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Stonecroft Dance Your Cares Away

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Stonecroft Dance Your Cares Away (OFA GR-105830G27F-VPI)
Stonecroft Sesame Street Slugger (OFA GR-106544G30M-VPI)
Stonecroft Rainforest River Song RI CGC
MACH PACH Stonecroft Where the Air is Sweet MXB MXJB
Stonecroft Razzmatazz CDX BN GN GO RA OAP OJP NFP CGCA CCA
CH Stonecroft Uncommonly Good (OFA GR-90489G24M-PI)
Stonecroft The Good Witch
Am. CH. Hillock's Meredreme's Kazaam OS (OFA GR-76359E26M-PI)
Meredreme's Under Her Spell (OFA GR-77552G30F-PI)
Meredreme Sheffield Words Of Love
Meredreme Galahad Chantilly Lace
Hillock's Meredreme Dizzy Spell
Am/Can Ch Hillock Meredreme Jovi's Doo-Wop NA NAJ (OFA GR-81526G26M-PI)
Hillock-Meredreme's Double Trouble
Am CH Hillock Meredreme Sweet Dyna UD AX AXJ (OFA GR-81835G27F-PI)
Meredreme Flower of My Heart (OFA GR-79927G26F-PI)
Meredreme's The Grand Illusion (OFC #012396)
Meredreme's Miss American Pie (OFA GR-79458F24F-PI)
AM/MEX/AMS/WC CH Sheffield-Ducat's Spellbound SDHF, OS (OFA GR-54664G24M-T)
Am. CH Sheffield-Ducat's Suspicion JH (OFA GR-54917G24F-T)
Sheffield-Ducat's Rebecca (OFA GR-55232G26F-T)
Ducat-Sheffield N X NW CD (OFA GR-55612F26F-T)
Ducat's Sheffield's Saboteur
CH Hillock's Meredreme Jordache OD (OFA GR-63291F24F-T)
Hillock Sydney's Sinful Sundae (OFA GR-54355G24F)
Hillock's Sydney's Sierra (OFA GR-54640G24F)
Hillock's Adelaide Travelaide (OFA GR-55425G26F)
Am. CH. Hillock's Victoria's Secret (OFA GR-54936F28F)
CH. Hillock's The Very Best Thing (OFA GR69313G26M-T)
Hillock's Elizabear Taylor (OFA GR-59327G28F)
Hillock Weber's Talisman (OFA GR-71079G24M-PI)
Hillock's Charissma (OFA GR-76369E25F-PI)
CH Hillock's Anne Klein
CH Hillock's Thunder From Downunder
Hillock Pickles To Pittsburg (OFA GR-70783G32F-PI)
Stonecroft Truly Madly Deeply (OFA GR-73008G31F-PI)
Stonecroft True Blue UDT, CCA (OFA GR-72794F30M-PI)
Colabaugh Stonecroft True Love UD (OFA GR-71465G26F-PI)
Am./Can. CH. Colabaugh's Daredevil UD JH WC OS Can. WC (OFA GR-40509G26M)
Am./Can. CH. Colabaugh's Tazmanian Devil (OFA GR-40369G25F)
Can CH Brookshire's Kelly Devil
Am Ch. Birnam Wood's Honeymoon Sweet (OFA GR-49201F27F)
Birnam Wood Hill Sweet Blues (OFA GR-48757G24F-T)
U-CDX Birnam Wood's Sweet Victory UD JH WCX VC (OFA GR-49432F27M)
CH. Birnam Wood's Sweet Revenge (OFA GR-53521G40F-T)
Birnam Wood Frankly Sweethart
Colabaugh Esquire Electra (OFA GR-60051G26F)
Ducat Brytlea's Gwendolyn (OFA GR-98136G24F-PI)
Ducat Brytlea 5 EZ Pieces
Ducat BrytLea Golden Joy
Absolut Ducat-Watermark Decaf AX AXJ OAP OJP (OFA GR-80164G24M-PI)
Absolut Clouds in My Coffee NA NAP NAJ OD (OFA GR-79891G24F-PI)
Absolut Luv Yua Latte
Am-Can CH Meadowpond River To The Sea CDX CGC Am-Can OS (OFA GR-55252E24M-T)
Meadowpond Sail The Blue Sea (OFA GR-55527G24F-T)
Meadowpond Bak Field N Motion
Meadowpond Magnum Calibre
Meadowpond Reese's Pieces
Meadowpond Sunkissed Shauna
Meadowpond Alice Springs (OFA GR-76679G37F-PI)
Endeavor's Sweet Tsunami NA OAJ MJP TDI FFX-AP OD (OFA GR-60619G24F-T)
Am. Ch. Tahnee's Endvr X On The Richter (OFA GR-60618F24F-T)
Am./Can. Ch. Endeavor's Alberta Clipper OS (OFA GR-60620G24M-T)
Brytlea Light Up The Knight (OFA GR-87222F26F-PI)
Brytlea Knight N Gale Song
Brytlea's Nelson Knight Flt
CH Sunny Pointe's King Of Camelot TD,OA,OAJ,CGC (OFA GR-64338F24M-T)
Am CH Ducat Seasns Brtlea U Go GRL (OFA GR-68263E29F-T)
CanCH Ducat Seasons Foxylane Dalas CanCD (OFA GR-67393F24F-T)
Ducat Seasons Made U Look (OFA GR-66522F24F-T)

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