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Gunmarsh Sophia JW

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Gunmarsh Sophia JW (BVA Hip Score 21:4)
Gunmarsh Sebastian JW (BVA Hip Score 4:5)
Gunmarsh Willow At Westkash (BVA Hip Score 14:14)
Gunmarsh Wisper Of Bellagold
Gunmarsh Lucas (BVA Hip Score 5:3)
Gunmarsh Maestro
Gunmarsh Sucilla
Berrick of Gunmarsh (BVA 5:5)
Precious Jade of Clayborn At Almerak (8:9)
Berkeley Belvidere (3:4)
Gunmarsh Cinderella
Gunmarsh Dawn (BVA 4:4)
Eng. SH. CH./Aust. CH. Tasvane Charles Henry (BVA BVA Hip Score 6:8)
Tasvane Titre Of Wolmer
Gunmarsh Candika
Gunmarsh Stylistic (BVA 4:4)
Gunmarsh Jasmine (BVA Hip Score 7:6)
Marquis Lad of Gillbryan (BVA Hip Score 12:7)
Merry Nuala of Brensham
Menna Maid of Gillbryan
Marguerite Maid Of Gillbryan
Martha Maid (4:3)
Eng. SH. CH. Lorinford Lancelot (Unknown BVA Hip Score 4:4)
Lorinford Laurie of Nortonwood
Gillbryan Madailein
Gillbryan Malise
Gunmarsh Crystal (BVA 7:5)
Gunmarsh Christo Glengilpin (4:5)
Stenbury Sea Laird Of Glengilde
Stenbury Sea O'Heather of Perrimay (Hip Score 15:6)
Stenbury Sea O'Magic
Stenbury Sea O' Moonbeams Of Hulverstone
Gunmarsh Stylistic (BVA 4:4)
Gunmarsh Candika

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