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ARBA/UKC CH KD's Scarlet Starlet CD, ROM

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

ARBA/UKC CH KD's Scarlet Starlet CD, ROM (AKC SN74532201)
UKC GR/NSDTRC-US CH Chesagrove's Amber Wave WC CD (AKC SN74532202)
Chesagrove's Whisling Willie (AKC SN74532203)
SHR K.D.'s Ridin' The Tradewinds CDX WCI (AKC SN34573001)
Jacye Tradewinds (AKC SN34573002)
Tradewinds Big Bob's Bendback WCI (AKC SN34573003)
Tradewinds Bravo Xray CD WC (AKC SN34573004)
HRCH Can OTCH NSDTRC/Can Ch Lonetree's Barnstorm'n Jake UD US/Can WCX (AKC SN74139601)
Lone Tree's Belle Sadie (AKC SN74139602)
Lone Tree's Ben By Rip Tide (AKC SN74139605)
Lone Tree's Best Maggie (AKC SN74139604)
Lone Tree's Bring Me Lil 'Rip (AKC SN74139606)
Lonetree's Bristol Sydney (AKC SN74139603)
Ch Lonetree Ceacyl's Stayn WCX (AKC SN74174805)
NSDTRC(USA) Ch HR Lonetree's C. Quill Gordon CD WCX (AKC SN74174804)
Lonetrees Calvin Kilcreek CD WCI (AKC SN74174806)
Lonetree's Chula (AKC SN74174803)
Lonetree's Cinnamon Jip (AKC SN74174801)
Lonetree's Cinnamon Teal (AKC SN74174802)
Can/US Ch Harbourlights Rip Tide CDX WC ROM (AKC SN74095301)
Harbourlights True Grit (CKC UN670583)
Harbourlights Hector (CKC UN655198)
Harbourlights Carolina's Lady (CKC UN753828)
Harbourlights Scotia Vixen (CKC UN655195)
Harbourlights Nicki-Nack (CKC UN639638)
Harbourlights Red Tye (CKC UN639634)
Can OTCH Tradewinds Dusty Jamoca UD WC (AKC SN74014402)
Tradewinds Pride And Joy (AKC SN74014401)
NSDTRC/ARBA Ch Tradewinds Salt Water Taffy CDX WC (AKC SN34570701)
Tradewinds Spirit O'The Glade (AKC SN74014403)
NSDTRC/ARBA Ch Tradewinds Salt Water Taffy CDX WC (AKC SN34570701)
Can OTCH Tradewinds Dusty Jamoca UD WC (AKC SN74014402)
Tradewinds Pride And Joy (AKC SN74014401)
Tradewinds Spirit O'The Glade (AKC SN74014403)
Can Ch Sandycove At Westerlea CD WC (CKC SL488277)
Westerlea's Rufus Prince (CKC RG422872)
Westerlea's Scotch Fir (CKC RG422870)
Can Ch Westerlea's Vital Spark (CKC RG422866)
Can Ch Westerlea's White Rock Peter (AKC SN73326501)
Westerlea's Hebridean Skye (CKC RG422873)
Sandycove's Dashaway Digby (CKC SL488286)
Can Ch Sandycove's Gold Horizon CD WC (CKC SL488282)
Sandycove's Lucky Swashbuckler (CKC SL488269)
Sandycove's Sea Captain (CKC SL488283)
Sandycove's Smuggler's Booty (CKC SL488290)
Sandycove's Spud Island (CKC SL488288)
Can Ch Sandycove's Sweet Molly Malone (CKC SL488275)
Westerlea's Barrow Lane Andy (CKC RG422871)
Can Ch Westerlea's Glittering Jem CD (CKC RG422867)
Can CH Westerlea's Glory Hallelujah CDX (CKC RG422868)
Cinnstar's Carolina Wren (AKC SN73791802)
W-88-90-91 WW-91 EUW-92 Cinnstar Zeibans Ruffed Grouse (FCI SF15544/86)
Cinnstar's John Patrick (AKC SN73791803)
Cinnstar's Littleriver Piper (CKC SS582537)
Cinnstar's Ruddy Duck (CKC SS505232)
Rusty Teal of Cinnstar (CKC SN73821301)
Danbury's Chesagrove Brida (AKC SN74280901)
Danbury's Arabella of Georgia (AKC SN74280904)
Danbury's Diamond In The Ruff (AKC SN74280906)
Danbury's Summer Scarlet (AKC SN74280902)
Danbury's Swampwater Chaser WCI (AKC SN74280905)
Beacon Hill's Danbury Spice (AKC SN74280903)
Haden's Duke of Hamilton (AKC SN73322702)
Radar of York (AKC SN73322705)
Brandy Glyngyle Harrel (AKC SN73322703)
SR NSDTRC/Can CH Bhalgair of Lennoxlove CDX WCX (AKC SN73322701)
Fox (SN73322704) (AKC SN73322704)
WR CanOTCH NSDTRC/Can CH Sylvan's Rusty Jones UD WC, Can WCX TT (AKC SN73307803)
Sylvan's Ball O'Fire (AKC SN73308205)
Sylvan's Duke Wellington (AKC SN73307801)
Sylvan's Frosty Angel (AKC SN73308204)
Sylvan's Golden Charmer (AKC SN73308203)
Sylvan's Happy Holly (AKC SN73307802)
Sylvan's Redwood Chip (AKC SN73307804)
Sylvan's Strawberry Shortcake (AKC SN73308201)
Sylvan's Sugar And Spice (AKC SN73308202)
Sproul's Glyngyle Holly (AKC SN73320001)
Sproul's Lucky Legend (CKC FCB493)
Sproul's Mr. Scotia (CKC NU325438)
Sproul's Nutmeg Maggie (CKC FC26844)
Sproul's Red Lass (CKC KY108962)
Sproul's Haliburton (CKC KY108953)
Can Ch Sproul's Highland Lassie (CKC FCB490)
Sproul's Honey (CKC FCB489)
Sproul's Acadian Rogue (CKC FCB491)
Lady Victoria of Sproul (CKC FCB492)
SKC CH Aspen Gold's Southern Rose (AKC SN74024904)
Aspen Gold's Cochise (AKC SN74024902)
Aspen Gold's Jasper (AKC SN74024903)
Aspen Gold's Magic Marker (AKC SN74024905)
Aspen Gold's Northern Arrow (AKC SN74024901)
CAN/MEX CH HR Cinnstar's Ian of Little River*** CAN/MEX/NSDTRC CD WC (AKC SN73838101)
Cody Mare of Cinnstar (AKC SN73838109)
Wally of Cinnstar (AKC SN73838108)
Cinnstar's Canela Roja (AKC SN73838105)
Cinnstar's Creekbank Tule (AKC SN73838107)
Cinnstar's Ghillie Malt (AKC SN73838106)
Cinnstar's Russet Vixen (AKC SN73838103)
Cinnstar's Southern Star (AKC SN73838104)
Cinnstar's Westerlea Redhead (CKC 1019465)
Ch Can Ch Westerlea's Tippy Micmac CD (AKC SN74001101)
ARBA/NSDTRC/Can. CH. Westerlea's Sagewood Admiral NSDTRC CD (CKC VY737288)
Westerlea's Sheena My Bonny (CKC TS575715)
Westerlea's White Point Jake (AKC SN74026802)
Nikoot, Earl of Westerlea (CKC TS575544)
Can Ch Westerlea's Ilo At The Well CD (CKC TS575543)
Can Ch Westerlea's Krugerrand (CKC VY737299)
Westerlea's Monashee Blue (CKC TS575718)
Westerlea's Pennyrose Windsor (CKC VY737315)
Can Ch Westerlea's Red Rum CD (CKC VY737300)
Ch Canch Westerlea Cheers to Bayrevel (CKC VY737313)
Can CH Westerlea Kylador's Sea Gypsy CD TT FDCH (CKC VY737297)
Can Ch Westerlea's Clan Chieftain CDX (CKC TS575713)
Can Ch Westerlea's Colony Blueprint CD (CKC VY737295)

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