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Rovershome Jolie Brave

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Rovershome Jolie Brave
Rovershome Lass Brave
Rovershome Fabris Brave
Rovershome Jubel Brave
Rovershome Reno Brave
Rovershome Flint Brave
Rovershome Special Amy Brave
Rovershome Fay Brave
Rovershome Caesar Courage
Rovershome Tygo Courage
Rovershome Tyler Courage
Rovershome First Fellow Courage
Rovershome Ivy Courage
Rovershome Roet Courage
Rovershome April-Love Courage
Rovershome Jamie-Lee Courage
Abbotsross Mayo
Abbotsross Derry
Abbotsross Oak
FTW Abbotsross Hazel of Shangarrilyn
Abbotsross Myrtle
Abbotsross Asch
Abbotsross Cypress
Abbotsross Taxus
Abbotsross Fir
Abbotsross Cedar
Abbotsross Elm
Abbotsross Larch
Abbotscross Hazel
FTCh Wingsham Tinder of Smithsteads
Cheiftain Humphrey
Inca Girl
Churchtown Leda
Dingbell Montague
Pasturegate Cuba
OFTW Shangarrilyn Selene
Shangarrilyn Apollo
Shangarrilyn Aphrodite of Premierleek
Shangarrilyn Eros
Shangarrilyn Juno
Shangarrilyn Zeus
Shangarrilyn Athena
Shangarrilyn Morpheus
Astraglen Kacey
Astraglen Kate
Astraglen Kaiser of Riversway
Astraglen Kane of Riversway
Astraglen Karl of Isleofcanty
Astraglen Kim of Locheilside
FTCh Dipplelodge Raven of Riversway
FTW Dipplelodge Rossetti
Dipplelodge Bronte
Dipplelodge Shelley
Dipplelodge Trollope
Dipplelodge Milton
INT FTCh Astraglen Brooke
Astraglen Crystal of Glenbriar
Astraglen Cavalier
Astraglen Tackle
Astraglen Zoe
Astraglen Sioux
Astraglen Bo
Astraglen Boss
Astraglen Gypsy
Astraglen Becky
Astraglen Beth of Carolhill
Astraglen Blaze of Premierleek
Astraglen Bonnie
Astraglen Britney
Rovershome Black Grouse
Rovershome Black Chasser
Rovershome Discovery
Rovershome Defender
Rovershome Brave
Rovershome Ghillie
Rovershome Sea Breeze
Abbotsross Tosh
FTCh Graighorn Garry
FTCh Craighorn Bracken
FTW Craighorn Coll
Craighorn Heidi of Caulliechat
Craighorn Todd
Craighorn Magpie
FTW Craighorn Scott
Craighorn Honey
Craighorn Holly
UHHRCH Craighorn Hardy JH
Craighorn Teak
Craighorn Grouse
Craighorn Esk
Craighorn Dipper of Drakeshead
Graighorn Tweed
Craighorn Teal
Craighorn Rena
Craighorn Blaze
Craighorn Jade
Craighorn Maggie
Craighorn Tinker
FTCH Craighorn Garry
Abbotsross Molly
Abbotsross Gwen
Shangarrilyn Chiana
Shangarrilyn Bradley
Shangerrilyn Chiana
Shangarrilyn Aristotle
Shangarrilyn Zepuir
Shangarrilyn Arneska
Shangarrilyn Voltaire
Shangarrilyn Pascal
Ir.FTCh Gary of Clonbara
DK FTCh Clonbara Smiler
FTCh Clonbara Apache of Leadburn
IR FTCh Orla of Clonbara
Heather of Clonbara
Clonbara Kelly at Astraglen
Clonbara Altan of Willowmount
OFTW Premierleek Classic of Shangarrilyn
Premierleek Charlie
Premierleek Crown Prince
Premierleek Caledonia
Premierleek Cowboy
Premierleek Christopher
Premierleek Coseley
Premierleek Clover
Premierleek Cheeky Gem
Premierleek Caroline
Premierleek Cherry
Premierleek Carol

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