstas Alley-Cat (FCI A2)
Drogstas Cat-Ama-Ran
Drogstas Cat-A-Strof (FCI ua)
Drogstas Cat-Ba-Lou
Drogstas Cat-E-Chu-Pa Huts (FCI ua)
Drogstas Cat-Man-Du (FCI ua)
SE UCH Drogstas Cat-Ri-Ona (FCI ua)
SE UCH Riverduck of Drogsta (FCI ua)
Harbourlights Allie Amber
Harbourlights Amber Geezer
Harbourlights Angus
Harbourlights Callaghan
Walnut Hill's Fergie
Harbourlights Sly Jessie
Harbourlights Tennessee Buddy
Harbourlights Im Just Ducky
Harbourlights Island Red
Harbourlights Lit-River Rusty (OFA DTR-99G45M-T)
Harbourlights Canso's Lad
Harbourlights Cassidy Bay
Harbourlights Douglas Stuart of Lyonhouse (FCI RH4/LH8=12)
Harbourlights Golden Baron
Harbourlights Rothesay Lad
Harbourlights Rusty Cye
Harbourlights Rusty Wamboldt
Harbourlights Scotia Kitt
Harbourlights Scotia Pippi (OFA DTR-86G26F-T)
Harbourlights Scotian Red Coat
Harbourlights Scotian Sparky
Harbourlights Mini Magnum
Harbourlights Miss Cleveland
Harbourlights Mollywog
Harbourlights Nova's Fancy
Harbourlights Nunn's Ceiligh
Fo Bi Tollers Vilhelmina (FCI ua)
Fo Bi Tollers Apollo (FCI ua)
Fo Bi Tollers Florence
Fo Bi Tollers Mitzi
CHCh/ Int.Ch/ Flottatjarns Prima Indaaji Trialer/sw500/BH1/SanH1/PD (FCI B/B)
LPI Flottatjarn's Prima Ida (FCI ua)
Flottatjarn's Prima Inuit-Tuffy (FCI B1)
Flottatjarn's Prima Ior (FCI ua)
Flottatjarn's Prima Iro
Nordwart Priamos (FCI ua)
Nordwart Pampero
Nordwart Pecan
FIN CH Nordwart Peleus (FCI A)
Nordwart Pistacchio Nut
FIN CH Nordwart Presto (FCI A)
Nordwart Priimas
Nordwart Puppis
Willo-B's Rip Curl (FCI A/A)
Willo-B's Alaskan Amber
Willo-B's Digby (OFA DTR-275G52M-T)
Willo-B's Foxy Lady (FCI B/B)
Willo-B's Ivy Autumn
Willo-B's Rising Tide (OFA DTR-185F24F-T)
Willo-B's Splash-er Dash-er (OFA DTR-204G31F)
Harbourlights Pick Up Sticks (FCI A/A)
Harbourlights Blond Sia
Harbourlights Tuskets Ace
LPI Flottatjarn's Kitimat Chessies Moxa (FCI ua)
Flottatjarn's Kitimat Casey (FCI ua)
Flottatjarn's Kitimat Ceasar (FCI ua)
LPI S LCH Flottatjarn's Kitimat Charmy (FCI ua)
Flottatjarn's Kitimat Chase (FCI ua)
LPI Flottatjarn's Kitimat Chester (FCI ua)
Flottatjarn's Kitimat Chivas (FCI ua)
Flottatjarn's Kitimat Coxie (FCI A)
FIN MVA Westerlea's Kitimat Mox (FCI A)
Westerlea's Lovable Laddie
Westerlea's Milady Honey
Can Ch Westerlea's Bijou at Tossers CD (OFA DTR-122G26F-T)
Can Ch Westerlea's Chance For Kylador CD (OVC AA1514)
Can Ch Westerlea's Digby Schooner (OVC AA3341)
LPI Rodahunds Saltstankta Naime Nouveau (FCI ua)
Rodahunds Nickolina
Rodahunds Nimrod
LP Rodahunds Saltstankta Nezzie (FCI ua)
Rodahunds Saltstankta Nickolina (FCI ua)
LP Rodahunds Saltstankta Nimbus (FCI ua)
Rodahunds Saltstankte Nimrod (FCI ua)
LP Rodahunds Saltstankta Nippertippa (FCI ua)
Rodahunds Saltstankta Noette (FCI ua)
Rodahunds Saltstankta Nomi

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