Golden Retriever

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Goldenloch Lone Star

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Goldenloch Lone Star (AKC SR13723201)
Goldenloch Don't Fence Me In JH NA WCX (AKC SN712576/09)
High Times GLDNLCH Soul Shaker CDX MH MNH WCX *** HTHF (AKC SN71257608)
Goldenloch Ouachita Maiden (AKC SN71257602)
Goldenloch How Sweet It Is MH WCX OD (AKC SN71257607)
Dogwood's XXIV KT of Golock MH WCX OD (AKC SN71257603)
High Times Run'n The Roost UD MH50 WCX *** OS (AKC SN190327/08)
High Times Quetico (AKC SN190327/03)
U-OCH HRCH High Times Orion Can. CDX MH UD WCX (AKC SN190327/01)
High Times Ruby Tuesday JH WC (AKC SN190327/04)
High Times Rollin With The Flo UD (AKC SN190327/06)
HRCH High Times Texas Ranger MH (AKC SN190327/05)
OTCH High Times Solar Orbit UDX5 JH MX MXJ WCX (AKC SN370464/06)
High Times Rumor Has It CD MH WCX *** OD (AKC SN370464/07)
High Times I've Got My Grip CD MH WCX ** (AKC SN370464/04)
High Times Stalking Wind CD OAJ AX (AKC SN190327/07)
High Times SF's Badgersbrook SH WCX (AKC SN370464/05)
High Times Stoney (AKC SN190327/02)
High Times Heather Lily (AKC SN370464/01)
High Times Miss Maureen (AKC SN370464/02)
OTCH Tanbark's Solar Eclipse UDX8 JH WC OBHF OS Can. CD (AKC SF-962421)
Tanbark Tejas Tasmanian Devl OD (AKC SM797902/02)
Tanbark's Fiesty Zack CD (AKC SM797902/01)
Tanbark's Bristol Brandywine CDX TD (AKC SG032513)
Tanbark's Eastern DC-Ten Jet CDX (AKC SF990338)
Tanbarks Legacy of Taliesin CDX (AKC SF996045)
Tanbark's Sixty Six CDX (AKC SF994436)
Tanbark's Punkin of Selfaire (AKC SF983400)
OTCH Shoreland's Big Harry Deal ** OS (AKC SC917586)
Shorelands Brandy Wine (AKC SC918614)
Angelic Honey Bear of Marina CD (AKC SC794835)
Shoreland's Beau (AKC SC794470)
Tanbarks Frisbee Fetcher OD (AKC SE-542288)
OTCH Tanbarks Bristol Creme UDX OBHF (AKC SE531453)
Tanbark's Ante Up Calypso CD TD (AKC SE907766)
High Times Rollin Thunder UD MH WCX OD (AKC SF372510)
High Times Apache Kid CD MH WCX ** (AKC SF403163)
High Times Bois Brule Wado *** MH (AKC SF390147)
High Times Maggie's Glimmer (AKC SF365868)
High Times Han Knox Ford (AKC SM60645002)
HRCH Kc's High Times Roll'n Gold CDX MH WCX *** OS (AKC SE411714 02-87)
Kc's Reflection Of Sparkle MH WCX ** OD (AKC SE330864)
KC's Spirit Of Sparkle MH *** (AKC SE302521)
KC Chances R Walk'n On Sunshine CD MH WCX *** (AKC SE396078)
KC's Ready Willing And Able MH ** (AKC SF421954)
Kc's Willie Or Won't He SH (AKC SM836362/02)
KC's Tasmanian Devil (AKC SF793668 10-90)
KC's Absolut Delight (AKC SF326292)
High Times Class Act CDX WCX ** OD (AKC SD905120)
Angelica's Trail Blazer (AKC SD993200)
Belvedere Blast Of Dynamite MH WCX OD (AKC SN24528401)
Greenmeadow's Belvedere Abby (AKC SN24528403)
Belvedere's Houston Rocket II (AKC SN24528405)
Belvedere's Tyrannosaurus Rex (AKC SN24528406)
Chase Blackshire Belvedere (AKC SN24528407)
Midas' Belvedere Houston MH *** WCX OS (AKC SE722800 (5/87))
Midas Belvedere Gunner WCX ***
Midas' Touch Belvedere (AKC SE618507 (6-88))
Midas' Best Of Lucky Houston (CKC Listed)
Sky-Lab Argus of Belvedere *** OS (AKC SC265574 (1/80))
Splashdown Sky-Lab Syndicate *** (AKC SC-282812)
Sky-Lab Belvedere's Baby Doll *** OD (AKC SC624825)
Skylab Special Edition *** (AKC SC791957)
Terraqua's Skylab Sally Forth WCX (AKC SC282502 (3/81))
Falcon Lake Golden Skywalker (AKC SC969351)
Sky-Lab's Kate Kan-Do CD, WC (AKC SC272854 (5/80))
Skylab's Angel Cloudfeather (AKC SC596400 (4/1983))
Sky-Lab Chip UD WCX (AKC SC760513)
Sky-Lab Solitaire (AKC SD306368)
Sky Lab Sully (AKC SD126665)
Splashdown Sky-Lab Starfire (AKC SC679092)
Barty's Golden Dancer *** (AKC SD038491)
Holway Dinar
Eng. FT. CH. Holway Dollar (Other KCSB 3779BQ)
Eng. FT. CH. Holway Denier (Other KCSB 5587BS)
Holway Doubloon
Holway Ducat of Osmington
Kyrie Belvedere Gale Wind JH (AKC SN063315/02)
UKC Ch. Kyrie Tycho Belvedere (AKC SN157879/02)
Kyrie-Belvedere Ard Rowan (AKC SN063315/01)
Kyrie Belvedere Aberdeen (AKC SN063315/04)
Kyrie Mumiah of Belvedere JH (AKC SN15787905)
Kyrie Belvedere All Aboard UD, MX, OAJ (AKC SN06331506)
Belvedere's Windstorm O'Kyrie WC (AKC SN06331503)
Kyrie Belvedere A'Trillium TD (AKC SN06331505)
Kyrie Belvedere A Capella (AKC SN06331507)
Kyrie Belvedere A'Bien (AKC SN06331508)
U-AGI Belvedere Morning Wood Kyrie NA NAP NAJ OJP TDI (AKC SN15787903)
Belvedere Kyrie Cibola's Ben
Am-Can Ch. Malagold Storm Warning OS SDHF (AKC SM891884/01)
Am. CH Malagold's Beaujolais (AKC SM891884/02)
Malagold Dauninge Kyrie Suny (AKC SN09009705)
Ch. Malagold's Whisper The Wind (AKC SN09009703)
Am./Can. CH. Malagold Starhart's Tory-Adore (AKC SM95743007)
Am. CH Malagold's Good Time Charlie CGC,TDI (AKC SM957430/01)
Malagold Alexander The Great (AKC SM95743002)
Malagold Gun Tot'n Sodbuster (AKC SM95743003)
Malagold Heed The Warning (AKC SM95743004)
Malagold Boscobel (AKC SM95743005)
Malagold Stella By Starlight (AKC SM95743006)
Malagold VIII (AKC SM95743008)
Malagold Springtime Sophia (AKC SM89188404)
Malagold Kiss The Boys G'Bye (AKC SM89188405)
Malagold's Summer Twister (AKC SM89188406)
Malagold STRHRT Dance Th'tide (AKC SN09009706)
Malagold Starhart Tidal Wave (AKC SN09009707)
Belvedere's Kyrie Angel CD JH WCX OD Can CD (AKC SF-473514)
Am. CH. Kyrie Glorybee Whynot Gilder SDHF (AKC SE-685942)
Can. CH Kyrie Willow Run
Kyrie Winsome Wench (AKC SE-631985)
Can Ch. Kyrie W'Ayodele CD JH OS Am/Can WC (AKC SF382830)
Kyrie Windcrest Winston CD (AKC SF-580197)
Can. CH Kyrie Whirlygirl Boondocks Am./Can. CD (AKC SF-362792)
Kyrie Windsong To Trowsnest (SE-645866)
Kyrie Whisperwind Willoughby
Kyrie Windfall Of Frankera (AKC SE809199)
Kyrie Ter Wiffik Of Timberee CD (AKC SF403704)
Kyrie Willin

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