Golden Retriever

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High Times All R Money On Red CD MH ** MX MXJ OS

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

High Times All R Money On Red CD MH ** MX MXJ OS
UCD UH HRCH High Times Finn Fatale SH CD WCX CGC OD
High Times Life of Reilly JH
HRCH Hightimes Lorfld Birdstheword MH WCX OS
UH UCDX HRCH High Times Applejack's Pippin CD SH WCX CGC
High Times Playa del Carmen
Pine Run's Top Gun CD MH WCX *** OS
Pine Run's Some Buddy MH **
Pine Run's Jester UD
Pine Run's Rebel Gage CD JH WC
Pine Run Smart Alec CD JH WCX
Pine Run's Lovin' Feeling
Pine Run's Magical Merlin
Pine Run's Intimidator
Pine Run Great Balls O'Fire
Pine Run's Mother Goose
J P Shamus UD SH WCX **
Golden Toby's Fletcher
Sundance Of Megan
Rusty Barrs' Delight
Pine Run Brandywine Cooler WC OD
Pine Run Kayaker's Companion CDX JH WC
Pine Run's End of the Rainbow CD JH WCX
Pine Run Cracklin Kiowa Storm CDX JH WCX
Pine Run Cracklin Cheyenne CD
Pine Run's Golden Sunrise
Pine Run's Golden Snapper
Pine Run's Cracklin' Sundown
Pine Run Cracklin Sun Spirit
Pine Run's Jesse
Pine Run's Prestidigitation
Pine Run's Coppertone CD WC
Pine Run's Golden Rugby
Pine Run's Second Sight Digger
Pine Run's Lord Chesterfield
Pine Run's Kaley
Pine Run's Margot
UCD HR High Times All That Jazz II CD SH WCX CGC OD
High Times Call Me Sirius MH WCX
High Times Lorfield Waytwokool CD MH WCX
UH HRCH GMH High Times Sweet Thunder Can. MH CD WCX
High Times Chip Shot MH
High Times Red River Raider SH WCX
High Times Sweet Water Sadie MH
High Times Hot Shot Hawkins MH OS
HRCH High Times Brodie of Sundown UD MH WCX CGC Can. CD
High Times Run'N Prophet JH
High Times Run'n The Roost UD MH50 WCX *** OS
High Times Quetico
U-OCH HRCH High Times Orion Can. CDX MH UD WCX
High Times Ruby Tuesday JH WC
High Times Rollin With The Flo UD
HRCH High Times Texas Ranger MH
OTCH High Times Solar Orbit UDX5 JH MX MXJ WCX
High Times Rumor Has It CD MH WCX *** OD
High Times I've Got My Grip CD MH WCX **
High Times Stalking Wind CD OAJ AX
High Times SF's Badgersbrook SH WCX
High Times Stoney
High Times Heather Lily
High Times Miss Maureen
OTCH Tanbark's Solar Eclipse UDX8 JH WC OBHF OS Can. CD
Tanbark Tejas Tasmanian Devl OD
Tanbark's Fiesty Zack CD
Tanbark's Bristol Brandywine CDX TD
Tanbark's Eastern DC-Ten Jet CDX
Tanbarks Legacy of Taliesin CDX
Tanbark's Sixty Six CDX
Tanbark's Punkin of Selfaire
High Times Rollin Thunder UD MH WCX OD
High Times Apache Kid CD MH WCX **
High Times Bois Brule Wado *** MH
High Times Maggie's Glimmer
High Times Han Knox Ford
High Times It Must Be Karma CDX SH WCX OD
U-CDX HR OTCh High Times Can't Touch This UDX10 WCX MH OS
High Times Wood Duck Decoy AmCD JH CanCD
High Times Booker T MH WCX ***
High Times Denny's Trooper MH WCX *** OS
U-OCH HRCH Can,OTCH High Times Thorr UDX TD MH WCX ***
High Times All That Jazz
High Times Prince Tamberlain CanCDX AM UD
High Times Jumpin' Jack Flash ***
High Times Otto
High Times Luke's Kate
High Times J.G. Jack
High Times Red Pepper
High Times Happy Andy
High Times Little Creek Tess
High Times Stellar Rita
High Times
High Times Tejas Fajita Rita
High Times Annie Getyour Gun CD SH WCX
High Times Straight As'n Arrow CD WCX ***
CanOTCH High Times Windy Ben Bear UDX
High Times Amazing Grace MH WCX

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