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CH CZ Piktook's Five Island Caddy

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

CH CZ Piktook's Five Island Caddy
Piktook's Five Island Yaiza
Piktook's Five Island Nigel
Piktook's Five Island April
Piktook's Five Island Kay
Piktook's Five Island Sunday
Dt.Ch.(DRC) Piktook's Five Island Leeza
Piktook's Five Island Minthy
SE U(U)CH Springer Nova's Leo Tuffsson
LPI Paddy-Tuffson
LP Kanadickens Call Me Basie
Tjh LP Kanadickens Jump For Joy
LP Kanadickens Satin Doll
Kanadickens Sophisticated Lady
Kanadickens Splanky
Kanadickens The Kid From Red Bank
LP Kanadickens Lil'Darlin'
Kanadickens Whirley-Bird
Kanadickens Black And Tan Fantasy
SE V-92 Kanadickens Call Me Duke
Kanadickens Cotton Club King
Kanadickens Fantail
Flattollers Beata
Flattollers Baltarzar
Flattollers Bamse
Flattollers Batman
Flattollers Beauty
Flattollers Bezzy
Flattollers Bibbi
Flattollers Blondy
S VCH LPI LPII Springer Nova's Qvilla
Springer Nova's Aramis
Springer Nova's Charlie
Springer Nova's Morris
Springer Nova's Shellie
S VCH Springer Nova's Sito
S VCH LPI Springer Nova's Tilly
LPI S VCH Alvarkantens Bobby
Alvarkantens Abbe
Alvarkantens Allex
Alvarkantens Ammy
Alvarkantens Amour
Alvarkantens Andy
Alvarkantens Astrix
Alvarkantens Baloo
Alvarkantens Bambi
LPI Alvarkantens Bamse
Alvarkantens Beatric
Alvarkantens Bianca
Alvarkantens Bifulus
Alvarkantens Cajsa
Alvarkantens Carita
Alvarkantens Ceasar
Alvarkantens Charlie
Alvarkantens Chess
Alvarkantens Chicko
Alvarkantens Cirona
Alvarkantens Douglas
Alvarkantens Dusty
S VCH Springer Nova's Ronja
Springer Nova's Andy
LPI Springer Nova's Chicko
LPI LPII LPIII S LCH Springer Nova's Nicko
Springer Nova's Ricko
Alliance De La Vie Fly Away
Alliance de la Vie Dreamland Expres with Acanuck
Alliance de la Vie Calypso
Alliance de la vie Country Boy
Alliance de la vie Windsong
Alliance de la vie Sunshine
Alliance de la vie Country Love
Alliance de la vie Wild Flowers
Tollwest Fly Free For Pleasure
Tollwest Sparks Are Flying RN CGN
Can Ch Tollwest Fly So High
Can Ch Tollwest's Flying Jumpshot RN CGN
AKC CH Tollwest JavaHill I Can Fly
AM/CAN CH Tollwest JavaHill Fly Higher
AKC BIS NBISS GCH Can NSDTRC-US CH Fionavar Javahill Topgun Am Can CD WC Am RN VCX Can ROM Am ROMX
Fionavar Touch N Go
SU(u)CH Fionavar Red Renard
Fionavar Sierra Hotel
Fionavar Wingman
Fionavar Need For Speed
Fionavar Miramar
Aus Gr CH Fionavar Danger Zone
CH Fionavar Shooting Star CCD CD ORA
AKC CKC NSDTRC-US CH Fionavar Sea Fury at JavaHill Am Can JH Can WCX, Am WCI ROM
AKC CH Fionavar Fly By CGC
Can Ch Pikkinokka's Jump For Joy CD RN CGN
NLCH,VDHCH Pikkinokka's Woody at the Well
Can Ch Beinnbhreagh Drawn2 Pikkinokka
AKC/Can Ch Pikkinokka's Ragin' Cajun CGC
Alliance De La Vie Red Maple Leaf
NL CH Alliance De La Vie Red Bogus
Alliance de la vie Red Kaleigh
Alliance de la vie Red Layca
Alliance de la vie Red Maaike
Alliance de la vie Red Maks
Alliance de la vie Red Shadow
Alliance de la vie Red Shayla
Alliance de la vie Red Spike
CAN NL LUX SL DRC CH Zzredhead of Great Pleasure
Zidan of Great Pleasure
Zjoebert of Great Pleasure
Zoienovy of Great Pleasure
Blake of Great Pleasure
Blossemtes of Great Pleasure
Boots of Great Pleasure
Borak of Great Pleasure
Brandon of Great Pleasure
Zeline of Great Pleasure
Zaramérah of Great Pleasure
Zestlavie of Great Pleasure
Zenta of Great Pleasure
Zentar of Great Pleasure
Zilly of Great Pleasure
Zocka of Great Pleasure
Zuccero of Great Pleasure

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