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AKC CH Avatar's Redneck Romeo of Pikkinokka

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

AKC CH Avatar's Redneck Romeo of Pikkinokka
CH Avatar and Aqueus By Design JH, WC,BN,RA
Avatar's Serendipity Of Pikkinokka
Avatar's Meant To Be Pikkinokka-Jocar
AKC CH Avatar's Heavenly Solace At Pikkinokka THDN DN CGC TKN
GCH AM/NSDTRC/CAN CH Aqueus Flying Dutchman SH WCX, Can WC
C-ATCH Aqueus Dutch Red River JH WC AX AXJ OF
Aqueus Always in Dutch OAP OJP
Aqueus Der Bodiemeistermeisterbodie
AKC/NSDTRC CH Aqueus Dutch Trickster SH WC OA OAJ
MACH AM/NSDTR CH Aqueus Dutch Wood Polish MH, CD, RA,MX, MXB, MJG, XF, WCX, VCX
The Rhineferry Tales of Rivers Gem
The Rhineferry Tales of Riverlands
The Rhineferry Tales of River Flow
The Rhineferry Tales of Magic River
The Rhineferry Tales of Layka River
The Rhineferry Tales of Kidour StÍr
The Rhineferry Tales of River Dance
NL CH VDH CH Tollarbos Adle Henne Perechtinger
SE VCH Tollarbos Adla Alsa
Ymra of Great Pleasure
LUX D VDH CH Yndiangem of Great Pleasure
NL D-VDH LUX SK CAN CH WW-02 Ynuittotem of Great Pleasure
Yourdazzle of Great Pleasure
Yunda of Great Pleasure
Yustus of Great Pleasure
Yarid of Great Pleasure
Yale of Great Pleasure
SHR Quill's Bridger Bivisible JH WCI
Quill's Zelda Von Sylvantal
Quill's Yampa Valley Winsor
Quill's OBT Mountain Murphy
Quill's Wabash Thunder
SHR Quill's MacKenzie Pride WCI JH NA NAJ
Quill's Jesse of Red Rocks
NSDTRC(USA) Ch HR Lonetree's C. Quill Gordon CD WCX
HRCH Can OTCH NSDTRC/Can Ch Lonetree's Barnstorm'n Jake UD US/Can WCX
Lone Tree's Belle Sadie
Lone Tree's Ben By Rip Tide
Lone Tree's Best Maggie
Lone Tree's Bring Me Lil 'Rip
Lonetree's Bristol Sydney
Ch Lonetree Ceacyl's Stayn WCX
Lonetrees Calvin Kilcreek CD WCI
Lonetree's Chula
Lonetree's Cinnamon Jip
Lonetree's Cinnamon Teal
U-CD HR Foxgrove's Quill Au Sable CD JH RE WCI
Foxgrove Traveling Man AX MXJ
Foxgrove's Air Bud
Foxgrove's Beginners Luck
Foxgrove's Everybody's Buddy
Foxgrove's Oregon Skye
HR Can Ch Foxgrove's Red Tag Special CD MH WCX AG.I. AADC CGC
Foxgrove's Whiskey Chaser
Am GrCh/Can Ch Jocar's Lil Miss Addi Tude
CH Ximinez Return To Sender TD
Ximinez Beach Toll Road
Ximinez Pee Plates
Ximinez Drive Toth Beach
Ximinez Elle Plates
Ximinez Onth Beach Road
ximinez Going ThDistance
Ximinez Dune Buggy Babe
Ch Ximinez Payth Toll
Can CH Kylador's Designated Driver CD SHDX CGC NAC NGC AD FbDCH ShDCH AMCGC
Kylador's Dash-Eight Kally
Ch Kylador's Dashing Rosco
CH. Kylador's Debonair Rob Roy CD CGC
Kylador's Descant Jessie
Can Ch Kylador's Designed By Chance
Kylador's Dramatic Sage
Ch Ximinez Lifes A Beach
Ximinez Surf Dive N Ski
Ximinez Prints Inthesand
Ximinez Sand Piper
Ximinez Beachcomber
Ximinez Beach Boy
Jocar's Goofy Little Character
Jocar's Hugo
Jocar's Xabialonso
Jocar's Eden River
Jocar's Becks Lager
Jocar's Copper Summer
Jocar's Toffie
Can Ch Pikkinokka's Just Add Water
Pikkinokka's Bayside Rapture
Pikkinokka Man Behind The Bar
Pikkinokka's Chunkee Munkee
Pikkinokka's Kala Pattar
Am/Int CH Pikkinokka Avalon Mystic Wind
Can Ch Tollwest Mystical Wave
Tollwest Amber Wave In Motion
CH OTCH Tollwest Ride The Wave WCX JH RAE
Tollwest Wave Chaser
Tollwest Hell On Waves
Tollwest Waves Of Chephren

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