Golden Retriever

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Golden Worker Discovery Kaylan

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Golden Worker Discovery Kaylan
Golden Worker Discovery Timber
Golden Worker Discovery Scout
Golden Worker Discovery Delphin
Golden Worker Discovery Diamond
Golden Worker Discovery Dundee
Golden Worker Discovery Colin
Golden Worker Discovery Virginia
Golden Worker Discovery Enya
Golden Worker Enthusiastics Ebby Ebby
Doubleuse Rambling Rose
Doubleuse Savage Rose
Doubleuse Rose Bowl
Doubleuse Rose And Crown
Doubleuse The Rose
Doubleuse Guns N' Roses
Doubleuse Bed of Roses
Alquin V D Gouden Veld
Asti van het Gouden Veld
FT. Ch. Kennaird v.d. Woudstreek
Kind Glennys v.d. Woudstreek
Kaby v.d. Woudstreek
Keen Morris v.d. Woudstreek
King Jordy v.d. Woudstreek
Holway Empress
Holway Evita
Holway Dazzle
Holway Dickon
Holway Ellie at Melgold
Holway Emma
Holway Eric
Holway Emperor
Holway Dawn
Holway Dabble
Holway Daniel
Holway Digger
Holway Doris
Doubleuse Ice Dance
Doubleuse Downhill
Doubleuse Rodel
SE VCH LPI LPII Doubleuse Half Pipe
FR JCH Doubleuse Super G
Vassruggens Grane Skald
Vassruggens Guve Biltogh
Vassruggens Gaija Jardu
Vassruggens Geira Allvis
NORDJCH Doubleuse Bella Donna
SJ(J)CH Doubleuse Bella Note
Doubleuse Don Corleone
Doubleuse Don Quijote
Doubleuse Don Juan
Doubleuse Don Giovanni
Doubleuse Bella Ragazza
Doubleuse Bella Notte
Golden Worker Angel's Tyra
Golden Worker Angel's Marlowe
Golden Worker Angel`s Pepper
Golden Worker Angel`s Acy
Golden Worker Angel`s Paige
Golden Worker Angel's Maeve
Golden Worker Angel's Ada
Golden Worker Angel`s Joyce
DK.BR.CH Clockburn Clooneen
Clockburn Clonevin
Clockburn Cloonouragh
Clockburn Coolcran
Clockburn Curcullen
Clockburn Killacorrane
Clockburn Craghderry
F.T.W Greenfoot Rum
Greenfoot Ritz
Greenfoot Fetlar
F.T.W Clockburn Commotion
Clockburn Chorus
Cool Marker's Angel
Cool Marker's Armani
Cool Marker's Apollo
Cool Marker's Anna-May
Cool Marker's Archie
Happymover Balszac
Happymover Ben
Happymover Biloux
Deutscher Arbeitschampion Happymover B.C. Pearl
Happymover Berryl
Happymover Brave
Happymover Bellis
O'Myra of Graceful Delight
FT.W O'Teazle of Graceful Delight
Original Fame of Graceful Delight
O'Malley of Graceful Delight
Odiham of Graceful Delight
Outback Sunshine of Graceful Delight
Okley Dokey Snert of Graceful Delight
Orange Tangle of Graceful Delight

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