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JCH CZ Ave Alfred Dagmaer Tollers

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

JCH CZ Ave Alfred Dagmaer Tollers
Andre Hardy Dagmaer Tollers
Asterix Ed Dagmaer Tollers
Aimee Ani Dagmaer Tollers
CH CZ Piktook's Five Island Caddy
SE UCH Piktook's Five Island Yaiza
Piktook's Five Island Nigel
Piktook's Five Island April
Piktook's Five Island Kay
Piktook's Five Island Sunday
Dt.Ch.(DRC) Piktook's Five Island Leeza
Piktook's Five Island Minthy
SE U(U)CH Springer Nova's Leo Tuffsson
LPI Paddy-Tuffson
S VCH LPI LPII Springer Nova's Qvilla
Springer Nova's Aramis
Springer Nova's Charlie
Springer Nova's Morris
Springer Nova's Shellie
S VCH Springer Nova's Sito
S VCH LPI Springer Nova's Tilly
Alliance De La Vie Fly Away
Alliance de la Vie Dreamland Expres with Acanuck
Alliance de la Vie Calypso
Alliance de la vie Country Boy
Alliance de la vie Windsong
Alliance de la vie Sunshine
Alliance de la vie Country Love
Alliance de la vie Wild Flowers
Tollwest Fly Free For Pleasure
Tollwest Sparks Are Flying RN CGN
Can Ch Tollwest Fly So High
Can Ch Tollwest's Flying Jumpshot RN CGN
AKC CH Tollwest JavaHill I Can Fly
AM/CAN CH Tollwest JavaHill Fly Higher
Alliance De La Vie Red Maple Leaf
NL CH Alliance De La Vie Red Bogus
Alliance de la vie Red Kaleigh
Alliance de la vie Red Layca
Alliance de la vie Red Maaike
Alliance de la vie Red Maks
Alliance de la vie Red Shadow
Alliance de la vie Red Shayla
Alliance de la vie Red Spike
Ani z Vresu a kapradi
Amon z Vresu a kapradi
Aison z Vresu a kapradi
JCH CZ,JCH SK,CH SK,Grand Ch SK,CH ČMKU Aya z Vresu a kapradi
C.I.E, CH CMKU, Grand CH CZ Abbi z Vresu a kapradi
Oliver Rudolfovska Skala
CH CZ, Grand CH CZ, Veteran CH CZ Olivie Rudolfovska skala
Xantia Rudolfovska skala
Xantia Rudolfovská skála
Mäkiharjun Nalle-Karhu
FI CH Mäkiharjun Namu-Pala
Mäkiharjun Nero-Patti
Aria Red Rudolfovska skala
Ardo Red Rudolfovska skala
Banty-Red Rudolfovska skala
Tena Rudolfovska Skala
Anell Red Rudolfovska skala
A'Kimi Red Rudolfovska skala
Atim Red Rudolfovska skala
Arow Red Rudolfovska skala
C.I.E, JCH CZ, CH CZ, CH PL, CH SK, GrandCH CZ, SK, Vet.CH CZ, PL Daya pod Jablonia
Dandy Pod Jablonia
Drav Vip Pod Jablonia
Gerda Pod Jabłonią
Gracja pod Jablonia
C.I.E PL CH I CH CRO CH Shaggy Toller's Shady Sherlock
Shaggy Toller's Shady Sonny
Shaggy Toller's Shady Sailor
Shaggy Toller's Shady Sandy
Shaggy Toller's Shady Sarina
Shaggy Toller's Shady Sasha
Shaggy Toller's Shady Sollie
Shaggy Toller's Shady Samantha
Rosie Virgo Vestalis
Randia Virgo Vestalis
PL CH Red Red Virgo Vestalis
Red River Virgo Vestalis
Red Rumbo Virgo Vestalis
Red Stone Virgo Vestalis
Red Swimmer Virgo Vestalis
Red Toller Virgo Vestalis
Roxanne Virgo Vestalis
Yaffil Virgo Vestalis
Yankee Virgo Vestalis
Yellow Virgo Vestalis
Yoke-Fellow Virgo Vestalis
York Virgo Vestalis
Your Virgo Vestalis
Yes Yes Virgo Vestalis

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