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Am. CH Sun Dance's Ringo CDX

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Am. CH Sun Dance's Ringo CDX (AKC SB434863 (5/1975))
Ch Sun Dance's Happy Hogan (AKC SB490989 (8/1975))
Am CH Sun Dance's Rarue SDHF OS (AKC SB434862 (10-75))
Am CH Sun Dances Frontier Marya (AKC SB526309 (5/1977))
Am. CH. Sun Dance's Kemosabe CDX (AKC SB434956)
Sun Dance's Rippling Rhythm (AKC SB434864 (10-75))
Sun Dances Lady Guinevere (AKC SB386592 (9/1976))
Am. CH. Misty Morn's Sunset CD TD WC OS SDHF (AKC SA464440 (3/1969))
Golden Sunset XIII (AKC SB286488 (1/1974))
Sweetwood's Champagne Mist CD (AKC SA647863 (11/1972))
Sunrise of Hollabird (AKC SA537675)
Watchung's Golden Mist (AKC SA433546 (10/70))
Sunbeam of Hollabird (AKC SA649746 (2-71))
Sunset of Hollabird (AKC SA649745 (2-71))
Am. CH. Sunset's Happy Duke OS (AKC SA241789 (12/1966))
Am. CH. Brittby's Golden Sunset OD (AKC SA246042 (5/66))
Am. CH. Chips Of Darbrian (AKC SA245222 (11/1965))
Sunset's Dream Girl (AKC SA350775 (3/1968))
Am. CH. Shawnee Of Sunset (AKC SA240514 (4-69))
Sunset's Happy King Bolatobig CD TD Can CD (AKC SA240513 (10/1967))
Sunset's Golden Holly (AKC SA329196 (11/68))
Sunset's Golden Saint (AKC SA464425 (3/68))
Am CH Cragmount's Peter OS SDHF (AKC SA031166 (4/63))
Glen Willow's Happy Talk OD (AKC SA086357 (5/1964))
Glen Willow's Cock of the Rock (AKC SA246257 (9/64))
Glen Willow's Sandpiper (AKC SA255334 (11/64))
Amber Lady Of Tercor Farm (AKC SA323399 (12/1966))
Am. CH. Eagle's Ace Of Tercor Farm CD OS (AKC SA264056 (9/1965))
Gold Cloud Roxy Of Tercor Farm (AKC SA298333 (1/1967))
Am. CH. Cragmount's Double Eagle II (AKC SA303147 (2/67))
Taffeta Of Tercor Farm (AKC SA291385 (7/1966))
Am./Can. CH. Cragmount's Double Eagle (AKC SA160237 (7/1964))
Am. CH. Cragmount's Hi-Lo OS SDHF (AKC SA160236 (12/66))
Am. CH. Cragmount's Gretel (AKC SA-160229)
Am. CH. Cragmount's Weatherly (AKC SA160234 (2/1965))
Cragmount's Baron (AKC SA160238 (10/1969))
Am. CH. Cragmount's Golden Wallis (AKC SA079218 (7/1964))
Cragmount's Easy Lady OD (AKC SA079220 (4/63))
Am. CH. Cragmount's Jane's Delight (AKC SA079219 (4/1963))
Am. CH. Cragmount's Rozzy Rose (AKC SA-079221)
Am. CH. Cragmount's Golden Janus (AKC SA-079222)
Am. CH. Cragmount's Acey-Deucy (AKC SA-079223)
Am. CH. Cragmount's Royvaal (AKC SA-079224)
Am. Ch. Sun Dance's Susie Q OD (AKC SB273094 (3/1974))
Am CH Sun Dance's Casey Jones CD (AKC SA752656 (12/71))
Am. CH. Sun Dance's Contessa OD (AKC SA799287 (9/72))
D'Oro Mark Of Sun Dance CD (AKC SB241862 (8-73))
Em-Jaze Sound Of Music UD (AKC SA768388)
Am CH Sun Dance's Raggedy Ann CDX
Sun Dance's Sonny Boy CDX (AKC SB094610 (12-75))
Am Ch Sun Dance's Copper Drum UD OBHF (AKC SA-774993)
Sun Dance's American Pie CD (AKC SB124751 (7/1974))
Shasta of Vail (AKC SB222038)
Sundance Taffy (AKC SB237080 (10/1973))
Sun Dance's Regatta CD (AKC SB110496 (7/1974))
Sun Dance's Chara (AKC SA752655 (2/1974))
Sun Dance's Regatta Taffeta (AKC SB614409 (8/1975))
CH Sun Dance's Cinnamon Girl CDX (AKC SA752653)
Straw's Dandy Girl (AKC SA920733 (11-71))
Am. CH. Sun Dance's Esquire CD OS SDHF (AKC SA441192 (7-67))
Sun Dance's Explorer (AKC SA441191 (9/1967))
Sun Dance's Daphne (AKC SA470278 (9/70))
Am. CH. Sun Dance's Taffeta Doll CDX OD (AKC SA546820 (4/1970))
Sun Dance's Sand Pebbles UD (AKC SA-509777)
AmCH Milaur's Aphrodite OD (AKC SA259419 (11-65))
Am. CH. Milaur's Baal Benefactor CD OS (AKC SA374637 (9/67))
Am. CH Milaur's Bridget (AKC SA374632 (9/69))
Am. CH. Milaur's Athena CD WC (AKC SA259414 (11/67))
Am. CH. Milaur's Aurora OD (AKC SA259412 (7/67))
Am. CH. Milaur's Acheron (AKC SA259418 (10/1966))
Milaur's Destiny Of Goldrush (AKC SA788978 (3/1973))
Milaur's Achilles (AKC SA259416 (7/68))
Milaur's Bathsheba (AKC SA374631 (10/68))
Milaur's Bali Hi (AKC SA374633 (8/71))
Am. CH. Sidram Simon OS (AKC SA098663 (4/62))
Sidram Simon's Sister (AKC SA143967 (10/1964))
Am. CH. Sun Dance's Vivacious Sock OD (AKC SA171199 (8-64))
Am CH Sun Dance's Vegas Dealer CDX WC SDHF (AKC SA173922 (4/1964))
Am./Can. CH. Sun Dance's Vagabond Lover CDX SDHF OS (AKC SA171198 (10/1966))
Sun Dance's Vintage Punch OD (AKC SA171200 (7/1964))
Am. CH. Sun Dance's Vodka Collins CDX (AKC SA162930 (10/66))
Am. CH. Sun Dance's Viking CD (AKC SA-166916)
Sun Dance's Velvet (AKC SA214473 (2/1964))

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