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Am. CH. Star Route Stormy Hurri OS

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Am. CH. Star Route Stormy Hurri OS (AKC SA537520 (8-69))
Am. CH. Finderne Square Shadows Fury CD * OS (AKC SA073628 (9-63))
Am. CH. Finderne Bit O' Square Shadows CD (AKC SA074280 (7/63))
Squire Tim of Signal Hill UDT (AKC SA-95924)
Am. CH. Nerrissida's Finderne Folly II OS SDHF (AKC S664722 (10-57))
Am. CH. Prince Oberon Of Nerrissida (AKC S465615 (9/51))
Am. CH. Golden Sunset Of Nerrissida (AKC S607082 (6-58))
Am. CH. Lorelei's Golden Robber (AKC S514588 (5/52))
Am. CH. Virgil Of Nerrissida SDHF (AKC S827751 (12/59))
Am. CH. Stormy Weather Of Nerrissida (AKC S594396 (2/58))
Elizabeth Of Nerrissida /Elizabeth Of Nerissida (AKC S818682 (10/1959))
Jackie-Boy Nerrissida (AKC S623675 (3/1954))
Red Devil Of Nerrissida (AKC S470711 (10/51))
Nerissida's Finderne Folly (AKC S481164 (11/51))
Whiskey Sauer (AKC S513969 (5/52))
Am. CH. Lorelei's Marshgrass Rebel CD ** OS DDHF (AKC S253662 (1/1949))
Am. CH. Marshgrass Rogue CD OS (AKC S229167 (11/48))
Am. CH. Marshgrass Rollicking Hussy (AKC S304927 (8/1949))
Marshgrass Ripper (AKC S304788 (8/49))
Lorelei's Lucky Penny OD (AKC S339172 (1/1950))
Am. CH. Lorelei's Lucky Star (AKC S339171 (1/1950))
Am. CH. Lorelei's Lucky Gallant (AKC S339167 (1/1950))
Lorelei's Lucky Nan *** (AKC S339175 (1/1950))
Lorelei's Lucky Shot (AKC S339169 (1/1950))
Lorelei's Lucky Ace (AKC S339168 (1/50))
Lorelei's Lucky Bet (AKC S339174 (1/50))
Lorelei's Lucky Charm (AKC S339173 (1/50))
Lorelei's Lucky Lady Lee (AKC S339170 (1/50))
Lorelei's Lucky Oro (AKC S339166 (1/50))
Lorelei's Lucky Speed (AKC S339164 (1/50))
Lorelei's Lucky Sweep (AKC S339165 (1/50))
Buff of Square Shadows OD (AKC S950659 (3/61))
Sidramidas (S948009) (AKC S948009 (10/61))
Brett Of Westley CDX OS (AKC S-860990-10/58)
Bridget of Westley
Sidram Sabrejet (AKC S774318 (2/1957))
Golden Lady Of Young's River (AKC S775214 (8/56))
Am. CH. Star Route's Gay Bird Holly CD (AKC SA273572 08-67)
Am. CH. Finderne Star Route CDX OS (AKC SA113486 (8/64))
Am. CH. Golden Sandyman of Brooklawn (AKC SA-052661-8/61)
Rockland Chris (AKC SA21228 (10/1965))
Am. CH. Star Spray's Poly's Follygirl OD (AKC SA025375 (1/1962))
Star Spray's Poly's Whistler (AKC SA025373 (7/62))
Star Spray's Poly's Tawny (AKC SA025374 (7/63))
Dutchess Grace Of Quickstep (AKC SA188256 (8/1964))
Am. CH. The O'Ruddy Quickstep * (AKC SA-186318)
Am. CH. Quickstep Jeanie Of Linkwood (AKC SA-189115)
Quickstep's Dutchess Fidelia (AKC SA194456 (1/1966))
Red Feather Of Quickstep CD (AKC SA185578 (1/1969))
Am. CH. Star Spray's Enid's Remus CD * (AKC S-982226 (4/1963))
Cragmount's Quail CD (AKC SA31171 (5/1963))
Cragmount's Tessa

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