Golden Retriever

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HR Turbo Highland Warrior SH WCX CGC

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

HR Turbo Highland Warrior SH WCX CGC (OFA GR-113344G36M-VPI)
Turbo White Lightning
Turbo Dart'N Darby Of Springdale MH13 WCX ** OD (OFA GR-112819F34F-VPI)
Turbo Redtail'd Wildflower
Turbo Snapdragon's Golden Eagle
Turbo Golden Barley
Topbrass Rugby's Redtail MH *** OS (OFA GR-83198F25M-PI)
Topbrass Main Event JH WC
FTCH AFTCH Topbrass Smooth As Silk Can/Am MH WCX (OFA GR-83864G27F-PI)
Topbrass Megawatt MH (OFA GR-83549G26F-PI)
AFC Emberain Rugby WCX OS FDHF (OFA GR-71727G24M-PI)
FC AFC Emberain Beau Geste OS FDHF (OFA GR-77405G28M-NOPI)
Emberain Semper Case of Red *** (OFA GR-76420G24M-PI)
Emberain Peanut Butter CD TDX JH NA NAJ
Emberain Autumn Moon Rising UD SH WCX
MACH Emberain E Ticket Ride MH MXG MJS WCX *** OD (OFA GR-76519E25F-PI)
Emberain Lefty Lucy MH55 MNH3 *** HTHF (OFA GR-77386G28F-NOPI)
AFC Emberain Good Will Hunting FDHF (OFA GR-78103G31M-PI)
Emberain Elite of Topbrass (OFA GR89156E52F-NOPI)
Wraith's Emberain MacCaid *** MH
Emberain Jetstream Navigator CD SH OA AXJ WCX ***
Emberain All About Sage NA
Emberain Pippin
Emberain Duck Chaser
Emberain Tule Patch
Emberain GLDN March Madness
Emberain Woody Find Em
Emberain Blue Ribbon (OFA GR86004G43F-PI)
Emberain's Amiable Ultimatum *** (OFA GR-81665G28F-PI)
Emberain Kase of Dynamite SH MX MXB MXJ MJB MXF MF WCX
Emberain Katherine ** (GR81936G28F-PI)
Emberain C Jazz Fly MX MXJ OD (OFA GR-76463G24F-PI)
Emberain Desert Wind
Emberain Etouffee MH *** (OFA GR-90562G33F-PI)
Emberain Bluefire Tracker CDX MH WCX **
Emberain Devil in Disguise MNH3 MH59 WCX *** HTHF (OFA GR-90317G33M)
Emberain In The Bag MH WCX **
Emberain Autumn Sunstreak CDX SH WCX
Emberain's Bro's Boy Of Gold
Emberain Red Hot Mandy
FC Wraiths HTR MN Bro Macdhuibh OS (OFA GR-58474G24M)
Hunter's Moon Travel Charlie Am-Can *** (OFA GR-43379G24M)
Hunters Moon Kkkkatie Foord MH *** (OFA GR-43636E25F)
Hunters Moon Tam O Shanter ** OD (OFA GR-43949E26F)
Hunters Moon Lady Trapps LKS
Hunter's Moon Nightcap MH (OFA GR-53684E28F)
AFC Wraith's Hunter's Moon Kirby MH WCX (OFA GR-43390G24M)
Hunter's Moon Kestrel SH (OFA GR-62350E35F-T)
Hunter's Moon Mighty McTavit *** (OFA GR-52040G24M)
Hunter's Moon Sonoma Scout
Hunters Moon Stolichnaya
Hunter's Moon Holly
Ronakers Hunter's Moon Kate II
Wraith's HNTRS MN Mac Dhuibh
Hunters Moon Arctic Phelpsie
Quailoaks Hunter's Moon Kassi CD SH (OFA GR-59484E27F-T)
Hunters Moon Slam Duncan
Gypsy Darwin Anderson
Hunter's Moon Trick 'R Treat JH (OFA GR-61644G33F)
Hunter's Moon Rugby SH (OFA GR-59438G27M)
Emberain All Buttered Up CDX JH MX MXJ WC OD (OFA GR-565258G24F)
Emberain Jelly's First Jam UDT JH MX MXJ WCX OS (OFA GR-53306G26M)
Emberain Hunthill Jellyroll SH WCX (OFA GR-54924G32F)
Emberain Sunkist Miss UD MH WCX (OFA GR-53895F28F)
Emberain by the Book JH TD AX AXJ
Emberain Michaelangelo Riki Search & Rescue
Emberain Shengold Maximilian CD WCX (OFA GR-53473G27M)
Emberain Dancer's Deere
Emberain of Braemoor's Reddy (OFA GR-57369G25F)
Emberain Kali Of My Heart
Emberain Ace In The Hole
Emberain Golden Leaves Of Aspen
Emberain Tabasco Hot
Lone Lake's Cork Of Emberain
Emberain Dakota Gold
Main Event MH WCX *** OD (OFA GR-56907E30F)
Pendragon's T-K-O WC
Bj's Golden Lacee ***
FTCH AFTCH Shurmark's Split Decision Am. MH *** OS Can. FDHF (OVC 008484)
Shurmark's Camelle
Shurmark's Knockem Dead Kid ***
Mandy Magnum by Jersey Devil MH *** (OFA GR-39197G25F)
Brandy Of The Lake II (OFA GR-41028G33F)
Jackson Jersey Devil MH *** OS (OFA GR-41490G35M)
Turbo Bloom'n Wildflower CD JH WC CCA (OFA GR-100110F31F-VPI)
Turbo Southern Explosion Dixie Lee CD JH CCA (OFA GR-100109F31F-VPI)
Turbo The Destroyer JH WC CCA (OFA GR-100181F31F-VPI)
AFC Ida Red's Uncloudy Day OD FDHF (OFA GR-59004G25F-T)
HRCH Ida Red's On the Road Again CD TD MH WCX **
OTCH Ida Red Razzlin' Sunsplash UDX TDX JH OA OAJ WCX OBHF (OFA GR-60527G51F-T)
Duncan's Dixie Peach MH ** (OFA GR-59601E27F-T)
Torch Of Ida Red MH WCX (OFA GR-61224F31F)
Ida Reds Texas Ten Gauge CDX MH WCX CCA VC (OFA GR-58654F24M-T)
Mioak's Speedy Deedee (OFA GR-59343G26F-T)
Ida Reds Just By Chance
Catalina's Stuft Cookie
Wraith's Duncan MH *** OS (OFA GR-23010G24M)
Sky Hi Cotton Sage (OFA GR-23128)
Ronakers Cotton Candy WCX *** (OFA GR-23009)
Mo's FarToGo Speedy Peach JH *** WCX OD (OFA GR-48367G24F-T)
HR Wasatch's Ice Breaker JH OD (OFA GR-55477E46F)
HRCH Wasatch's Desert Rocket (OFA GR-51766G24M)
HRCH Wasatch's Desert Cactus SH (OFA GR-42003G24M)
HRCH Wasatch's Smiling Jack MH
HRCH Mimi de la Cache La Poudre (OFA GR-42201E24F-T)
Sunny Sandy Max MH WCX *** OS (OFA GR-42391G90M-T)
Tartan Savoir Faire *** (OFA GR-48357F24M-T)
Wasatch's Prairie Fire JH (OFA GR-50532G30F)
Wasatch's Dyna Mo Dust SH
Thistle Rocks Ruby (OFA GR-42069F24F)
Windbreakers Double Trouble (OFA GR-51829F26M)
Golden River Wasatch's Teal (OFA GR-49370G26F)
Storm Warnings Mo Devil (OFA GR-43803E31M)
Lola Topbrass Turbo (OFA GR-84998F27F-PI)
Turbo Van Diesel CDX JH WC
Turbo Smoke'n Wildfire CDX JH CCA CGC (OFA GR-83707F26-PI)
Marshal Turbo Rocket JH
Turbo Mad Max
Turbo Deke
Misty Turbo Topbrass
Liberty Smoke'n Bear
Bouncer Rajah of Sands CD (OFA GR-58492F68M)
Topbrass Smoke'n Escapade CDX JH WC (OFA GR-74416F29F-NOPI)
Topbrass Renaissance Hope CD RA (OFA GR-71451G26F-PI)
Topbrass Golden Boy Brinkley

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