Golden Retriever

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Woodwind's Dashwood Cricket CDX, OA, AXJ, WC, CGC, TDI, CCA, OD

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Woodwind's Dashwood Cricket CDX, OA, AXJ, WC, CGC, TDI, CCA, OD (OFA GR-74852E32F-PI)
Dashwood Woodwind Sophia (OFA GR-77658E24F-PI)
Dashwood Karlee Go Lightly (OFA GR77683E24F-PI)
Dashwood Zachariah
Dashwood's Kool Hand Luke
Dashwood Dr. Ross
Dashwood Ginger of Evensong
Belhaven Anything Goes UD JH WC VC OS CGC (OFA GR-53230G24M-T)
Belhaven Oklahoma (OFA GR-55193F28F)
Belhaven Ain't Misbehavin' (OFA GR-53408F24M)
Belhaven Show Boat (OFA GR-53407G24M)
Am CH Belhaven Extra Stout Am CD (OFA GR-27630F24M-T)
Belhaven Crystal Clea On Tap
Belhaven Highland Stout
Am/Can CH. Freedom's Celebration OS (OFA GR-15391)
AmCH Freedom's Celebrity Cowboy (OFA GR-15586G26M)
Freedom's Cream O' The Crop UD (OFA GR-15225-T)
Am. CH Freedom's Cimaron Sage (OFA GR-17558)
Freedom's Coriolanus (OFA GR-16890)
Cloverdale Blazin' Forsythia Am/Can CD (OFA GR-21056)
CH Belhaven Gretna Green (OFA GR-34507F27F-T)
Belhaven Yoda Crystal Clea (OFA GR-35543G31F)
Am Can Ch. Cloverdale Captivator (OFA GR23247G26M)
Am Can Ch Cloverdale Oliver Twist OS (OFA GR-15945)
Am./Can. CH Cloverdale Sugarfrost (OFA GR16693E28F)
Am./Can. CH Cloverdale Sunnybrae Pumpkin (OFA GR-16269)
Am/CanCH Cloverdale Highlands Cara CD JH WCX VC Can CD WC (OFA GR-22433)
Am. CH. Cloverdale High Hopes Spirit CD (OFA GR17904-33F)
Am./Can. CH. Cloverdale Frostkist (OFA GR-22676)
CH Cloverdale's Jackfrost CD (OFA GR-22503)
Cloverdale Say Say Say
Cloverdale Sukawaka Kered
Belhaven Crystal Clea On Tap
Am CH Belhaven Extra Stout Am CD (OFA GR-27630F24M-T)
Belhaven Highland Stout
Molly Sweet Peaches CGC, TDI (OFA GR-53743F25F)
Old Glory's Spirit of Freedom (OFA gr58012G24F-T)
Downeylee's Storm Front CGC (OFA GR-5359G24F-T)
Old Glory's JB O'Reilly (OFA GR-53165F24M)
Can CH Thornfield's Mr. Downeylee Am CD, Can CD, CGC (OFA GR 43383G24M-T)
Thornfield Sir Buster Larkly Am/Can CDX
Am. Ch. Mardovar's Love'N Leave'M TT CGC (OFA GR-27356G24M)
Mardovar's Love'n Bloom (OFA GR-27260G24F)
Mardovar's E-Z Love'N Am/Can CDX TT CGC (OFA GR-27482F25M)
Mardovar Moreland's Lovin' Am/Can CDX TT CGC (OFA GR-27415G25F)
Mardovar's Thyme Furr Love'N (OFA GR-27941F27F)
Mardovar's Love'N Livewire UD JH WCX (OFA GR-27505G25F)
Mardovar Ginge My Kinda Lovin
Mardovar Pekay's Everlove'n (OFA GR-29693F33F)
Mardovar's Love NXS
Am./Can. CH Thornfield Mudlark (OFA GR-2940F28F)
Thornfield Sugar Cookie (OFA GR-24624F24F)
Am/Can CH Thornfield Chase Manhatten SDHF (OFA GR-24884G25M-T)
Am./Can. CH. Thornfield Ain't She A Mazin' (OFA GR-32171G24F)
Thornfield Jump The Gun CDX (OFA GR-24683G24M)
Am/Can. CH Thornfield Lark O'Meadowpond OD (OFA GR-22877G31F)
Am. CH. Thornfield Step Aside OD (OFA GR-33000F34F)
Am./Can. CH. Thornfield Freedom Ranger SDHF (OFA GR-22149)
Can Ch Thornfield Halltree N'Talark (OFA GR30700G24F-T)
Am./Can. CH. Thornfield Hark Hark (OFA GR-30468)
Am./Can. CH. Thornfield Nilla Waffer (OFA GR-21859)
Thornfield Cuesta O Savannah (OFA GR-30384F24F)
Am CH Thornfield Xanthos Rebecca (OFA GR-22658)
Am./Can. CH. Thornfield What a Pleasure (OFA GR-25567G27M)
CH Thornfield Midas Touch (OFA GR-25725G44M)
CH Thornfield Xanthos Ariana (OFA GR-30485G34F)
Am/Can. Ch. Thornfield Hair Again (OFA GR-21468)
Am. Ch. Thornfield Peppermint Patty (OFA GR-28334G24F)
Am/Can. Ch. Thornfield Larkinvar (OFA GR-30524G25M)
Thornfield Larkspur (OFA GR-34525G41F-T)
Golden Meadows Lucky
Jamie's Jewel Carley (OFA GR 44751G24G)
Am/Can CH Downeylee's Mr Earl Am-Can CD, TT (OFA GR-25000G24M)
Downeylee's Golly Miss Molly Am/Can CD (OFA GR-24999F24F)
Katherine's Kanine (OFA GR 3750G26F)
Lady Lucille of Ransom

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