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Rushhunters Alpina Atomic Eva Kant

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Rushhunters Alpina Atomic Eva Kant
Rushhunters Alpina Atomic Chaggy
Rushhunters Alpina Atomic Faolan
Rushhunters Alpina Atomic Arthus
Rushhunters Alpina Atomic Theo
Rushhunters Alpina Atomic Carla
Rushhunters Alpina Atomic Jonah
Rushhunters Alpina Atomic Frida
Rushhunters Alpina Atomic Jolie-Frida
Rushhunters Alpina Best of Bitch Lucky
Rushhunters Alpina Best of Bitch Marley
Rushhunters Alpina Best of Bitch Finlay
Rushhunters Alpina Best of Bitch Cooper
Rushhunters Alpina Best of Bitch Fellow
Rushhunters Alpina Best of Bitch Jarle
Rushhunters Alpina Best of Bitch Deary
Rushhunters Alpina Best of Bitch Leo
Rushhunters Alpina Carpe Diem Enryca
Rushhunters Alpina Carpe Diem Noshan
Rushhunters Alpina Carpe Diem Liam
Rushhunters Alpina Carpe Diem Sam
Rushhunters Alpina Carpe Diem Filou
Rushhunters Alpina Carpe Diem Marley
Mighty Duck's Oden
Mighty Duck's Freya
Mighty Duck's Balder
Mighty Duck's Skade
Mighty Duck's Grimner
Mighty Duck's Tjalfe
Vassruggens Loke Jojkkapojken
Vassruggens Liv Widhsith
Vassruggens Lykka til Kopparhult
Vassruggens Leida Lögr
Cawood Mr. Postmann
Cawood Lady Madonna
DKBRCH Cawood Bungalow Bill
Cawood Sgt. Pepper
Cawood Maggie Mae
Cawood Rocky Raccoon
Ambertrail Joy's Pool Position
Ambertrail's Tie Breaker CD RA MH ***
Ambertrail's Rosco Is Reddy Can CDX Am CD
Ambertrail's Repeat After Me Can. WCX ***
Ambertrail's Happy Heatleader
Ambertrail's Aheka Aim Hi
SEJCH Aim High Flying Bitch
Aim High Flying Bastard
Aim High Flying Bawdy
SEJCH Gildas W Navarro
Gildas W Nicholas
Gildas W Nicola
Gildas W Niikita
Gildas W Nimble
Gildas W Ninotchka
Gildas W Nirvana
Gildas W Nurejev
TJH Aim High Cruel Crystal
Tjh R Svch Aim High Cruel Callista
Aim High Cruel Capella
Aim High Cruel Carleton
Aim High Cruel Creation
Aim High Cruel Carney
TJH R Aim High Cruel Castor
Stonehunter Fair Haven Bonnie
Stonehunter Fox Tomic
Stonehunter Forest Joker
Stonehunter Frostfire Milo
Fireside Gunner
Fireside Mr. T. C. Scout
SR Alahna Gar Fireside Chat JH WC
Fireside Summer In The City
Fireside's My Boy Burleigh CDX
Mallard Creek Golden Blaze
Jerseygold Blaze Of Fire WCX
Fireside's Man With a Plan
Hunter, (SR02218503)
AFC AFTCH Rosehill's Mr Speaker MH OS CCA FDHF
Choctaw's Dixieland Delight CGC
Sunny's Bodacious Blonde
Sunny's Sports Fan
Shakin' Sambo Hillclimber
Jake Of Sunny Rain Check
Toffe (SN14124109)
Sunny's Daily Double
Teeca Otay Too **
Rocky Top's You Got Potential
Fireside Tabitha
Fireside's Sir Travis Tritue
MHR Indian Creek's Fireside Chase MH WCX ** OD
Circle R Money Talks JH
Fireside's Ginger II OD
Fireside MS Daisy Mae OD
Stonehunter Donna Chaggy
DRC-Arbeits-Ch. Stonehunter Dartmore Connor
Stonehunter Dallas Pink Judy
Stonehunter Dante Leroy
Stonehunter Debora Cora
Stonehunter Derby Black
Stonehunter Diamond Luna
Stonehunter Diana Sammy
Stonehunter DoradoJack
Baveybuilt Bacchus
F.T.W Baveybuilt Vinho of Gospelash
Baveybuilt Merlot
Forrest Cottage Atomic
Forrest Cottage Arctic
Forrest Cottage Assina
Forrest Cottage Aladt

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