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CH. Snobird's Academy Award

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

CH. Snobird's Academy Award (AKC SR52610801)
Am GCH CH Quailwood Mountain Odessey OS (AKC SR250789/01)
Am. CH Quailwood Mountain Quest OS (AKC SR25078902)
CH Quailwood Mountain Majesty (AKC SR25078904)
Am. Ch. Daybreak Varsity Jump OS (AKC SN58445404 (9/01))
Daybreak Wedgwood True Wings (AKC SN58445403)
Daybreak Stars N Stripes (AKC SN58445401 (9-02))
BISS Am./BIS Can./BIS Bda. CH Cherrybrook Touchstone JH WC SDHF OS (AKC SF622537 (8-91))
Am. CH Cherrybrook's Raggedy Ann JH WC OD (AKC SF492671)
Barnaby Of Cherrybrook (AKC SF576240)
Can. Ch. Claircrest Daybreak Archetype (AKC SN34687809 (1/99))
CH Claircrest Romantic Type (AKC SN34687803)
Claircrest Way To Go OD (AKC SN50840801 (10/00))
Ch. Quailwood Millenium Gold OD (AKC SN69579001)
Quailwood Twenty Four Karat (AKC SN695790/08)
Quailwood Justa 'Lil Goldigger (AKC SN695790/04)
Quailwood Golden Star Diva (AKC SN69579007)
BIS BISS Am/Can CH Sunbeam's Cruise Control SDHF OS (AKC SN37226001 (6-98))
Am./Can. CH. Sunbeam Byond Control at Starducks (AKC SN372260/02)
Am CH. Sunbeam Waiting For Applause (AKC SN202781/03)
BISS Am. CH Sunbeam's Worth The Wait SDHF OS (AKC SN20278102 (6-97))
Ch Sunbeam's Just You Wait (AKC SN202781/04)
AmCH Sunbeam Heaven Can Wait OD (AKC SN202781/01)
Am/Can CH Snobird's Abby Road (AKC SN91163601)
Snobird Prince Taylor (AKC SN91163607)
Snobird's Miss Wiley (AKC SN91163603)
Snobird's Finnegan Begin Again (AKC SN91163606)
Snobird's Taylor Made Alaskan (AKC SN91163604)
Snobird's Lady Madeline (AKC SN91163602)
Can CH Snobird's Paws-Itively Head'n South (AKC SR07226901)
Snobird's Envy of Angels (AKC SR07226907)
Snobird's Sweet Katrina (AKC SR07226904)
Snobird's Trail Blazer (AKC SR07226902)
Snobird Prince of Light (AKC SR07226906)
Snobird Wilson Mountain King (AKC SR07226908)
Am. CH. Zia Orions Legacy At Quailwood (AKC SN-648302/03)
Zia Salyran X Marks The Spot (AKC SN648302/01)
CH. Zia XIV Karat Tailored To Win (AKC SN648302/02)
CH. Zia Bankrupt Syndicate (AKC SN64830204 (7-01))
Zia Sno-Zone's Avalanche (AKC SN64830205)
Int. CH. Zia Wyoming Perfect Kaskayde OD CGC TDI (AKC SN64830206)
Zia N Monarchs Ahhh Inspiring (Am. Ptd) (AKC SN69575803)
BISS Am. Ch. Summits Crocodile Rock OS SDHF (AKC SN30186201 (5/97))
Summits Lyric Poetry (AKC SN30186202)
Am/Can Ch. Summits N Eldorado Skyrocket (AKC SN-301862/03)
Summits Classic Rock (AKC SN30186204)
Am/Can Ch. Summits Rockin And Reelin (AKC SN-301862/06)
Summits Rock Hudson (AKC SN30186207)
Am. CH Summit Miramichi Rock On (AKC SN30186208)
Am/Can CH. Summits Rockin New Years Eve (AKC SN301862/10)
Am. CH. Zia Salyran Hugs N Kisses (AKC SN296328/01)
Zia Salyran Sermas S.W.A Kiss (AKC SN296328/02)
Int. Ch. Zia Salyran What Now My Love (AKC SN29632804 (6-97))
Zia Salyran XIV Karat Charmer (AKC SN296328/03)
Sleeping Bright Beauty Bird of Prey BVISS (AKC SN588909/02)
Am. CH Nawasa Sunshine's Star Chaser OS (AKC SN17201802 (1/96))
Raykist Nawasa Soul-R Power (AKC SN172018/06)
Nawasa's Starry Starry Night (AKC SN172018/01)
Nawasa's Heaven On Earth
Am CH Nawasa SunSuite It Takes Two UD JH OA OAJ WC (AKC SN34485511)
Evergold Jasmine's Bright Serenade (AKC SN-222024/09)
Can/Int CH. Evergold's KC O'Shadowlands CGC (AKC SN22202406)
Evergold's Big Shot (AKC SN-222024/01)
Am Ch. Evergolds Amazing Grace (AKC SN22202402)
Evergold's Legacy Of Layla (AKC SN-222024/05)
Evergold's Forever Young (AKC SN-222024/08)

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