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U-UD Zaniri's Drop Dead Red CKC CDX AKC UDX, OM2, RA, NAP, SH, WC

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

U-UD Zaniri's Drop Dead Red CKC CDX AKC UDX, OM2, RA, NAP, SH, WC
Zaniri's Fire Bear Am *** WC Can JFTR QFTR QAA
Can GMH, NMH Zaniri's Storm Hits Sunhillow CD, RA, WCX, CGN Am MH, CCA, TKA, WCX
Shurmarks Contessa of Zaniri SH
Zaniri Odds on Favorite JH WC RE CGC
Zaniri's No Grams For Me
Calhoun's Sassifras of Zaniri
Zaniri's I Love Lucy JFTR, JH
Brimacs Miss B. Hav'N Of Zaniri
BriMac's Miss B Hav'N
FC Firemark Rackem And Stackem Casey OS
Firemark Against the Wind WCX
HR Firemark We Have Ignition CDX SH WCX CGC
Firemarks Falcon JH
Firemark's Stoli Made Me Woozy (9.5 years)
Firemark's Rug-ged Online
Firemark Ballistic Bunny OA AXJ OF
Firemark Life of Riley
FC AFC LaCrosse Max Q Jake JH OS FDHF (15 years)
Lacrosse I Dare You OD (13 years)
Redstar's Rockstar Of Lacrosse CD WCX ** (14.5 years)
Lacrosse's Comeback Kid Jake WCX *** (14 years)
Timber Pond Harley Of LaCrosse
Lacrosse's Risin Ruby MH WCX **
Lacrosse Commander Cody JH
Redstar's LaCrosse Jade (10.5 years)
Lacrosse's Running Brooke MH WCX ***OD (13.5 years)
LaCrosse's Regal Elizabeth UDX OM1 RE MH NA
Lacrosse's Jokers Wild
Jersey's Copper of Lacrosse
Chancefield's Viking Raider
Lacrosse's Primo Gusto
Lacrosse's Hd Thoreau
Miss Mercedez Of Lacrosse
FC AFC OTCH Topbrass Ascending Elijah OS FDHF (11.5 years)
Topbrass Hot Tomato ** (3 years)
Topbrass Briarpatch Evereddy MH
Topbrass Fuzzbuster *** (16 years)
Topbrass Sorehon Ipse Dixit ***
Topbrass General Sherman
Topbrass Alex Ready To Duncan
Topbrass Turn Me Loose
Redstar's 'Tess' Of Lacrosse MH WCX *** OD (15 years)
Firemark Prepare for Takeoff UD MH WCX *** OD (15 years)
Firemark's Mr. Maverick JH **
Firemark Cajun Bonfire MH *** (14 years)
Firemark's Flamin' Phoenix MH (10.5 years)
GMHR Can OTCH Firemark's Piece of Cake UDX MH WCX CCA VCX Am/Can *** (14 years)
Firemark Dudley (10 years)
Firemarks Gator Growl (12.5 years)
Wildheart Navajo Fire
AFC AFTCH Rosehill's Mr Speaker MH OS CCA FDHF (15.5 years)
Choctaw's Dixieland Delight CGC (10 years)
Sunny's Bodacious Blonde (14.5 years)
Sunny's Sports Fan
Shakin' Sambo Hillclimber
Jake Of Sunny Rain Check
Sunny's Daily Double
Teeca Otay Too
Rocky Top's You Got Potential
GMHR Phoebe's Prize Piponia CDX MH AX AXJ WCX CCA VCX OD (13.5 years)
Gold Rush Jessie V
Charming Charlie III
Gold Rush Charlotte III
Phoebe Katie Scarlett
Zaniri Storm Warning Ravengold Can MH AmOD
Zaniri's Cambie at Ravengold
GMOTCH GMH Zaniri's Koda of Ravengold Can WCX; Am UD
Zaniri Brady Chinook Ravengold Certified SAR Dog
FC AFC FTCH AFTCH Can OTCH TNT's Explosion Am UD FDHF OS; Can FDHF OBHF (14.5 years)
AFC Ida Red's Uncloudy Day OD FDHF (15 years)
HRCH Ida Red's On the Road Again CD TD MH WCX ** (7.5 years)
OTCH Ida Red Razzlin' Sunsplash UDX TDX JH OA OAJ WCX OBHF (15 years)
Duncan's Dixie Peach MH ** (11 years)
Torch Of Ida Red MH WCX (13 years)
Ida Reds Texas Ten Gauge CDX MH WCX CCA VC (14.5 years)
Mioak's Speedy Deedee
Ida Reds Just By Chance
Catalina's Stuft Cookie
Wraith's Duncan MH *** OS (16.5 years)
Sky Hi Cotton Sage
Ronakers Cotton Candy WCX ***
Mo's FarToGo Speedy Peach JH *** WCX OD (12 years)
HR Wasatch's Ice Breaker JH OD (12.5 years)
HRCH Wasatch's Desert Rocket (9.5 years)
HRCH Wasatch's Desert Cactus SH (13 years)
HRCH Wasatch's Smiling Jack MH (11.5 years)
HRCH Mimi de la Cache La Poudre
Sunny Sandy Max MH WCX *** OS (13 years)
Tartan Savoir Faire *** (9.5 years)
Wasatch's Prairie Fire JH
Wasatch's Dyna Mo Dust SH
Thistle Rocks Ruby
Windbreakers Double Trouble
Golden River Wasatch's Teal
Storm Warnings Mo Devil
HR Zaniri's Mistress of Maplebear Can WCX SH TD CGC Am WCX (11 years)
Zaniri Drmachine of Maplebears Can WC (15 years)
Maplebear's Zelda of Zaniri (10 years)
Maplebears Zeke of Zaniri Can WC (12.5 years)
Zaniri's Autumn of Maplebears
Maplebears Bandit of Zaniri
Can CH MOTCH Hot Rod on a Golden Kiss Can MH WCX TDX DD MVC CGC Am. CD WCX (13 years)
Maplebears Island Fancy Can JH (8 years)
Can CH Maplebears Hypnotize The Moon Can CD TDX WC JH (12 years)

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