Golden Retriever

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CH Brianne'Swilly Be President

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

CH Brianne'Swilly Be President (AKC SR66659405)
Brianne's Commander In Chief (AKC SR66659403)
CH. Shilo's Hott Blue and Righteous RN (AKC SR24419302)
CH. Shilo's C Y Ima Hott E OD, BISS (AKC SR24419301)
BISS BIS PRC./Arg./Ven./Col./Col.Gr./Br./Equa. CH. Shilo's Hott Machine (AKC SR24419304)
Shilo's 2 Hott 2 Handle (AKC SR24419305)
Shilo's Hott Pursuit (SR24419303)
Shilo's Hott Sugar Cookie
BIS BISS Am CH Summits MR. Bojangles OS SDHF (AKC SN57129701 (12/00))
Summits Only The Shadow Knows (AKC SN57129702)
Am/Can CH Summits Dancin'at Dustrax CD RE CGC (AKC SN-571297/03)
Am Can CH. Golden Pine Dustrax Maverick CDX TDX RE OS CGC Can CD (AKC SN219143/03)
CH Golden Pine's Pacific Panache CD (AKC SN219143/01)
Golden Pine Night To Remember (AKC SN219143/06)
Golden Pine Kelly O'Bayfield (AKC SN219143/04)
CH Golden Pine Rio De Oro CD TD JH MX AXJ WC VC (AKC SN21914307 (12-00))
Golden Pine's Uptown Girl (AKC SN219143/02)
Golden Pine Select J Riesling (AKC SN21914308)
Golden Pine Oh What A Night CDX RA OA NAJ CGC TDI SARA (AKC SN219143/09)
BIS BISS Am CH Summits Shadow Dancer OD SDHF (AKC SG039087)
CH Shilo's Waiting To Excel OD (AKC SN87300501)
Shilo's Extra Shiny Gold Nugget
Shilo's Kodi Loves Exs N Os (AKC SN87300503)
CH Shilo's Full Gainer With A Twist NAP, OJP (AKC SN 90498001)
Shilo's Full Of It (AKC SN90498004)
Can CH Shilo's Fullo Y're Dream 2 Picabo (AKC SN90498002 (04-04))
Shilo's Springvale Beauty Full (AKC SN904980/03)
Shilo's Sawed Off Shot Gunn (AKC SR20776401)
Shilo's Gunn A Be A Star (AKC SR20776402)
Shilo's Never Gunn A Say Goodbye CD RE AXP AJP NFP CGC TDI (AKC SR20776403)
Shilo's Son Of A Gunn (AKC SR20776404)
Shilo's Gunn A Be Blue Skies (AKC SR20776405)
Shilo's Gunn A Do As Simon Sez (AKC SR20776407)
Shilo's Gunn Er Get R Done CD RA (AKC SR20776406)
Shilo's Full Sail
Shilo's In Full Bloom (AKC SN90498006)
Shilo's Delight Full Blossom (AKC SN 90498005)
Shilo's Faith Full Samwise (AKC SN 90498008)
BISS Am. Ch. Faera's Starlight OS (AKC SN709623/01)
Faera's Let There Be Light (AKC SN70962302)
Faera's Light The Horizon (AKC SN70962303)
Gangway Faeras Lightning Bug (AKC SN70962305)
CH Gangway Faeras Beam of Light (AKC SN70962304)
Shilo's Bet On It OD (AKC SN-414770/03)
Shilo's All Bets Are Off RA CGC (AKC SN414770/05)
Am./Can. CH. Shilo's Starrstruck Best Bet SDHF, OS (AKC SN414770/02)
Shilo Starquest Bet R Beware CanOD (AKC SN414770/04)
Shilo's Bet On Ohio State (AKC SN-414770/01)
Shilo Willogold U Bet I Can (AKC SN-414770/06)
Shilo's Best Bet (AKC SN41477007)
Shilo's Bet On Falcon
Brianne's Amber Waves (AKC SR44382207)
Brianne's Cabin Creek's Bdu BN RN SH (AKC SR44382204)
CH. Brianne's Green Beret (AKC SR44382206)
CH. Faera's BMOC (AKC SR09753202)
Faera's VIP (AKC SR09753201)
Faera's SWAK (AKC SR09753204)
Am./Can. CH. Faera's Done In Triplicate CD SDHF OS (AKC SN971831/02)
BISS Am. CH Faera's All Fired Up At Calusa OS SDHF (AKC SM88339503)
Am. CH Faera's Playin' For Keeps OS (AKC SG040857)
Am. CH Faera Starquest Keep Dreamin (AKC SF990870 (6/93))
Am. CH Faera's Keep'n The Faith (AKC SF997252)
Am. CH Faera Kala's Keepin' It Wild (AKC SF-994213)
Am. CH Faera's Keep'n Double Trouble (AKC SM794364/01)
Faera's Keepin' The Promise OD (AKC SG-040858)
Faera's Honeybear Keepsake (AKC SF-987994)
BIS CH Faera's Fire Power SDHF (AKC SM883395/01)
Faera's Third Dimension CDX (AKC SM971831/03)
Am. CH Faera's Three Cheers (AKC SM971831/06)
Am Ch Faera's Three Ring Circus (AKC SM971831/04)
Am./Can. CH Faera's Tri 'N Stop Me (AKC SM971831/07)
Faera's Shilo Lueree Fire OD (AKC SM883395/11)
Faera's Earth Wind N Fire (AKC SM883395/05)
Faera's Firelight (AKC SM883395/06)
Faera's Four Alarm Fire (AKC SM883395/07)
Faera's Olympic Firebird (AKC SM883395/02)
CanCH Faera's Prospector's Foxfire (AKC SM883395/04)
Faera's Three Times A Lady (AKC SM97183105)
Faera's Tri'd-N-True (AKC SM97183101)
Faera's Rocky Acres Keep'n Tune (AKC SM79436402)
Faera's Finder's Keepers (AKC SF980632)
Faera's Firesale At Tiffanys (AKC SM88339508)
Faera's Fireball Tyler (AKC SM88339509)
Faera's Miss Fire (AKC SM88339510)
Ch. Faera-Tainsh PDQ SDHF OD (AKC SN63756906)
Faera-Tainsh Nick Of Time (AKC SN63756908)
AmCH Faera-Tainsh Full Speed Ahead (AKC SN63756901)
Am. Ch. Faera's Tanish Speed Deamon OD (AKC SN63756905)
CH. Cabin Creek's Day Lily JH WC (AKC SR08166001)
CH. Cabin Creeks Whispering Trees (AKC SR08166007)
CT SHR Cabin Creek's Spring Promise CDX RN JH WCX MJP3 MXP2 MJPB VCD2 CGC (AKC SR08166002)
Am Ch. Evergreen's Mountain Sunset OS (AKC SN69036301)
Evergreen's Jetoca Mountain Song (AKC SN69036303)
U-Ch, U-CDX, ARCHX Evergreen's Summer In The Mountains VCD3 RAE JH WCX CCA VCX RL3 O-NAC O-NGC O-NJC (AKC SN69036305)
Evergreens Majestic Mountain (AKC SN690363/04)
Hytree's Littlest Outlaw OD (AKC SN70372904)
Hytree's One for the Road (AKC SN62267102)

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