Golden Retriever

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Weebe Talk'in Geek Speak SH

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Weebe Talk'in Geek Speak SH
Weebe Cook'in Up a Storm SH
Weebe Whole Lotta Rosie JH, AX, MXJ, MXF, T2B, RAE, CD, CGC, DS, TKN
MACH3 Weebe Uncommon Denominator PJD MXC MJC MFS TQX T2B4 TKI MPD ADHF
Weebe Sawtooth's Sic'emmore MH WCX
SureFire WeeBee Quick SH WCX
Trifecta's Steeplechase Bet MH15 QA2 WCX *** OS
Trifecta's into Thin Air MH *** WCX CGC
Trifecta's Ain't Miss Bee Haven ***
Trifecta's Good to Go CD, SH, ***
Trifecta's Lone Ranger UD MH ***
Trifecta Tictac Man
Trifecta Kc's Sure Thing
FC AFC Steeple Hill Ranger OS FDHF
Red Lodge's Steep and Deep **
Red Lodge's Powder Hound
Escapade Red ***
Satchabrat MH MNH OD
Escapade Punch MH50 MNR WCX ** HTHF
Hermans Dream Chaser Red MH
Mocha Marauder
Greenfields Bearlyafordable
AFC Caymans Rum Point Red OS FDHF
Alpenglo's Glory Hallelujah MH
Mello Yello Milo
Alpenglo's Rise And Shine
Jim's Joy
Topbrass Satcha Marauder MH OD
U-UD Topbrass Shudabin A Cowboy UDX MNH WCX OS HTHF
Topbrass XVII
Topbrass Flying Sprig
Topbrass Stardust Rose
Trifecta's Bet On Me *** OD
Trifecta Ruby Ridge Showdown JH, WC
Culynwood Trifecta Foto FNSH **
Trifecta Thanewood Rebekah JH, WC
Splashdown Culynwood Shogun CD MH WCX **
Culynwood's Rain In The Taiga Am./Can. CDX
Brandy Treasure Of Culynwood's
Trifecta's Audie Cum Laude MH *** OD
Trifectas Repeat Performance UD MH WCX *** OS VCX CCA CGC Can CD
SR ARCH Trifecta's Jersey Girl UD JH WC RL3 RN CDX-H
Trifectas Duncan Part Cotton MH WCX ***
Trifecta's Duck Boat Buddy MH
Trifecta's Invincible Angus JH
Weebe Adirondac's One Wild Ride MH WCX OD
Adirondac's Headline News WCI SH RAE
Adirondac's Six Million Acres SH WCX
Adirondac Barton Miner SH WC
Adirondacs Hunter Of The Meadow
Tealoak's Weebe A Pistol CD RE MH CCA WCX CGC VC OS
OTCH Half Moon TealOak's Hot Tomato UDX10 OGM ODHF
TealOak's That's My Guy TDX
TealOak's Sneak Preview CD RN WCX
Tealoak Beach Party RA MH WCX ***
TealOak's Quarterback Sneak
TealOak's The Game's Afoot MH WC
Teal Oak Pedal To The Medal TD MH NA NAJ WCX ***
TealOak Hasty Search
FC AFC Glenhaven HTRS MN Baronet MH OS FDHF
Hunters Moon Bodacious Gold
Hunter's Moon Shan's Brandywine
Waterfowler's Golden Bailey
Dixie's Bit O'Hunter's Moon
OTCH Tanbark's Sneak Attack UDX RA MH WCX *** OBHF OD
OTCH Tanbark's Been There Done That UDX JH WCX
OTCH Tanbark's Something's Burnin UDX15 OD OBHF
Tanbark's Cruise Control CanCDX /AGI/MADC/MSDC
Tanbark's Powerball
Tanbark's Pro Starr Packer
Tanbark's Fire On A Stick CD
Adirondac Morning Mist CD SH WCX OD VC CCA
Adirondac Rusty Jason CD MH WCX CCA VC
Adirondac Push Soarin' Natalia UDX OM RE
Rowdy The Golden Boy II
Chestnut Manor Sadie Adirondac
Can. Triple CH FTCH AFTCH OTCH Firemark's Push Comes to Shove Can. WCX Am. *** OS
Firemark's Shadow of No Doubt SH WCX
Firemark's Foxy Lady Of WDCRK
Firemark's Big Sky Casseopia
Holcroft's Clyde
Firemark Genes By Calvin
Sadie May Firemark
Adirondac Ruby Reddog CDX MH WCX OD
Adirondac My-Tee Marcy CDX MH TDI WCX Can WCI GRCA OD
Duso's Adirondac Solokey MH **
Adirondac Dream WC
Adirondac Sir Montgomery
Adirondac Bailey Brook
Shurmark's Lucky Sal
Adirondac Christie Laker
Adirondac Calamity Jane
Hobie Syrus Leach
Adirondac's Stefka

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