Golden Retriever

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TQ K-Litter

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

TQ K-Litter
TQ Kono
TQ Karlotta Savannah
TQ Kataio
TQ Kenai (FCI DRC-G 1232027)
TQ Keep Smiling
TQ Kind hearted Kenly
TQ Kelso
TQ Kate
TQ keep your head up Cooper
TQ Kenoah
TQ Kokomo
NJCH SEJCH SETJH(RDH)CH Vassruggens Vade Brand (S65277/2007)
Vassruggens Vinda Mygdir (S65282/2007)
SVch Vassruggens Vinge Smali (S65279/2007)
SVch Vassruggens Viga-Glum (S65283/2007)
Vassruggens Vide Askepott (S65278/2007)
Vassruggens Veizla Gasting (S65281/2007)
Vassruggens Valve Skjalf (S65280/2007)
SVCH Holway Odin (Other DKK00182/2001)
Holway Eccle
Holway Jaffa
Holway Cookie
Holway Crinkle
Standerwick Remus of Merryway
Eng. FT. CH. Standerwick Rhumba Of Pebbletoft
Standerwick Randolph (U1287703U02)
Standerwick Ricarda of Abnalls
Standerwick Robina (4193BS)
Standerwick Robriska of Ceagry
Holway Muffin
Holway Widgeon of Clancallum
Holway Bombazine (UKC V182950V02)
Holway Taffeta
Holway Damask
Holway Muslin
Holway Cotton
Holway Twill
Holway Velcro
Holway Viscose
Holway Mollie
Holway Chintz
Vassruggens Liv Widhsith (S58560/2002)
Vassruggens Loke Jojkkapojken
Vassruggens Lykka til Kopparhult (S58559/2002)
Vassruggens Leida Lögr (S58562/2002)
Cawood Mr. Postmann (DK 13002/99)
Cawood Lady Madonna
DKBRCH Cawood Bungalow Bill
Cawood Sgt. Pepper
Cawood Maggie Mae (DK 12997/99)
Cawood Rocky Raccoon (DK 13000/99)
Ambertrail Joy's Pool Position (49154Z)
Ambertrail's Tie Breaker CD RA MH *** (AKC SN68685501)
Ambertrail's Rosco Is Reddy Can CDX Am CD (CKC GW472857)
Ambertrail's Repeat After Me Can. WCX *** (CKC JA564371)
Ambertrail's Happy Heatleader (01944/2000)
Ambertrail's Aheka Aim Hi (AKC SN69471301)
TQ from heaven sent Piqua (FCI DRC-G 1028835)
TQ Farwell (FCI DRC-G 1028830)
TQ Fabulous Leland (FCI DRC-G 1028831)
TQ Ferry (FCI DRC-G 1028832)
TQ Frost Rivers Mr. Joe (FCI DRC-G 1028833)
TQ Fire Phoenix (FCI DRC-G 1028834)
GMH HRCH UH Tidewaters Weekend Gladiator Can/Am CD WCX MH CCA OS (CKC KL779083/SR09281401)
FTCH AFTCH Cedarpond's R.V. Am *** OS Can. FDHF (CKC YC912520)
Cedarpond Alberta Bound Can *** (CKC YC-912508)
Cedarpond Gabriel *** (CKC YC912514)
Cedarpond's Fairway Legend ** (CKC CC-164809)
FC FTCH AFTCH Cedarpond Brasdor Skywalker OS Can. FDHF (AKC SN209082/01 (10-96))
Cedarpond Ninja Red *** OS (AKC SM93381901)
FTCH Cedarpond's Nike *** Can FDHF (CKC YC-912517)
GMHR Cedarpond RockErin Always Redy (AKC SN360420/01)
FTCH GMHR Cedarpond Rockerin Beabhin *** OD (AKC SN35761401)
Tigathoe's Cut of Cedarpond Can *** (CKC VW752297)
Cedarpond Wrassl Tassl Can ***
Cedarpond's Goldenboy Talia (AKC SN51073101)
Cedarpond Dash To Ambertrail (CKC CC164764)
Cedarpond's Makwa II Can*** WCX
Cedarpond Blaine Splash Of Gold (AKC SN21926801)
Cedarpond Topbrass Canuck WCX JH (AKC SN31546901)
Cedarpond's First Power (CKC YC-912504)
Cedarpond Midas Dazzling Diana SH, WCX (AKC SN20074601)
Cedarpond's Brunswick Mist
Cedarpond Am I Tuff Enuff CanWCX (CKC CC164771)
GMH Brimac's Lil' Red Devil Can/Am WCX MH (CKC EL276542)
Brimac Maple Belle CanCD (CKC CA143167)
Brimac's Lancelot Rebel Can WC Am MH (CKC EL276549)
TQ A'Cabool (DRC-G-0319319)
TQ Affectionate Brazito (DRC-G-0319317)
TQ Agless Tindall (DRC-G-0319316)
TQ A'Laquey (DRC-G-0319315)
TQ Arcadia
Semper Modesto Bronco FCh WT (AKC SN789362/07)
Semper Deuce Cooper *** OS (AKC SN78936201 (9-03))
Semper Whispering Oaks Red Riley (AKC SN92440710)
Semper Burnt Siena (AKC SN92440701)
SR Semper Leigh Sadie RL1 (AKC SN92440708)
Semper Fidelis Beatrix SH CDX WCX (AKC SN92440702)
MHR Semper Choo Choo Ch'Boogie WCX (AKC SN924407/07)
MHR Madison Lucy Lesser JH, WC (AKC SN924407/04)
HRCH Sempers Castaway Cassie JH (AKC SN78936204)
Semper Diablo Tyson
Orange Tangle of Graceful Delight (DRC)
FT.W O'Teazle of Graceful Delight
O'Myra of Graceful Delight
Original Fame of Graceful Delight
O'Malley of Graceful Delight
Odiham of Graceful Delight
Outback Sunshine of Graceful Delight
Okley Dokey Snert of Graceful Delight

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