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Flying Flap Ears G...

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Flying Flap Ears G...
Flying Flap Ears Guinness (A2/A2)
Flying Flap Ears Grisu (A2/A2)
Flying Flap Ears Gianna (A1/A1)
Flying Flap Ears Gandhi (A1/A1)
Flying Flap Ears Ginger (A2/A2)
Flying Flap Ears Google (A1/A1)
Flying Flap Ears Gladstone (A2/A2)
Flying Flap Ears Greystoke (A2/A2)
Jazzman vom Keien Fenn (A2)
J.J. vom Keien Fenn (A2)
Jiffy vom Keien Fenn (A2)
Jasper vom Keien Fenn (A2)
Juri vom Keien Fenn (A2)
Junis vom Keien Fenn (A2)
Josephine vom Keien Fenn (A2)
Jillian-Junee vom Keien Fenn (A2/D1)
FTCH Wendearose Hector of Riversway (3/3)
Wendearose Topic
Wendearose Bounty (0/0)
Wendearose Decker
Wendearose Smartie
Wendearose Ripple Of Chisbrook
Wendearose Wispa of Endacott (3/7)
FTCh Riversway Ace (7/5)
Riversway Arnie
Riversway Apollo (0/0)
Riversway Alex
Riversway Annie (7/7)
Riversway Aster
Riversway Ash
Riversway Alice Of Turkdean (4/3)
FTW Endacott Guinea (BVA 4/3)
Endacott Gunshot (3/2)
Endacott Gunsmith
Endacott Gun Dealer of Moreteyne (3/3)
Endacott Genius
Endacott Gun Slip
Endacott Gun Slinger
Endacott Gun Bearer
Endacott Gunner (3/3)
Endacott Glasha
DRC-Arb.-Ch. FTW Enya vom Keien Fenn (FCI A1/A1)
Elixa vom Keien Fenn (A2)
Ebenum Nanooq vom Keien Fenn (A1)
Eloy vom Keien Fenn (A)
Emil vom Keien Fenn (A1)
Easy Chess vom Keien Fenn (A1)
Ecco vom Keien Fenn (B)
IntFTCh, ChTa, ChTComp. Enchanting Goldcrest vom Keien Fenn (A/A)
IntFTCh. ChTFa & ChTCH Conneywarren Spike (A)
FTCh Conneywarren Russet of Birdbrook (BVA 3/5)
Conneywarren Angus of Stonedower (5/4)
Conneywarren Chely (6/6)
Conneywarren Cracker (5/5)
Conneywarren Drew (4/7)
Conneywarren Edward of Mansengreen (3/6)
Conneywarren Magician (6/6)
Conneywarren Millie (3/4)
Conneywarren Primrose of Roytan (6/4)
Conneywarren Reba of Birdbrook (5/6)
Conneywarren Rock (4/1)
Conneywarren Sonia (10/5)
Conneywarren Tanya (4/3)
Conneywarren Toby (6/3)
Conneywarren Wellington (5/5)
Conneywarren Whistler (3/3)
FTCh Conneywarren Wren of Birdbrook (4/8)
Conneywarren Woodie
Conneywarren Willow
Conneywarren Ted
Conneywarren Dash Of Wolfdale
Conneywarren Wispie Willow (B2)
DRC-Arb.-Ch. Alpha vom Keien Fenn (A2/A2)
Artus vom Keien Fenn (B2)
A. J. Ascot vom Keien Fenn (A2)
Arkis vom Keien Fenn (A)
Ares vom Keien Fenn (C1)
Arko vom Keien Fenn (B1)
A-Krispindl vom Keien Fenn (A2)
Ayca vom Keien Fenn (C2)
A. J. Ascott vom Keien Fenn (FCI A2)
Flying Flap Ears Coco Chanel (A2/A2)
Flying Flap Ears Chumbawamba (A2/A2)
Flying Flap Ears Cheveyo (A2/A2)
Flying Flap Ears Campino (A1/A1)
Flying Flap Ears Cody (A2/A2)
Domus ex Duria (A1)
Darius ex Duria (A2)
Danus Ex Duria (B2)
Dominicus Ex Duria (A2)
Dea Thornproof Dazzle Ex Duria (A)
Diva Ex Duria (A1)
Eagle Enzo vom Gerretsfeld (A2)
Etienne vom Gerretsfeld (A2)
Eddy vom Gerretsfeld (A2)
Earl Joker vom Gerretsfeld (A2)
Emely vom Gerretsfeld (A2)
Enjoy vom Gerretsfeld (A2)
Trialer Thornproof Unlimited (A0)
Thornproof Uppish (A0)
Thornproof Ultimate (A0)
Ravenhill's Tailwagging A'Nell (B2)
Ravenhill's Tailwagging A-Findus (A1)
Ravenhill's Tailwagging Aaron (A2)
Ravenhill's Tailwagging Aika (A2)
Ravenhill's Tailwagging Al-Gomez (A2)
Ravenhill's Tailwagging Arthur (A2)
Ravenhill's Tailwagging Ashley
Windwood Blackthorn (4/4)
Windwood Thyme
Windwood Heather
Windwood Primrose
Windwood Willow Of Middlegate
Windwood Laurel
Windwood Cidar
Windwood Thistle
Windwood Mynedd Mawr
Tailwagger's Dual Darcy (A1)
Tailwagger's Dual Dutchman (A1)
Tailwagger's Dual Dash (A2)
Tailwagger's Dual Debby (B1)
Tailwagger's Dual Dina
Tailwagger's Dual Donna (A2)
Tailwagger's Dual Duffy-Lea

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