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Broadlaw Lexie

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Broadlaw Lexie (BVA 6/5)
Broadlaw Lisa Of Haverholme (BVA 4/6)
Broadlaw Lottie (BVA 4/5)
Broadlaw Lofty (BVA 5/5)
Broadlaw Lenny (BVA 3/4)
Broadlaw Lester (BVA 7/4)
Broadlaw Lucifer
FTCh Endacott Shelf (BVA 4/5)
FTCh Endacott Soames of Riversway (BVA 5/5)
Endacott Holly (BVA 16/6)
Endacott Swift of Brindlebay (5/2)
Endacott Seeka (BVA 6/7)
Endacott Storm
Endacott Sweep
Endacott Sally
Endacott Seal
FTCH Glenbriar Solo (BVA 7/6)
Glenbriar Polly Of Rockbracka (4/5)
Glenbriar Shanty
Glenbriar Shandy
Glenbriar Shane
FTCh Glenbriar Solomon (BVA 0/1)
Glenbriar Sabre of Follybreeze (2/1)
FTCh Glenbriar Pippit (BVA 0/5)
FTCh Pocklea Remus (BVA 6/7)
GB FTCh Pocklea Reggie
Pocklea Ria (7/8)
Pocklea Reed (A)
IrlFTCh Glenbriar Quest (BVA 3/4)
FTCh Glenbriar Jazz (BVA 9/9)
Glenbriar Tilly
Glenbriar Jason
Toberhewny Raza
Glenbriar Jock
FTW Endacott Spindle (BVA 4/4)
GB FTCh Endacott Stoer of Quabrook (BVA 3/4)
Endacott Piper (BVA 4/4)
Endacott Fable (BVA 4/5)
Endacott Fergal of Waterscot (BVA 5/6)
Endacott Finch (BVA 3/4)
Endacott Firecrest (BVA 4/5)
Endacott Early Edition (BVA 5/3)
Endacott Eider (BVA 4/4)
Endacott Equerry (BVA 2/2)
Endacott Sahara
Endacott Sandgrouse
Endacott Drummer
Endacott Nightjar
Endacott Truffle
Endacott Blewit
Endacott Artist
Endacott Explorer
Endacott Exchequer
Endacott Entertainer
Endacott Egret
Endacott Ebony
Endacott Furlong
Endacott Flycatcher
Endacott Fantail
FTW Ewshot Liffey (BVA 5/6)
Ashe Warren Cloonee (BVA 9/10)
Cocum Cleo (BVA 7/7)
Dancing Lady Megan (BVA 2/4)
Fergus Of Waldowhoe (BVA 1/2)
FTCh Endacott's Queen (BVA 2/2)
Endacott Carnival Cassie
Endacott Cavalier
Endacott Commander
Endacott Centurion
FTCh Broadlaw Damsen (BVA 11/6)
Broadlaw Donna (BVA 4/4)
Broadlaw Denzil
Broadlaw Darren
Broadlaw Duke
Broadlaw Declan
Broadlaw Daisy (BVA 26/18)
Broadlaw Don If Howzat (BVA 21/5)
FTCh Trooper Tam of Lochmuir (BVA 4/4)
FTCh Symington Clarerone of Leadburn (BVA 3/4)
Symington Coral (BVA 3/4)
FTCh Symington Cornelia (BVA 2/2)
Symington Chanelle
Symington Cupid
Mugdrum Heroine
Bryford Dipper
Jayford Grouse
Scottish Lad Ruari
Tweed Of Kingswood
FTCh Kenue Cedar (BVA 5/4)
FTW Arnot Oak (3/4)
FTCh Kenue Fir of Leadburn (BVA 7/7)
Greenhead Sitka (31/31)
Little Weeping Willow
Pathehead Spruce
Larch Log
GB FTCh & Ir.FTCh Theoweir Turramurra Teal (5/8)
FTCh Croftweit Solo (BVA 5/3)
Croftweit Pepper of Welston (4/4)
Croftweit Punch (5/4)
Croftweit Sweep of Welston (BVA 3/6)
Croftweit Skid
Croftweit Snipe

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