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Jv. Ch. Chi.Ch.Chi. Bossa Nova de Azpeitia

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Jv. Ch. Chi.Ch.Chi. Bossa Nova de Azpeitia
BISS Big Bang de Azpeitia
Bohemian Blues de azpeitia
BIS.Br CH/Arg CH/Pan CH. Snowshoe's Great Balls Of Fire
Snowshoe's Great Taste
CH Snowshoe Greatest Show On Earth CD
Can CH Snowshoe's Great Escape TD
Snowshoe's Great Romance
Snowshoes Greater Expectation of Carsi
Snowshoe's A Boy And His Toy
CH.Int.Ven.Bra.Ecu .Gr Ch Bra Snowshoe's Cesar Boy
MBIS MBISS Am CH. Snowshoe's Escape to Big Sky OS SDHF
Snowshoe Dichi Island Escape
Arg Gr Ch Snowshoe's Wild Escape
Am. CH Gangway's Sweeter Than Whine OS WC CGC TDI
Gangway's Italian Sweetie
Gangway's Sweetcar Namedesire
Am. Can. Ch. Goldsmith California Sunshine
Am CH Goldsmiths Ray
AmCH Snowshoe's All American Girl OD
Snowshoe's All American Guy UDX SH
Am. Ch. Snowshoe Starring At Bat
Am. CH Snowshoe's Starring Attraction SDHF, BISS
Snowshoe's Evening Star
Am/Int'l Ch. Snowshoe's Enchanted Star CGC
Snowshoe's Shooting Star
Snowshoe's Mystar Of Wonder
AmCH Snowshoe Blue Star Journey
Snowshoe's Star Of Mickey
Amberac Snowshoe Speedwagon OD
Amberac's Midnight Speedtrap
Am Ch. Amberac's Light Speed
Amberac's Angel Kasil
Amberac's Freeway Speed
Amberac's Bogart Scooby-Doo
Jov Ch Chi Ch.Gch.Chi Chi Arg. Americas y Caribe Barbour Golds Hollywood Day BISS, BOB, BOG
Y Pe Ch Pe Barbour Golds Hollywood Wood
Barbour Golds Hollywood Aster
J.Ch.Ur.Ch.Ur.Nš1GoldKcu06 Barbour Gold's Polo Monte Indio
Barbour Gold's Polo La Martina
CH.BOL. Barbour Golds Polo La Enriqueta
ArUrLat.IntChUrGrChVeSicVChCatW04 Nš1GolKcu030405 Halloween Touch of Heaven
Halloween Reach For Heaven
Ur.Ch.Br.Ch Halloween Heaven Scent
Ch. Br. Gr. Ch. Halloween In My Dreams
C G E Halloween Stairway To Heaven
Halloween Only in Dreams
Halloween Just Dreaming
Ur.Br.Ch.Gr.Ch.Bras Nautilus Walking On Sunshine
Nautilus Catch Of The Day
Am. CH Nautilus King Neptune BISS OS
Nautilus G'Wood Shrimpcocktail
Nautilus Mystar Shrimpscampi
Nautilus Labyrinth Eddie
Ch. Nautilus Rock Lobster Newberg
Ch. Int Ch. Pan Ch. Bras Gr. Ch. Bras Nautilus Pikaboo Street
Ur.Br.Ch. Nautilus Summer Sunrise
Nautilus National Velvet
Nautilus National Lampoon
AmCH Nautilus National Anthem
CH Nautilus Mercedes Benz Rule
CH Nautilus Heart of the Ocean
Am. Int. CH Nautilus Scotlandyard Bobby
Nautilus Ryvawin Rolls Royce
Nautilus People R Talking
BISS Am. CH Nautilus Flirt In The Jaguar OD
Nautilus Briggs' Blu Topaz
AmCH Nautilus Fabulous Kisser
Am. CH Nautilus King of the Jungle
Nautilus Taramegs Surfer Gal
Nautilus Kamio Anna And The King
Nautilus Crown Victoria
Nautilus Twin-Beau-D Paradise
Barbour Golds Magnetic Maggie
Arg Gr Ch Snowshoe's Wild Escape
MBIS MBISS Am CH. Snowshoe's Escape to Big Sky OS SDHF
Snowshoe Dichi Island Escape
Arg Ch Royal Brekfast at TIFFANNY
Royal Crest Gold-N Basic Instinct for alveston
Royal Crest Gold-N Moviestar
Royal Crest Gold-n Forget me not

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