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Red Emely of Riverside Rovers

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Red Emely of Riverside Rovers
Red Arco of Riverside Rovers
Red Chicco of Riverside Rovers
Red Chilli of Riverside Rovers
Red Isi of Riverside Rovers
Red Naila of Riverside Rovers
Swiss Youth CH, Swiss CH Red Sanyu of Riverside Rovers
Swiss CH Tollartrollets Onyx
LPI Tollartrollets Rubin
Tollartrollets Topas
LPI Tollartrollets Granat
Tollartrollets Jade
LPI Tollartrollets Opal
Tollartrollets Ametist
Tollartrollets Safir
LPI LPII Tollartrollets Malakit
SE LCH Agrosofens Banjo
Agrosofens Bongo
Agrosofens Cembalo
Agrosofens Charango
Agrosofens Clarino
Agrosofens Kazoo
Agrosofens Klarinetta
Agrosofens Kornetta
Agrosofens Musetta
SU(U)CH Agrosofens Kastanjetta
LPI LPII SE U(U)CH SE VCH Tollarbos Quiz A'Pollon
Tollarbos Penny A'Pollon
Tollarbos Sack A'Pollon
Tollarbos Tudor A'Pollon
SE U(U)CH Rodahunds Hitchin Lisa
Scandinavian Ice Crystal
Aurora Borealis Nordica of Hillscourt
Isac Viking
SE VCH Tollarbos Adla Alsa
NL CH VDH CH Tollarbos Adle Henne Perechtinger
Nordwart Adling
Nordwart Alva
Tollarbos Okra De Lorenzo
S VCH LPI LPII Tollarbos Mininka De Lorenzo
LPI Tollarbos Nikita De Lorenzo
Ilanga of Great Pleasure
Irco of Great Pleasure
Ijip of Great Pleasure (LOSH1056537)
Igor of Great Pleasure
Irgano of Great Pleasure
lona of Great Pleasure
Irishmolly of Great Pleasure
Isis of Great Pleasure
LUX CAN CH Tollwest Tollchester Turn M'on
Tollwest's Turn Me Loose
Tollwest's Turn To RockN'Roll
Tollwest's Turn On A Dime
Tollwest's No Turning Back
Tollwest's Turn'N On The Charm RN CGN
CAN CH Tollwest Turn'n 4 Tollchester CGN
CAN AM GCH Tollchester's Top Secret AM/CAN RN CGC CGN
AKC CKC AUS CH JavaHill Heart Full Of Dreams
Tollchester On Top'O The World
Am Can NSDTRC-US CH Tollchester Top'O Javahill Am Can WC
Tollchester Top Corner
Tollchester Breeze at the Top
AM CAN CH Tollchester's Spinning Top
Tollchester's Top Cop
Tollchester's Top Amateur Star
AKC CKC NSDTRC-US CH Tollchester KD's Top Brass RN BRT
Am./Can. CH., U-CH., IABCA Int. CH. Javahill Faith Of The Heart
AKC CH JavaHill's Heart Of TopGun RN CGC
Javahill Tollchester Heartache
AKC/CKC CH Javahill Heart O' Tollchester
Can Ch Pikkinokka's Jump For Joy CD RN CGN
NLCH,VDHCH Pikkinokka's Woody at the Well
Can Ch Beinnbhreagh Drawn2 Pikkinokka
AKC/Can Ch Pikkinokka's Ragin' Cajun CGC
Chantta of Great Pleasure
Capri of Great Pleasure
Carann of Great Pleasure
Caya of Great Pleasure
Cheltyjoy of Great Pleasure
Chin of Great Pleasure
Chiraca of Great Pleasure
Cowoody of Great Pleasure
CAN LUX D-VDH NL SL POL CH Picsou des Delieuses
Naskapi des Delieuses
N'Just of Great Pleasure des Delieuses
New Dance Des Delieuses
Nomade Des Delieuses
N'Rumba Des Delieuses
Pee-Wee Des Delieuses
Popeye Des Delieuses
Velvetlace of Great Pleasure
Voodoo of Great Pleasure
Vino of Great Pleasure
Vitès of Great Pleasure
Voyager of Great Pleasure
Xakashadow of Great Pleasure
Xanookhan of Great Pleasure
Xarawak of Great Pleasure
Xeljar of Great Pleasure
Ximo of Great Pleasure
Xirko of Great Pleasure
Vedet of Great Pleasure
Viking of Great Pleasure
Xnowflake of Great Pleasure

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