Golden Retriever

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CH HR UH Autumn Grove RockStar Appetite for Destruction BN RN MH WCX VC DDHF

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

CH HR UH Autumn Grove RockStar Appetite for Destruction BN RN MH WCX VC DDHF
Autumn Grove's Shine A Light
Autumn Grove You Get What You Need
Autumn Grove's Casino Boogie
Autumn Grove's Brown Sugar
Autumn Grove's Honky Tonk Woman
AKC/UKC/INT'L CH HRCH UH U-CD Deauxquest Midknight Rambler CDX GN RAE3 MH OA OAJ NAP NJP OF NFP WCX VCX DDHF OS (12.5 years)
Deauxquest Twist N Shout CD CCA OD
Am. CH ; U-CH U-CD HR Deauxquest Hard Day's Knight UDT VER RAE MH WCX CCA VCX OS DDHF ; Can. CD WC (12 years)
Deauxquest Oh What A Knight VCD2 CDX AXJ, OA, OF (5.5 years)
Deauxquest Ziggy Stardust VCD1 TD RE AXP MJP OFP NAC (13 years)
MACH4 Deauxquest Heart of Gold VCD1 RA MXG2 MJC2 AXP AJP ADHF CGC
Deauxquest Cracklin' Rosie VCD2 RE AX AXJ
Am. CH OTCH CT; Can. CH Highmark Mirasol Once A Knight VCD4 UDX3 JH MX MXJ WC VCX OS SDHF OBHF (14 years)
Highmark A Rose In Winter (14 years)
Highmark Dragonfly In Amber (14.5 years)
Highmarks Knight To Remember (14 years)
Highmarks Miss Daisy (16.5 years)
Highmarks Shooby
AM/MEX/AMS/WC CH Sheffield-Ducat's Spellbound SDHF, OS (13 years)
Am. CH Sheffield-Ducat's Suspicion JH (14 years)
Sheffield-Ducat's Rebecca
Ducat-Sheffield N X NW CD
Ducat's Sheffield's Saboteur (14.5 years)
Highmarks Pecos River Queen
Am. CH Highmark's Cowboy Coffee SDHF, OS (15 years)
AmCH Highmark's Belle Star (14 years)
Am./Mex. CH. Sheriff Bart Of Highmark
Ch Highmark Heigh Ho Silver
SHR Deauxquest Mavica Pic UD JH AX AXJ WCX CGC OD (10.5 years)
OTCH U-OCH U-ACH Deauxquest Trophy Hunter VCD2 UDX3 TD AXJ WCX AX CCA (13.5 years)
Deauxquest Fortune Hunter
Deauxquest Thrill Hunter (9.5 years)
Am. CH Quillmark Causing An Uproar UD JH WCX VCX OS (10.5 years)
Am-Can CH. Quillmark TearUpThe Tundra CD (10 years)
Quillmark's Upland Games (11.5 years)
Quillmark Mardovar Quack'n Up
HRCH Morninglo Pic Of The Glitter UD SH NA WCX (7.5 years)
Morninglo Rise And Shine UD MH WCX CGC OD (10 years)
Morninglo Celestial Explorer CDX JH OA OAJ WCX (8 years)
Morninglo Dawn's Delight
Morninglo's Break O'Day JH WC
MACH Colabaugh's Morninglo Dillon UD TDX JH WC (10 years)
Morninglo-Buttons And Bows UDX SH WCX
OTCH HRCH Morninglo Speaker Of House UDX TD MH OA NAJ
HR Morninglo Rainbow's End CD SH MX MXJ WCX (10.5 years)
HRCH Morninglo's Top Gun CDX MH NA RN WCX CGC OS (14.5 years)
OTCH Morninglo Kentucky Bound UDX
Morninglo Paddington's Annie UD JH AX AXJ WCX VCX OD
Can CH Autumn Grove's Nothing But Blue Skye OA OAJ WC OD CCA (9 years)
Autumn Grove's Dual Cyclone
Autumn Grove's Moon Beam Over Sunny Creek
BISS GCH CH Autumn Grove's Wind Over Red Rock (8.5 years)
Autumn Grove's Spring Maker
Am/Can CH Chuckanut Party Favour O Novel SDHF OS (14 years)
Can CH Madisons Stack The Deck OS (11.5 years)
Can. CH Madisons Matthew For Verdoro
CanCH Collinterra's Madison Rose
Can CH Madisons Briar Scout (13 years)
Can CH Chuckanut Justmoor Tequila
Chuckanuts Abelard Dawn (8.5 years)
Chuckanut's Limited Edition
Chuckanut's Southern Cross
Chuckanut Mufasha 'Moose'
Chuckanuts Wild Rose
BISS Am/Can CH MACH Goodtime's Sunburst Manhattan CDX RE MXS MJG OF OAP NJP OD; Can CD AgX AgXJ (12 years)
Am-Can Ch Vanreels Rainbow Over Osprey OS Can WC (10 years)
Ch VanReels My-Magical Chuckanut
Vanreel Driving Miss Violet
Vanreel's Decisions Decisions
CH Goodtime's Glory Days OD
CH Goodtime Born In The USA
BIS BISS Am Can CH Goodtime's Run For The Roses SDHF OD (15.5 years)
CH Goodtime's NYC Serenade
CH. Goodtime I'm On Fire OA OAJ (12.5 years)
Goodtime's Secret Garden
Goodtime's Golden Wonder
Goodtime, Waterford E Street
Goodtime's Human Touch
Am. CH. Goodtime's Code Red At Voyager RN AX AXJ NF WC VCX (13.5 years)

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