Golden Retriever

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Vintage Wired For Action SH WCX DJ

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Vintage Wired For Action SH WCX DJ
Vintage Irridescent
Vintage Perfect Storm JH WC
Watermark's Travis JH
Kiowa's Kay-O
Kiowa's Flyaway Flair
Kiowa's Mia Mine
Kiowa's Camo Diamond In The Rough
Lakwoia's Awesome Scout
Goldenloch's Run'N Crockett MH WCX *** OS
Goldenloch President's Lady
Goldenloch Henry of Harris
Absolut (SR06429305)
Goldenloch Pride of Lincoln
Goldenloch Sir Bailey Bagger MH WCX CCA
Goldenloch Roxie
Goldenloch Free As The Wind JH
Goldenloch Abagail Lady Of The Lake
High Times Run'n The Roost UD MH50 WCX *** OS
High Times Quetico
U-OCH HRCH High Times Orion Can. CDX MH UD WCX
High Times Ruby Tuesday JH WC
High Times Rollin With The Flo UD
HRCH High Times Texas Ranger MH
OTCH High Times Solar Orbit UDX5 JH MX MXJ WCX
High Times Rumor Has It CD MH WCX *** OD
High Times I've Got My Grip CD MH WCX **
High Times Stalking Wind CD OAJ AX
High Times SF's Badgersbrook SH WCX
High Times Stoney
High Times Heather Lily
High Times Miss Maureen
Goldenloch Wind On The Water JH
Goldenloch Luck of the Irish
Kiowa's Solo JH OD
Kiowa's A Place In Time MH CCA WCX ** OS
Kiowa's Set-Tainte **
Kiowa's Cover Girl
Kiowa's KC Double Back -Echo MH WCX ** OS
Kiowa's Hot Flash JH WCX
Kiowa's Whirlwind SH CCA WCX
Kiowa's Phoenix Sans Peur
Kiowa Karma Of Mioaks'
Kiowa's Rebel Yell SH WCX
FC AFC Tigathoe's Kiowa II OS FDHF
Dual CH AFC Tigathoe's Funky Farquar OS DDHF FDHF
Tigathoe's Tonka **
FC AFC Tigathoe's Tonga FDHF
FC AFC Tigathoe's Magic Marker OD FDHF
Tigathoes Chippewa
Tigathoe's Jicarilla ***
Tigathoe's Kiowa (F)
Tigathoe's Misty Morning ***
Kiowa's Kalumet MH CD WCX OD
Kiowa's Tanner II
Kiowa's Contessa
HR Vintage Evening Emerald CDX MH
Vintage Gold Miner's Thrill SH NA NAJ WCX
Vintage Blue Topaz TDX CGC
Vintage Delta Sapphire
Vintage Heavenly Grace
Beau Riley's Vintage Era JH WC
Bailey's Vintage Irish Cream
Camo (SR338098XX)
Sassy (SR338098XX)
Adirondac Code Red MH *** WCX OS
Adirondac La Luna Bella
Adirondac Jessup Belle
Adirondac Jutlands Millennia
Lappano's Jake
Adirondac Zita
Aderondac Mac-Maverick
Adirondac Sand McCoy
Smith's Kobe
Mioak's Real McCoy Am/Can *** OS
Shoreland's Spice It Up
Shoreland's Destined Dazzle CDX OS CanCDX
Adirondac Patent Pending CD MH WCX OD
Adirondac Amber Aspengrove CDX MH WCX Can WCI
Adirondac Tahawus Tait CD SH CGC WCX Can WC
Adirondac Mckenzie JH WC CGC
Adirondac Misha'nnock
Duffy Cooper Cunningham
Adirondac Search And Destroy
Adirondac Amber
Adirondac Sunset
Vintage Semiprecious JH WC OD
Vintage Mover and Shaker
Vintage Seismic Attraction JH MX MXJ WC
Vintage Tangueray Gauge
Vintage Pogi Bogart
Vintage River Beaujolais
Vintage Transplanted Texan
Aurum's Benden Skywalker TD
U-CDX Aurum's Vintage Dubl Trouble UDX TDX JH WC CGC
Aurum Halcyon Surprizd Byjoy
OTCH U-UD Vintage Timeless Raindrop UDX2 TD SH AX OAJ WCX OBHF OD
MACH2 Vintage My Friend Julie CD TD MX MXJ FDCH ADHF
U-CD Vintage Tales Traded Here CD SH MX MXJ WCX CGC
Vintage Gunsmoke Side Kick WC
Rob's Vintage Boeing
Vintage's Summer Marigold
Vintage Destin Del Sol

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