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SE U(u)CH Mysslš's Chilepepper Primavera

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

SE U(u)CH Mysslš's Chilepepper Primavera
Mysslš's Chilepepper Habanero
SE VCH Mysslš's Chilepepper Jalapeno
SE U(U)CH Mysslš's Chilepepper Salsa Delight
Mysslš's Chilepepper Mirasol
Mysslš's Chilepepper Alma Paprika
Mysslš's Chilepepper Mexi Belle
Myssla's Chilepepper Mirasol
Riverbreeze Salty Pepper De Chawu
Riverbreeze Secret Simba De Chawu
Riverbreeze Sporty Zorro De Chawu
DKRLCH RōM RBM DKLPCH LP3 LP2 LP1 Riverbreeze Sweet Delphi De Chawu
Riverbreeze Swinging Vira De Chawu
Riverbreeze Saga Ducktail de Chawu
LPI SE VCH Riverbreeze Silky Sushi de Chawu
Riverbreeze Sir Deja Vu of Decoyman
SE VCH SE U(U)CH Solvingas Chaplin Af Jim Beam
Solvingas Chapman Af Jim Beam
Solvingas Charisma Af Jim Beam
Solvingas Cheila Af Jim Beam
Solvingas Chejka Af Jim Beam
Solvingas Chiiva Af Jim Beam
DK UCH LPI NO UCH Kanadickens Jim Beam
Kanadickens Jack Daniel's
Kanadickens John Jameson
Kanadickens Johnnie Walker
Kanadickens Tullamore Dew
S VCH Kanadickens Chivas Regal
Kanadickens Famous Grouse
SE VCH Solvingas Isashani Av Xacateacas
Solvingas Andreo Av Keda
Solvingas Fumita Av Shinzawai
Solvingas Jiro Av Anasati
Solvingas Kevin Av Zun
Solvingas Nacoya Av Acoma
Solvingas Pataki Av Sida
SE VCH SE U(U)CH Duck Tail's Wunja Av Sigil
S VCH Duck Tail's Biork Av Sigil
S VCH LPI S LCH Duck Tail's Gifu Av Sigil
Duck Tail's Hagal Av Sigil
SE VCH Duck Tail's Lagaz Av Sigil
Duck Tail's Perdhra Av Sigil
Duck Tail's Thurisaz Av Sigil
SU(u)CH Duck Tail's Tiwaz Av Sigil
BEJSG'96 CLPJSG'96 DKCH BESG'98 DCH-VDH LP1 Hyflyer's Invincible Max
Hyflyer's Almonte
Hyflyer's Eybik Kaija
Hyflyer's Gunner Man
Hyflyer's Hennessey Tollie
Hyflyer's Majestic Megan
VDH DRC CH Hyflyer's Mississauga Jason
Hyflyer's Wild Card Maverick
Flottatjarn's Der Kalix
Flottatjarn's Der Kajsa
Flottatjarn's Der Kandy
Flottatjarn's Der Karin
Flottatjarn's Der Kasper
LPI Flottatjarn's Der Kinny
Flottatjarn's Der Kompis
LPI Flottatjarn's Der Konrad
All We Needs Sacher
Bella Nova's Didis Challe
Bella Nova's Didis Chabo
Bella Nova's Didis Charmor
Bella Nova's Didis Chessie
Bella Nova's Didis Chiela
Bella Nova's Didis Chika
Bella Nova's Didis Chips
Bella Nova's Didis Chitty
Bella Nova's Didis Chivas
DK UCH FIJV-99 NORD V-99 SE U(U)CH SE V-01 SE V-99 Aindow's Charlie
Aindow's Chole
SU(u)CH Aindow's Camira
Aindow's Candy
Aindow's Casper
LPI S LCH Aindow's Cassandra
Aindow's Celina
Aindow's Chamile
Bella Nova's Lockande Didi
Bella Nova's Lockande Foxy
Bella Nova's Lockande Leonardo
Bella Nova's Lockande Molly
Bella Nova's Lockande Myra
S VCH Bella Nova's Lockande Rodluva
S VCH Swinging Tails Corsair
Swinging Tails Guardsman
Swinging Tails Helldiver
Swinging Tails Liberator
Swinging Tails Messerschmitt
Swinging Tails Skyfarer
Swinging Tails Spitfire
Swinging Tails Star-Lifter
Swinging Tails Lansen
Swinging Tails Tunnan
Swinging Tails Viggen
Swinging Tails Draken
Swinging Tails Fairchild
Swinging Tails Jas
Swinging Tails Safir
Decoymans Piper Hazel
Decoymans Piper Heather
Decoymans Piper Holly
Decoymans Piper Ivy
Decoymans Piper Jasmine
Decoymans Piper Mellinda
Decoymans Piper Nadia
Decoymans Piper Natasha
Decoymans Carolina
Decoymans Gadwall
Decoymans Harlequin
Decoymans Mandarin
Decoymans Piper Ash
NL CAN D-VDH LUX SL CH INTUCH Decoymans Piper Bracken
Decoymans Piper Nikita
Decoymans Piper Oak
Decoymans Piper of The Marsh
Decoymans Piper Pochard
Decoymans Piper Serena at Paludic
Decoymans Piper Teal
Decoymans Piper Wigeon

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