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willow & Stetson

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

willow & Stetson
UH HR CH Pheasant Hill Magiks Ten Gal Hat CDX RE SH WCX VCX (AKC SN92203703 (7-04))
Am. CH Pheasant Hills Fiesta Time BVISS BVIS (AKC SN922037/01)
Pheasant Hill's Cypress CD RE (AKC SN92203705)
BISS CH Bravo's Old Spice SDHF OS (AKC SN47812008)
CH Bravo's Bahama Mama (AKC SN600302/05)
CH Bravo's Paco Rabanne (AKC SN-478120/01)
Am/Can/Int'l CH Bravo HuntChase Alabama Slammer (AKC SN60030202)
BISS CH Bravo Apollo's Southern Comfort SDHF OS (AKC SN600302/08)
Bravo Sheffield Sex On The Beach (AKC SN600302/06)
Bravo's Chanel Allure JH (AKC SN478120/10)
AM/MEX/AMS/WC CH Sheffield-Ducat's Spellbound SDHF, OS (AKC SN211940/01)
Am. CH Sheffield-Ducat's Suspicion JH (AKC SN211940/04)
Sheffield-Ducat's Rebecca (AKC SN211940/06)
Ducat-Sheffield N X NW CD (AKC SN211940/07)
Ducat's Sheffield's Saboteur
Ginge Ain't Whistling Dixie OD (AKC SN222195/11)
Ginge Lyric Frankly My Dear (AKC SN222195/07)
Ginge Dashing N' Debonair (AKC SN222195/09)
Ginge Ruff And Ready (AKC SN22219510)
Ginge Advent O Ashley (AKC SN22219508)
Am. CH Rush Hill's Angel On My Shoulder OD (AKC SN608242/03)
Ch. Rush Hill's Arms Of An Angel OD (AKC SN60824205)
Am. CH Rush Hill's Touch'D By 'N Angel (AKC SN60824204)
BIS Am/Can CH Goodtime's Trademark of Rush Hill OA NAJ OS SDHF (AKC SN37992302 (12-98))
BIS BISS Am Can CH Goodtime's Best Case Scenario CD JH WC VCX OS SDHF (AKC SN07572001 (4-95))
Am. Ch. Goodtime's Best Foot Forward OD (AKC SN07572002)
Goodtime's Shadow (AKC SN07572008)
Am. CH Goodtime's Trade Secret AX, AXJ (AKC SN37992303)
Am. CH Goodtime's Jack of All Trades (AKC SN 379923/05)
Goodtime's Queenly Best (AKC SN07572003)
Goodtime's Best Rich Victory (AKC SN07572004)
MEX CH, GCM, CC Goodtime's Best Of Luck (AKC SN07572005)
Goodtime's Best Part Of Life (AKC SN07572006)
Goodtime's Best Is Yet To Come (AKC SN07572007)
Goodtime's Best Seller (AKC SN07572009)
Goodtime's Tricks Of The Trade (AKC SN37992301)
Goodtime's Trade Talk Mystar (AKC SN37992304)
CH. Rush Hill's Colorful Rumor OD (AKC SN00918401)
Rush Hill's Not Just A Rumor OD (AKC SN00918404)
Rush Hill's Sutter Creek Rumor (AKC SN00918405)
Rush Hill's Whispered Rumor (AKC SN00918403)
Rush Hill's Ringside Rumor (AKC SN00918406)
Rush Hill's Off Color Rumor (AKC SN00918407)
Rush Hill's Satin (AKC SN00918408)
Magik's Lite The Fire Within CD RN CGC (CH ptd.) (AKC SR005022/02)
Magik's Go For The Gold (AKC SR00502201)
Magik's Olympic Gold Medalist (AKC SR005022/03)
Am. Int. CH Nautilus Scotlandyard Bobby (AKC SN59829503)
Nautilus National Velvet (AKC SN413025/02)
Nautilus National Lampoon (AKC SN413025/03)
AmCH Nautilus National Anthem (AKC SN413025/01)
CH Nautilus Mercedes Benz Rule (AKC SN48556703)
CH Nautilus Heart of the Ocean
Nautilus Ryvawin Rolls Royce (AKC SN485567/08)
Nautilus People R Talking (AKC SN727749/06)
BISS Am. CH Nautilus Flirt In The Jaguar OD (AKC SN48556702)
Nautilus Briggs' Blu Topaz (AKC SN48556704)
AmCH Nautilus Fabulous Kisser (AKC SN598295/02)
Am. CH Nautilus King of the Jungle (AKC SN72774901)
Ur.Br.Ch. Nautilus Summer Sunrise (AKC SN53372601)
Nautilus Taramegs Surfer Gal (AKC SN72774904)
Nautilus Kamio Anna And The King (AKC SN72774905)
Nautilus Crown Victoria (AKC SN48556707)
Nautilus Twin-Beau-D Paradise (AKC SN53372606)
Am. CH Nautilus King Neptune BISS OS (AKC SN-255948/01)
Nautilus Catch Of The Day (AKC SN-255948/06)
Nautilus G'Wood Shrimpcocktail (AKC SN-255948/05)
Nautilus Mystar Shrimpscampi (AKC SN-255948/02)
Nautilus Labyrinth Eddie (AKC SN-255948/03)
Ch. Nautilus Rock Lobster Newberg (AKC SN-255948/04)
Ch. Int Ch. Pan Ch. Bras Gr. Ch. Bras Nautilus Pikaboo Street (AKC SN53372401)
Ur.Br.Ch.Gr.Ch.Bras Nautilus Walking On Sunshine (AKC SN53372402)
Am. CH Nautilus Fabulous Thunderbird OD (AKC SN116220/02)
Nautilus Stole My Thunder UD (AKC SN116220/04)
Nautilus Golden Warrior (AKC SN116220/09)
Ch. Nautilus Breeze Caymen Acres (AKC SN11622008)
Am. CH. Nautilus Golden Grahams (AKC SN181260/01)
Nautilus Romancing The Stone (AKC SN-181260/07)
Nautilus Runnymede Thunderful (AKC SN11622007)
Nautilus Tug Thunderbolt (AKC SN-116220/01)
Nautilus Thunderins Renagade (AKC SN-116220/03)
Nautilus Distant Thunder (AKC SN-116220/05)
Nautilus Cameron Apple Jacks (AKC SN-181260/02)
Nautilus Newport Just Right (AKC SN-181260/03)
Nautilus Toryglen Cheerios (AKC SN-181260/04)
Nautilus Nut -N- Honey (AKC SN-181260/05)
U-CH AM CH Nautilus Cap'n Crunch CDX AX OAJ OS U-CD AGI (AKC SN181260/08)
Stillwater's Just Duet (AKC SN42243201)
CH Stillwater's Coral Reef Duet (AKC SN42243202)
BIS BISS AM-CAN-JAP CH Edgehill Nautilus Calypso Jo WC OS SDHF (AKC SM82917905 (5/92))
Am. Ch. Edgehill Nautilus Mz Behavin OD (AKC SM829179/04)
Edgehill Nautilus Ti-Amo (AKC SM82917906)
Am/Can Ch. Nautilus Edgehill Crown Onyx OS (CKC 9300615)
Am/Can Ch Edgehill Nautilus Sea Sprite (AKC SM82917901)
CH Edgehill Nautilus Class Act CD (AKC SM82917903)
Am-Bda.CH Edgehill Nautilus Abientot (AKC SM82917902)
Edgehill Nautilus Crystal (AKC SM82917907)
Edgehill Nautilus Fast Track (AKC SM/829179-08)
Edgehill Nautilus Maxmilian (AKC SM82917909)
Am. CH Stillwater's Girl Talk (AKC SM991495/02)
CH Stillwater's Boys Will Be Boys (AKC SM991495/01)
Stillwaters Boy Next Door (AKC SM991495/05)
Stillwater Magik's Class Act JH WC (AKC SN091497/02)
AmCH Stillwater's Class Reunion (AKC SN09149701)

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