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Nobody Else Noortje Golden Robos

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Nobody Else Noortje Golden Robos (FCI AA)
Dts.Vdh. CH Dewmist Satellite Belgian Winner '03 (HD A1)
SE U(U)CH NO UCH Dewmist Samsonite (A1)
JWW03,Swe Sh Ch Dewmist Serenella (HD A1)
Nord & Fin & Swe Sh & Norw Ch Dewmist Supersonic (A/A (2003))
SV CH Dewmist Serenade (2003-07-17 HD grad B)
SE VCH SE U(U)CH Dewmist Serenata (2003-05-27 HD grad A)
SE U(U)CH Telkaro Diamond Dust (Sweden HD B (1/30/2002))
Telkaro Rough Diamond JW (13:7)
Telkaro Diamond Wedding with Jonsen (4:8)
Eng./Irish SH. CH. Erinderry Diamond Edge Of Glenavis (BVA Hip Score 5:6)
Tyrol Philosopher's Joy at Erinderry (3:4)
Tyrol Philosopher's Pride (5:5)
Erinderry Diamond Debonair of Learmount (8:10)
Erinderry Diamond Addition (5:3)
Erinderry Diamond Ice (6:3)
Colbar Royal Secret With Telkaro JW (BVA Hip Score 7:5)
Colbar Royal Salute At Neustro (BVA Hip Score 7:7)
Eng.Sh.Ch Colbar Royal Rhapsody JW (BVA BVA Hip Score 7:7)
Vice-WW'03, ChSwe, Den, Pl, Lv Dewmist Shaquille LvW'07 (HD A1)
Dewmist Shaughnessy
SV-02 SU(U)CH Dewmist Stravinsky (HD grad A (10/17/2001))
IL.CH Dewmist Samurai (A)
Can Ch Dewmist Stromboli (OFA GR-77452F25M-PI)
SE U(U)CH Inassicas Dandelion (HD UA = A1)
SU(U)CH NUCH Dewmist Savannah (Sweden HD U (1/31/1996))
Can CH Dewmist Santorini Can OS (OFA GR-55470G24M-T)
Dewmist Silverado (5:5)
Int./Belg. CH. Dewmist Santiago (A1)
Dewmist Salamanca
Dewmist Shackleton
Dewmist Samarinda (Sweden HD Grade 2)
Dewmist Saratoga
Dewmist Santillana (Sweden HD UA (1/22/1996))
Key To My Heart Golden Robos (FCI A)
Keep it Cool Golden Robos (A 1)
Perrimay Flamboyant (B1,B2)
Bramhills Hero (BVA Hip Score 0:3)
Bramhills Honeysuckle of Terylon
Bramhills Heather at Twitchills
Bramhills Hillary
Bramhills Hilary Of Dialesden (3:5)
Perrimay Sea Fantasy
Multi Ch. Fiveshill My Mysterious Girl 12 CC's & 3 RCC's (HD B1B2)
Fiveshill Make Up Your Mind (HD B1B2)
Fiveshill Firecracker (HD B1B2)
Multi Ch .Dutch Ch. Fiveshill Full of Style GER, VDH. Ch, 9 CC's, 7 Res.CC's (Unknown HD B1 B2)
Fiveshill Everylasting Story (HD B1)

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