Golden Retriever

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A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

MEX. GCM INT. LATIN Don Corleone (ortiz)
Don Manzini (ortiz)
Mona Lisa (ortiz)
PerJrCh PerCh PerGrCh Queijeiro Macarena (Ortiz) MEX. FCI.
MexCh GMexCh Queijeiro Matilda Ortiz (FCI Excellent)
AM CH BIS MEX CH Queijeiro Monalisa Ortiz OD (OFA GR-97071G29F-VPI)
queijeiro minisa (ortiz)
BIS BISS Am-Can Ch Golden Pine Osprey Cuervo Gold OS Am-Can SDHF (OFA GR-78378G24M-PI)
CH Golden Pine Cabo Sunrise CD,RN,TDX, BISS (OFA GR79409F26M-PI)
Golden Pine Black Russian JH, RE,RL 1, WC
CH Golden Pine Sunstorm Mimosa (OFA GR-82019F36F-NOPI)
Am-Can Ch Vanreels Rainbow Over Osprey OS Can WC (OFA GR-67743G24M)
Ch VanReels My-Magical Chuckanut (OFA GR-67741G24M-T)
Vanreel Driving Miss Violet (OFA GR-723956G39F-PI)
Vanreel's Decisions Decisions
BISS Am/Can CH Chuckanut's Brasstime TD JH NA NAJ WC VCX OS SDHF Can TD JH WC OS (OFA GR-59162G24-T)
Am Ch Chuckanut's National Brasstime OD (OFA GR-60163G26F-T)
Am CH Chuckanuts Kiss My Brass (OFA GR-60445G27F)
Can Ch Chuckanut Thru The Looking Brass (OFA GR-59821G25F-T)
Ch. Chuckanut's Sonoran Brass (OFA GR-59661G25F-T)
VanReel's Foolish Pleasure (OFA GR-53760G28F)
Am. CH VanReel's Wee Willie Winkie (OFA GR-42757E24M)
Am. Ch. VanReel's Lethal Weapon
Am. CH VanReel Enchanted Mirage (OFA GR-42887G25M)
Am. CH VanReel's Prince Of Tides (OFA GR-4377G26M)
Am./Can. CH. VanReels Days Of Thunder (OFA GR-44980F32M-T)
Vanreel Foolish Featherquest (OFA GR-52649E25F)
CH VanReel's Foolproof Fashion (OFA GR-53761G28M)
Vanreel's No Foolin' Fletch CDX
Vanreel Ht's Fishin' Fool
Vanreel's DD Foolish Desire
CH Vanreel's Juliet's Fool
Sunstorm Golden Pine Gypsy OD (OFA GR-63041G24F-T)
CH Sunstorm's Damn Yankees
BISS,Ch Sunstorm's Most Happy Fella CD, SDHF (OFA GR-62986G24M-T)
AmCH Sunstorm Pepperhill Evita (OFA GR-66800G36F)
Sunstorm N Ospreys Dreamgirl (OFA GR-69924E24F)
Am/Can Ch Sunstorm Golden Pine Gitana
Sunstorm's As Thousands Cheer (OFA GR-70089G25M-T)
Sunstorm Golden Pine P T Barnum (OFA GR-70435G26M-T)
Golden Pine Select J Riesling (OFA GR-54863E24M)
Am Can CH. Golden Pine Dustrax Maverick CDX TDX RE OS CGC Can CD (OFA GR-54869G24M-T)
CH Golden Pine's Pacific Panache CD (OFA GR-55266G24M-T)
Golden Pine Night To Remember
Golden Pine Kelly O'Bayfield (OFA GR-56170G27F-T)
CH Golden Pine Rio De Oro CD TD JH MX AXJ WC VC (OFA GR-58539G34M-T)
Golden Pine's Uptown Girl (OFA GR-54970G24F)
Golden Pine Oh What A Night CDX RA OA NAJ CGC TDI SARA (OFA GR-56373F27F)
CH Karousel California Dreamin OD (OFA GR-50183F25F)
AM/CAN CH Karousel's Wild Irish Rose (OFA GR-49887G24F-T)
Karousel's Return To Goldtrak (OFA GR54256G26F-T)
Karousel Ember Shatze (OFA GR54498G27M)
Am/Can CH Karousel Irish Crystal (OFA GR-53365G24F-T)
MEX. GCM. INT. LAT. CH. Queijeiro Gala Olavarrieta
Mex CH. Queijeiro Don Diego Olavarrieta
Mex CH Queijeiro Don Bruno Olavarrieta
Camp. Mex. GCM Queijeiro Don Chucho (Olavarrieta)
Camp Mex GCM Lat Int Doņa Margarita (Peterson)
MEX CH, GCM, CC Goodtime's Best Of Luck
BIS BISS Am Can CH Goodtime's Best Case Scenario CD JH WC VCX OS SDHF (OFA GR-48563G24M-T)
Am. Ch. Goodtime's Best Foot Forward OD (OFA GR-49880G28F)
Goodtime's Shadow (OFA GR-55655G35M)
BIS Am/Can CH Goodtime's Trademark of Rush Hill OA NAJ OS SDHF (OFA GR-61496G24M-T)
Am. CH Goodtime's Trade Secret AX, AXJ (OFA GR-73487G62F-PI)
Am. CH Goodtime's Jack of All Trades (OFA GR-63084F30M)
Goodtime's Queenly Best
Goodtime's Best Rich Victory
Goodtime's Best Part Of Life
Goodtime's Best Is Yet To Come
Goodtime's Best Seller (OFA GR-49531F26M)
Goodtime's Tricks Of The Trade
Goodtime's Trade Talk Mystar
MEX CH Okeechobee's Frosted Idea
Hillock's Xel-Ha Centenario
Am. CH. Hillock's Doc Holliday OS (OFA GR-49786E24M)
Am. Ch. Gingerbread's Mt Laurel OD (OFA GR52390G27F)
Am. Ch Hillock's Mercedes (OFA GR-53001G24F)

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