Golden Retriever

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BISS CH Woodwind's Sweet'n The Pot OS RE RL2 CL1 CGC

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

BISS CH Woodwind's Sweet'n The Pot OS RE RL2 CL1 CGC (OFA GR-80632G26M-VPI)
Woodwind's Bird In The Hand UD, NA, NAJ, WC, CGC, CCA (OFA GR-79929G24F-PI)
Woodwind's Poccata In B
Woodwind's Old Glory Bet on Red CCA (OFA GR82015G31F-PI)
Woodwind's Clancy
Woodwind's Maggie Mae
Woodwind's Kelly
Woodwinds Emmy
Am./Can. CH. Shilo's Starrstruck Best Bet SDHF, OS (OFA GR-63306G24M-T)
Shilo's All Bets Are Off RA CGC (OFA GR-64443E26F-T)
Shilo Starquest Bet R Beware CanOD (OFA GR-64864G28F-T)
Shilo's Bet On Ohio State
Shilo's Bet On It OD (OFA GR-69029G41F-T)
Shilo Willogold U Bet I Can
Shilo's Best Bet
Shilo's Bet On Falcon
CH Tuxedo's Acclaim To Fame OS (OFA GR-39064G32M)
Am. CH Laurell's Inside Trader (OFA GR-42681G25M)
Am. CH Tuxedo's Celebrity OD (OFA GR 36557G24F)
Tuxedo's Standing Ovation CDX (OFA GR-36593E24M)
CH Tuxedo's Leading Man (OFA GR-36825G25M)
CH Tuxedo's Savannah Encore (OFA GR-36635F24F)
Tuxedo's Rave Review
Tuxedo's Center Stage
Laurell's Capital Gain
Heltzers Mr Ranger
Laurell's Cooperstown Option
Laurell's Across The Board (OFA GR-42981G27M)
Tucker's Line Of Credit
Am CH. Laurell's Cause For Applause OS SDHF (OFA GR-28083G24M)
Laurell With Banners Waving UD AX (OFA GR-32368G84F)
Laurell's Rave Review (OFA GR-28097G24F)
Am. Ch. Laurell's Three Cheers
Am. Ch. Laurell's With A Victory Yell (OFA GR-30079G26M)
Laurell's With A Hearty Cheer (OFA GR-30437F27F)
Laurell's With Ablaze Of Glory (OFA GR-31629G24M)
Laurell's With Oliver's Song (OFA GR-29922G25M)
Laurells With Flying Colors
Laurell's Celebration Heart (OFA GR-52312F106M)
Am. CH Summit's Almond Delight OD (OFA GR-30171F27F))
Summit's Shana Is Just Right (OFA GR-30081G26F)
Summit's Cracklin Oats UD (OFA GR-30247G27F)
Summit's Apple Jacks CD (OFA GR-38313G60M)
Summit's Just Right (OFA GR-32176G36M)
Summit's Sir Golden Grahams (OFA GR-29305F24M)
Summit's Ghost Buster
CH Tuxedo's Champagne Punch (OFA GR-52201F24F-T)
CanCH Tuxedo's Jamaica Me Crazy
CH Tuxedo's Mimosa (OFA GR-51952F24F)
Tuxedo's Champagne Julep (OFA GR-51786G24F)
Am. CH. Tuxedo's Tequila Sunrise OS (OFA GR-52068G24M)
Tuxedo's Ferdinand Magellan
Tuxedo's Eclipse At Calusa
Am CH. Faera's Future Classic OS (OFA GR-37666G24M)
Am CH Faera's The Keepsake Kidd OD (OFA GR-34673F30F)
BIS Am Ch. Faera's Destiny Kodiak Kidd OS SDHF (OFA GR-33513G24M)
Am. CH Faera's Razzle Dazzle's Kidd (OFA GR-33389F24F)
Am./Can. CH. Faera's Forever A Kidd CD CGC (OFA GR-33731G25F)
Faera's Future Classy Cassy (OFA GR-41567F39F)
Faera's The Kidd's Credentials (OFA GR-33384F24M)
Faera's Future Finesse (OFA GR-37654G34F)
Faera's Future Looks Rosy (OFA GR-37772G24F)
Faera's Future Vsop
Faera's Future Windsong
Am. CH Laurell's Going Hollywood OD (OFA GR-39184G25F)
Am CH Laurell's Goin' Great Guns OS SDHF (OFA GR-39018G24M-T)
Can./Am. CH Laurell's Goin' My Way
Am. CH Laurell's Gunsmoke At Nealcrest (OFA GR-42372G24M)
Am. CH Laurell Kylie Girl Go CD (OFA GR-38978G24F)
Am. CH Laurell's Love Connection (OFA GR-42680G24F)
Laurell's Designing Women (OFA GR-45048G33F)
Laurell's Go The Distance
Laurell's Family Ties
Laurell's Current Affair
Laurell's All In The Family
Laurell's Go Dugan
Laurell's Go For The Gold
Woodwind's Dashwood Cricket CDX, OA, AXJ, WC, CGC, TDI, CCA, OD (OFA GR-74852E32F-PI)
Dashwood Woodwind Sophia (OFA GR-77658E24F-PI)
Dashwood Karlee Go Lightly (OFA GR77683E24F-PI)
Dashwood Zachariah
Dashwood's Kool Hand Luke
Dashwood Dr. Ross
Dashwood Ginger of Evensong
Belhaven Anything Goes UD JH WC VC OS CGC (OFA GR-53230G24M-T)
Belhaven Oklahoma (OFA GR-55193F28F)
Belhaven Ain't Misbehavin' (OFA GR-53408F24M)
Belhaven Show Boat (OFA GR-53407G24M)
Am CH Belhaven Extra Stout Am CD (OFA GR-27630F24M-T)
Belhaven Crystal Clea On Tap
Belhaven Highland Stout
CH Belhaven Gretna Green (OFA GR-34507F27F-T)
Belhaven Yoda Crystal Clea (OFA GR-35543G31F)
Molly Sweet Peaches CGC, TDI (OFA GR-53743F25F)
Old Glory's Spirit of Freedom (OFA gr58012G24F-T)
Downeylee's Storm Front CGC (OFA GR-5359G24F-T)
Old Glory's JB O'Reilly (OFA GR-53165F24M)
Can CH Thornfield's Mr. Downeylee Am CD, Can CD, CGC (OFA GR 43383G24M-T)
Thornfield Sir Buster Larkly Am/Can CDX
Jamie's Jewel Carley (OFA GR 44751G24G)

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