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Sunfire's Hustler UD RE MH12 MX MXJ XF TKN CCA WCX VCX

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Sunfire's Hustler UD RE MH12 MX MXJ XF TKN CCA WCX VCX
Sunfires Caddis
Sunfire Honey Girl Zoe
Sunfire's Synchronicity CD JH
Sunfire Deacon Do-It CDX
Sunfire's Solar Wind CD CCA OD CGC Can CD (10.5 years)
OTCH Sunfire's Code Red UDX20 OGM VER OBHF (13 years)
Sunfire's One More Moondance CDX
Sunfire's Cosmic Traveler (10 years)
Sunfire's Hide and Go Seek
OTCH MACH2 Sunfire's Making Tracks UDX3 OM9 RAE TDX TDU MH XF CCA WCX VCX OBHF ADHF (14 years)
U CD Sunfire's Back In A Flash CDX
Sunfire's Bo Of Jersey UD
Sunfire Earl's Duke Of Buzz
Sunfire Batteries Not Included
Sunfire Parker Barker
OTCH MACH Sunfire's Undeniable VCD3 UDX RAE TDX MH MXC MJB WCX OBHF ADHF ** OS (14 years)
Sunfire's Storm Trysail UDX MX MXS MXJ MJG CCA CGC (10.5 years)
OTCH U-OCH Sunfire's After Shock UDX4 MX MXJ EAC EJC NGC OBHF (14.5 years)
Sunfire Bingo
Sunfire Murphy Brown (12 years)
Sunfire's Annie Get Your Gun
Sunfires Lucky Penny (SN23016406)
Sunfire Goldngrove's Seranade (16 years)
HRCH OTCH Bargello's Ten on the Richter UDX2 TDX MH WCX U-CD (16 years)
Bargello's Seaforth Sand CD WCX
Bargello's Goldmark Jody Bay
Bargello's Scatter's Golden CDX WCX JH ** (12 years)
Bargello's Goose In The Pond
Bargello's Light My Fire CDX
OTCH Heelalong Cracklin' Sunfire TDX OS WC OBHF
Sun Fire's Touch Of Spark UDT,WCX (13 years)
Sunfires Little Hot Shot UD SH WCX NAHRA-started (8 years)
Heelalong Why Not Wyant CDX
Sun Fire's Double Ringer
Sun Fire's Running Bear
Sun Fire's Golden Taffy
Can Ch Bargello's Hit-A-Miss UD JH WCX OD
Colabaugh Chateau Gamay Can/AmCD
Duchess Holly of Bedford
Sunfire Crystalite Skyfire JH CD WC OD CGC (12.5 years)
U-CD Sunfire's Cracklin Crunch CDX TD JH (15 years)
Sunfire Rising Star Sammy-Jo (11 years)
Sunfire's Catch A Fire CD AAD MX MXJ AXP AJP (12.5 years)
Sunfire's Gold Fever UDX2 (6.5 years)
Sunfire's Turbulent Seas (14.5 years)
Sunfire's Hot Toppings CDX WC Can CD (15 years)
Sunfire Clark Banana Split (11 years)
U-CDX Sunfire's Rajun Skaditch UDTX JH WC FDCh (17.5 years)
Sunfire's Cracklin Storm Am/CanCD AmOD
U-CD Sunfire's Blue Moon
Sunfires' Cracklin' Dynamo CDX (11 years)
Sunfire Cracklin Livewire CD JH WC (11 years)
Sunfire's Arctic Hotshot UD (7.5 years)
Sunfire's Cherry Bomb CD WC CanCD (12.5 years)
Sunfire's Tucker Anthony
Sunfire's Firecracker SH
Sunfire's Rainier Lux OD (15.5 years)
OTCH MACH Sunfire Rainier Ringo RN (17 years)
OTCH MACH Sunfires Silver Springs Spryte UDX3 OM2 MXF OJP OFP JH WC OBHF ADHF
OTCh Sunfire's Speaker Of The Hse UDX10
Sunfire Way Too Cool CDX
Sunfire's Right Back Atcha CDX
OTCh Stardust Rainier Rocky OBHF OS (16.5 years)
OTCH Stardust's Hyegold Prime Tyme JH WC (15.5 years)
OTCH Stardust Shine On Brightly UDX, OBHF (5.5 years)
Stardust's Autumn Skye CDX TDX OD (12.5 years)
OTCH Stardust April Rain UDX OBHF
OTCH Stardust Illusion UDX OBHF NA (13 years)
Stardust High Steppin' Heidi UD
OTCh Meadowpond Stardust Reggie OS OBHF (14 years)
Meadowpond Tip N Top Can CD Am CDX
Meadowpond Rough and Ready CDX (3 years)
Meadowpond High Fly'g Banner CDX
OTCh Altair's Sardaukar Sadie OBHF OD (11.5 years)
Am./Can. OTCH Altair's Dune Mirage TDX SH WCX VCX OS OBHF (10 years)
Altair's Stitch In Time Am UD Can CD
Altair's Echoing Glory Daiz UD
Altair's Star Of Orion UD JH WCX
Sunfire's Mighty Dove SH WCX OD (15 years)
Sunfire's Golden Grasshopper JH WC
Sunfire's Nevada Dust Devil
FC AFC Windbreakers Mighty Mo OS FDHF (15 years)
Windbreakers Desert Dust *** OD
FC AFC Topbrass Windbreaker Zap OS FDHF
FTCH Windbreakers Khaki Kipp Am *** Can. CDX
Frisbies Olympia Gold ** OS
FC AFC Windbreakers Smoke'n Zigzag OD FDHF (11 years)
NAFTCH FTCH Brasdor's Razzl Dazzl Am. *** OD Can. FDHF (12.5 years)
Windbreaker's Roxy Roller WCX ***
Windbreaker Echo Of Topbrass *** OD
Windbreakers Red Smoke ***
Windbreakers Pandemonium ***
Windbreaker's Scout's Honor ***
Windbreakers Smoken Sunrise WCX *** (6 years)
Smoke 'N Red Raider ***
MHR Sunshine Otis Spunkmeyer MH WCX *** (13.5 years)
Windbreakers Magic Carpet JH
Windbreaker's Gold Huntress
FTCH AFTCH CanOTCH Windbreaker Bulrush Buddy Can FDHF Am CDX OS (11.5 years)
Windbreakers Shuttle Express MH
Tartan Windbreaker
Frisbies Enchanted Case-Y ***
Sharham's Flash Of Gold ***
Windbreaker's Smoke'n Top Gun
Smoke'n Red's Howlin Mad
Windbreakers Ocean Pacific WC
Mallardiths Rowdy JH
Windbreakers Pestuous Gale SH
Windbreakers Sparklen Saber
Tigathoe's Burnout
Hot Shot Sugar Britches
Windbreakers Razzle Dazzle
Razz's Smoke'n Dixie Belle
Smoke'n Red's Southern Comfort
Dusty's Golden Destiny **
Sunfire's Autumn Blaze SH WCX Can WCI (15 years)
Sunfire Clark's Devil Breeze CDX JH WC (17 years)

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