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Tyrrellison Ruff of Carrickview

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Tyrrellison Ruff of Carrickview
Tyrrellison Brookbird
Tyrrellison Zodiac
Tyrrellison Leo
Tyrrellison Lupus
Tyrrellison Libra
Tyrrellison Sagitta
Tyrrellison Draco
Tyrrellison Venatici
IR FTCh Glenloch Ruff
Glenloch Reeve
Glenloch Racketeer
Glenloch Rapier
FTW Glenloch Raven
Glenloch Rebel
Glenloch Ribbon
Glenloch Ripple of Willowmount (13.5 years)
Glenloch Ruler
FTCh Willowyck Ruff (8 years)
Willowyck Royal Reflection
Willowyck Rare Tinker
Willowyck Raven
Willowyck Reeve
Willowyck Raffle At Dragosdawn
Willowyck Poacher
Willowyck Puma
FTCh Willowyck Henman
Willowyck Hazel
Willowyck Havok
Willowyck Honesty
Willowyck Hope Burn of Quabrook
Willowyck Humble
Cleeveway Nestle
Cleeveway Dazzle
Cleeveway Crunchie
Cleeveway Flopsy
Cleeveway Mopsy
Cleeveway Tigger
Cleeveway Moppet
Cleeveway Puddle Duck
Cleeveway Tiggy Winkle
Cleeveway Henrietta Of Sainfoin
FTW Glenloch Thistle
Ir.FTCh Glenloch Tyler
Int.FTCh Glenloch Trojan
Glenloch Tornado
Glenloch Tinker
Glenloch Torpedo
Ir.FTCh Carraigairt Adam of Glenloch
FTW Carraigairt Abba
Carraigairt Alfred
Glenloch Crystal
Glenloch Charmer
Glenloch Cruiser
Glenloch Chieftain
Glenloch Clipper
Glenloch Charisma
Glenloch Cameo
Copperbirch Santa's Helper of Tyrrellison (10 years)
Copperbirch Monte Rosa
ISFTCH Copperbirch Montanus
Copperbirch Sierra Madra
FTCh Copperbirch Dasher
Copperbirch Cupid
Copperbirch El Misti
Copperbirch Dancer
Copperbirch Olympus
Copperbirch Krackatoa
Copperbirch Killmanjaro
Copperbirch Montserrat
Copperbirch Errigal
Copperbirch Fuji
Copperbirch Comet
FTCh Donaghaguy Garnet
Donaghaguy Emerald of Copperbirch
Donaghaguy Topaz of Copperbirch
Donaghaguy Opal
Donaghaguy Diamond
Donaghaguy Saphire
Donaghaguy Ruby
Donaghaguy Amber
Ir.FTCh Gary of Clonbara
DK FTCh Clonbara Smiler (12.5 years)
FTCh Clonbara Apache of Leadburn (13.5 years)
IR FTCh Orla of Clonbara
Heather of Clonbara
Clonbara Kelly at Astraglen
Clonbara Altan of Willowmount
OFTW Donaghaguy Holly
Brookbird Maeve of Copperbirch
Ir.FTCH Brookbird Tide
Brookbird Anna
Brookbird Apprentice
Brookbird Bracken
Brookbird Fowler
Brookbird Tam
Brookbird Zola
Brookbird Gale
FTCH Brookbird Daniel
Brookbird Cruiser
Brookbird Fern
Brookbird Paddy
FTCh Ernevale Urn
Ernevale Ula
Ernevale Una
FTCh Brookbird Dusty
Pretty Princess Judy
Derramore Duster
Sallybrook Shot
Woodside Willow
Flame Boy Prince

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