Golden Retriever

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BIS BISS Am CH Summits Shadow Dancer OD SDHF

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

BIS BISS Am CH Summits Shadow Dancer OD SDHF (AKC SG039087)
BIS Am. CH Twin-Beau-D's Hi Speed Chase OS SDHF (AKC SE942575 (3-89))
Am. CH Twin-Beau-D's Broadway (AKC SE861935)
Twin-Beau-D's Island Girl (AKC SF968332)
Am CH Twin-Beau-D Brian Boru (AKC SF-417409)
Twin-Beau-D Intel Trust (AKC SF796283)
Twin-Beau-D's Honeybelle (AKC SF745339)
Twin-Beau-D Intel Lady (AKC SF749230)
Am. Can. CH. Sienna Sunnybrae Fire Chaser CD OS SDHF (AKC SE190538 (8-86))
Am. CH. Sienna Gold Lord Luv A Duck CD (AKC SE772835)
Am. CH. Sienna Gold Stella D'Oro (AKC SE519728)
Am CH McMillan of Brettsinn CDX (AKC SE408622)
Am./Can. CH Thornelea's Sunnybrae Zipper Am./Can. CDX WC OS (AKC SD088451 (5-83))
Thornelea's Tangleburr Baron (AKC SD069216)
Thornelea Ashleigh (AKC SD021498)
Thornelea's Sunnybrae Ziegrid (AKC SD134884)
Am./Can. CH. Westmont's Royal Holly Am./Can. CD OD (AKC SC691177 (1-84))
Westmont's Rocky (AKC SC829366)
Twin-Beau-D Almond Joy (AKC SE974292 (2-87))
Am. Can. CH Twin-Beau-D Nautilus Seastar OD (AKC SE301217 (8/1988))
Am. Ch. Twin-Beau-D's Daytripper (AKC SE109784)
Twin-Beau-D Brigadier (AKC SE061101 (3-86))
BISS AmCH Twin Beau D's JJ OS (AKC SC554912 (10-80))
BIS AmCH Cloverdale Twin-Beau-D Joy OD SDHF (AKC SC740651 (6-83))
CH Cloverdale Pistol of Windsor (AKC SD185405)
Cloverdale Sutter Creek Tik-l (AKC SC-926828)
Cloverdale Demor's Sunrobin CD (AKC SD-486196)
Sutter Creek's Famous Amos (AKC SD559281)
Cloverdale Farmboy Jackson (AKC SD530501)
Miramichi's Summit Shandine (AKC SE-540041)
Miramichi's Pahewin (AKC SE-519494)
Am. CH Beaumaris Miramichi Duran OS (AKC SE011954)
BISS Am./Can. CH. Beaumaris Timberee Tessa Ann UDT WC VCX Can. CD WC SDHF (AKC SD-580422)
Beaumaris Angelica (AKC SD-575330)
Am. CH Beaumaris Autumn Sunset CD CGC TDI (AKC SD-582857)
Am. CH. Beaumaris Raykist All-Star (AKC SD-614688)
Beaumaris Admiration (AKC SD575328)
Beaumaris Pied Piper (AKC SE121220)
Beaumaris Applause (AKC SD575332)
Beaumaris Deity Dartholomew (AKC SD928559)
Beaumaris Auld Lang Syne
Am. CH. Beaulieu's Line Drive CDX OS (AKC SC-952766)
Am. CH. Beaulieu's Pristina WC OD (AKC SD-479989)
Beaulieu's Panttera (AKC SD503150)
Beaulieu's Lady Carrie (AKC SC958189)
Am. CH. Beaumaris Aspen Hill Tessa OD (AKC SC-732578)
Am CH Aspen Hill's Stormy Knight (AKC SC765436 (8/84))
Am. CH. Miramichi Kai-Leah OD (AKC SD451577)
Bill's Abbie Of Miramichi (AKC SD403892)
Am. CH. Deirdre's Miramichi Micah CD WC (AKC SC346636)
Am. CH Deirdre's Miramichi Mirage WC (AKC SC497271)
Am./Can. CH. Deirdre's Micmac Maiden (AKC SC486331)
Deirdre's Pine Run Torch (AKC SC319561)
Deirdre's Christuv Hutch (AKC SC523869 (1-82))
Deirdre's Agag (AKC SC579531)
Deirdre's TC Orson Welles UD WCX (AKC SC373696)
Deirdre's Sunshine Fundy CD (AKC SC319668)
Deirdre's Smokyhavn Sum'r Morn (AKC SC560945)
Am. CH Golden West Miramichi Mariah (AKC SD002124)
Goldenwest's Jolly Roger Sam CD (AKC SD227243)
Am CH Golden West Escopeta De Oro (AKC SC976356)

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