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Flora Daisy Club

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Flora Daisy Club (FCI HD-A)
Frida Daisy Club (FCI HD-A)
NordJW, Swe Sh CH, DK Sh CH, INT Sh CH (C.I.E) Dewmist Silkmarillion (Unknown HD A1)
Dewmist Silkshooter
Vice-WW'06, Swe Sh Ch, Norw Ch, Pl Ch, Lv Ch Dewmist Silkventure SweW-06-07-08-09, LvW-07 (A/A (2003))
CH Dewmist Silkchaser (HD Grad A (9/22/2003))
Dewmist Silkjourney (3:3 BVA)
Isr. Ch. dewmist Silkmorency (B1)
Dewmist Silkcharade (B1)
SE U(U)CH NO UCH Cheer's Way Of The World (HD A (1994))
Cheer's Why Me (Sweden HD U (5/10/1994))
Cheer's Walk About (Sweden HD U (5/30/1994))
Cheer's Would I Lie To You (Sweden HD U (2/9/1995))
Cheer's Water Delight (Sweden HD Grade 3 (5/25/1994))
Cheer's Willy Nilly (Sweden HD U (10/6/1998))
V-WW'98, NORDV-94 NUCH NORDV-99 Cheer's What's New (Sweden HD U (6/1/1994))
NU Ch., NV '90 Shanlimore Baronet (HD fri Norden (19??))
Shanlimore Evening Star (A2)
Shanlimore Breeze (5:3)
Shanlimore Edina At Pyngold (BVA Hip Score 7:8)
Shanlimore Endless Love (BVA Hip Score 7:7)
Cheers Nathalie (Sweden HD U (9/13/1990))
Cheer's Nigella
ChSwe, Den, Nor, NordW-03, VWW-08 Styal Silksilla SweW-04, BOB World Dog Show 2008 (B (1999))
Styal Sylvester (HD:C (2001.10.11))
Styal Sylverlina (BVA 14:3)
STYAL SYLVANIA (HD:A (2000.10.11))
Eng SH CH Remington Rory (BVA/KC Hip Score 5:5)
Remington Ritzy (BVA Hip Score 5:5)
CH.Monaco Remington Real Mccoy at Lawpark (BVA Hip Score 4:5)
Remington Runnik At Ranyhyn (BVA Hip Score 8:6)
Styal Scottish Symphonia (BVA 4:5)
Styal Scottish Standard
La Bour z Karczewskich Szuwarow (HD A1)
Jr. CH PL LIMONKA BUTTERFLY z Karczewskich Szuwarow (Unknown HD A0)
CH Remington Rockafeller (A1)
Remington Rob Roy Of Ipcress JW (BVA Score 11/9)
Remington Regal Scot of Raffleson (BVA 6:6)
Eng Sh Ch Remington Requisite Of Ramchaine (BVA 5:5)
Eng.Sh.Ch Remington Remember Me KCJW (BVA Hip Score 7:7)
Remington Reflection of Castlerock (BVA 6:4)
Remington Roberta Bolebel (BVA 4:7)
Eng Sh Ch Elswood The Highlander (BVA Hip Score 4:3)
Elswood The Jacobite Of Bellemount JW SGWC (BVA Hip Score 10:10)
Ital. CH. Elswood Cash Is King
Elswood Katrine Of Nortonwood (BVA 7:9)
Ger./VDH. CH. Elswood Maree Unter Dem Thie (HD C2)
Elswood Tam A' Shanter Of Highguild (BVA Hip Score 4:6)
Elswood Celtic Chiefton (B1/B2)
Elswood Highland Magic of Varadero (BVA 10:24)
Elswood Highland Melody (BVA 17:23)
Remington Rosette (BVA Hip Score 3:5)
Remington Royal Pearl of Novagold (BVA 7:8)
Remington Rose at Graceleigh (BVA 5:7)
Ch.Pl Emmy Lou of Blue Erinor (0/0)
Ch SK Expert of Blue Erinor (HDD 2/2)
Euridika of Blue Erinor
Dutch Ch., German & Lux. Junior CH Paperclip v. d. Beerse Hoeve Europajugendsieger 1995
Popcorn v.d. Beerse Hoeve
Bugatti v.d. Beerse Hoeve (B1)
Mercury van de Beerse Hoeve
CH CZ Annabella (CLP/GR/501/96) Club winner (0/1)

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