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FIN MVA KANS MVA Small Fetcher Alice

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

FIN MVA KANS MVA Small Fetcher Alice (FCI A/A)
Small Fetcher Adrian
FIN MVA Small Fetcher Aladin (FCI A/A)
Small Fetcher Alfred (FCI A/A)
Small Fetcher Alibaba (FCI A/A)
Small Fetcher Annabel
Small Fetcher Asterix (FCI A/A)
Small Fetcher Aurora
FIN CH FIN TRCH Nordwart Kassandros (FCI A/B)
Nordwart Karoline (FCI A)
Nordwart Kasper
Nordwart Kassandra
Nordwart Kleio
Nordwart Korinna
Lyonhouse Fergus Stuart (FCI A)
Aust CH Lyonhouse Agnes (RH2/LH7=9)
Lyonhouse Alistaire (FCI ua)
Lyonhouse Amabel Stuart CD CDex
Lyonhouse Andrew (FCI ua)
Lyonhouse Balnahard Stuart
Lyonhouse Ben Stuart
Lyonhouse Bruce
Lyonhouse Colin
B CH LUX CH NL CH Lyonhouse Davinia Stuart at Freelane (FCI # (A))
Lyonhouse Dirke at Alameda
Lyonhouse Elspeth Stuart
Lyonhouse Evelyn Stuart
Lyonhouse Ewan Stuart (FCI A)
Lyonhouse Fenella Stuart
Lyonhouse Fiona Stuart
Lyonhouse Kintra Stuart
Lyonhouse Machir Stuart
Lyonhouse Machrie Stuart
Lyonhouse Precious CDex (RH0/LH0=0)
Harbourlights Scotia Duke of Lyonhouse (FCI 30/10/1991 (4:7))
HR Harbourlights Trapper Jack WC
Harbourlights Alamo (OFA DTR-87G24M-T)
Harbourlights Birchtown Buddy
Harbourlights Steves Kedjie
UKC-HR Harbourlights Taffy Pull WC TT
Harbourlights White Socks
Harbourlights Golden Scotia
Harbourlights Green Wood Rex
Harbourlight's Helan Shoney
Harbourlights Island Ginger
Harbourlights Meg-a-Duck
Harbourlights Claire Chase
Harbourlights Daisy Lou Ducky
Harbourlights Flara Foxacadia
Harbourlights Rusty Hunter
Harbourlights Rusty Rufus
Tennessee Golden Leif
Dutchess of Harbourlights
Hilan Lads Nova Lights
Harbourlights Misty-Blu
Harbourlights Morgan The 2nd
Harbourlights Olympia Gold
Harbourlights Orion
Harbourlights Perky Peppy (FCI ua)
Harbourlights Red Caper
Harbourlights Red Kate
Mallorys Red Wren
Jem's Hamish's Girl of Lyonhouse (FCI RH4/LH6=10)
Can Ch Jem's Double Trouble CD (OFA DTR-116G38F-T)
Jem's Gentle Ben
Jem's Happy Hunter
Can CH Jem's Redstar Tobey CD
Harbourlights Pick Up Sticks (FCI A/A)
Harbourlights Blond Sia
Harbourlights Tuskets Ace
Harbourlights Gorgeous George
Harbourlights Foxy Amber
Harbourlights Skykomish Red
Harbourlights Red Whisky
Nordwart Fama
Nordwart Faidon
Nordwart Faidra
Nordwart Faidros (FCI C)
Nordwart Fantasos
Nordwart Faon
Nordwart Faunus
Nordwart Gaius (FCI A/A)
Nordwart Gim
Nordwart Gina
FIN MVA Nordwart Goggie (FCI A/A)
Nordwart Gora (FCI B/A)
Nordwart Gos (FCI B)
Nordwart Pandora
Nordwart Pappos
Nordwart Perle
Nordwart Picus
Nordwart Prinz
PMV-86 Tueholt Red Buffalo Bill (FCI A)
Tueholt Redbest Touch of Class
DKCH Tueholt Red Bella Donna (FCI A2)
DKCH Tueholt Red Bonnie Rose
Tueholt Red Boy George
DK CH WW-89 KBHV-92 Tueholt Red Bright Flower (FCI A2)
Tueholt Red Bronze Boy
Tueholt Red Buccaneer
Flyingtollers Linda
Flyingtollers Prince Of Joy
Flyingtollers Ronja (S67653/85) (FCI ua)
Flyingtollers Sanna Gia (FCI Grade 1)
Flyingtollers Sara Elaisa (FCI ua)
Flyingtollers Silvana Nova (FCI ua)
Flyingtollers Stella Ulva
Flyingtollers Tanja (FCI ua)
Flyingtollers Ninette (FCI ua)
Flyingtollers Janka (FCI ua)
Flyingtollers Janna
Jalna's Electrifying Elegance (FCI A/A)
Jalna's Eager To Excell
Can Ch Jalna's Eastern Envoy CD (OVC AA1459)
Jalna's Elegant Embassador (FCI A/A)
Jalna's Enthusiastic Elliot
Jalna's Excellent Effort (FCI A/D)
Jalna's Exclusive Europa (FCI A/A)
Jalna's Extra Edition
Jalna's Extreme Exuberance
Jalna's Icy Issue
Jalna's Illustrious Imp
Jalna's I'm Irresistable
Jalna's Impetuous Imp
Jalna's Important Individual
Jalna's Impressive Individual
Jalna's Ishfahel
Jalna's Isis of Tollhaven
Can Ch Jalna's Our Only One CD (OFA DTR-45-T)
Jalna's Beau Buster Brown
Jalna's Big Bold Boots
Jalna's Big Brown Eyes
Jalna's Bold Red Beauty
Jalna's Bonny Britches
Jalna's Born Free Babee
Jalna's Bounding Blaze
Jalna's Brandon Traveling Babe
Jalna's Brandy Benetta Bay CD
Can CH Jalna's Brazen Brat (OFA DTR-21-T)
Jalna's Oneka The One N Only (FCI ua)
N UCH Jalna's Onolee Over The Ocean (FCI ua)
Jalna's Onward Omega
Jalna's Our Other One
Jalna's Out of Orbit
Can Ch Kishkhadina Razencain at Jalna (OFA DTR-89E32F-T)
Reba Pride of Kishkahdina CD
Rosey of Kishkahdina
Fire Code Fox of Kiskahdina
Kishkahdina's Rainbow Chaser
Can CH Kishkahdina's Yankee Daughter (OFA DTR-76G25F-T)

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