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Willowlawn Entent Cordiale JW

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Willowlawn Entent Cordiale JW
Willowlawn Folies Bergere JW
Willowlawn Joie de Vivre
International, French, Luxembourg Ch. Taram du Bois de la Rayere (FCI LOF8RET.GOL. 044954)
Tasha du Bois de la Rayere
Too Much du Bois de la RayŤre
Tartuffe du Bois de la RayŤre
Vice Et Versa du Bois de la RayŤre
Trialer, Int Ch, Fr/Lux/Nd/VDH Ch Beeangee Jumping Jack Flash (FCI France)
VDH/Lux./Int. CH. Beeangee Jack Of All Trades (Other Belgium hips: B)
Norw. CH. Beeangee Jack In The Box
Beeangee Jemima Puddle Duck (Other KC Reg. W2351301W02)
Beeangee Jack The Lad (Other KC Reg. Y2289008Y02)
Beeangee Jive Bunny (Other KcReg W 2351305 W02)
Eng. Ch. Ritzilyn Cockney Robin JW, SGWC (Other KC Reg. R2490903R02)
Ritzilyn Bowstreet Runner (Other S55315/91)
Ritzilyn Dorchester Dickie At Branjoy (Other KCSB 1765CE)
Ritzilyn Mayfair (Other KC Reg. R2490909R03)
Ritzilyn Cockney Rebel (Other KC Reg. R2490903R02)
Stanroph Spring Breeze At Beeangee (Other KC Reg. T3047608T02)
Eng. SH. CH. Stanroph Spring Fantasy KCJW (Other KCSB 3534 CE)
Stanroph Spring Rose at Tenfield (Other KC Reg. T3047604T02)
Stanroph Spring Warrior of Vanrose (UKC T3047601T02)
Stanroph Spring Double (Other KC Reg. T3047606T02)
Stanroph Spring Glow (Other KC Reg. T3047603T02)
Int Ch & Trialer Alibren Mon Cheri avec Stanroph (FCI AA04734708)
Alibren Melodie D'Amour of Yvesham J.W.
Alibren Mon Cher Avec Stanroph
Alibren Voulez-Vous (AA04734704)
Alibren Magnifique At Redrift
ENG. CH. Stanroph Squadron Leader (UKC KC Reg. W3661801W03)
Stanroph Secret Fantasy of Pamgavin
Stanroph Secret Finale
Int. CH. & FT. CH. Stanroph Standing Ovation (LOS 556350)
Stanroph Secret Promise (KCR W 3661808W03)
ENG. SH. CH. Alibren Uhura (UKC V0058306V01)
Alibren Keera Nerys of Yvesham (3733CI)
Willowlawn The Actress
Willowlawn The Gypsy Queen
Willowlawn The Entertainer (Y2187305Y02)
Australian Champion Willowlawn The Ice Maiden
Willowlawn The Aristocrat of Snowfleet (Y2187303Y02)
Elswood The Jacobite Of Bellemount JW SGWC (0494CF)
Ital. CH. Elswood Cash Is King
Eng Sh Ch Elswood The Highlander (UKC KCSB 3273CF)
Elswood Katrine Of Nortonwood
Ger./VDH. CH. Elswood Maree Unter Dem Thie
Elswood Tam A' Shanter Of Highguild
Elswood Celtic Chiefton (Other NHSB 1.950.786)
Elswood Highland Magic of Varadero
Elswood Highland Melody
Eng. SH. CH. Jobeka Jasper of Nortonwood (Other KCSB 1422BZ)
Eng. SH. CH. Jobeka Just James
Jobeka Jane Of Stirchley
Jobeka Jeaves (lof 5077-892)
NV-92 NUCH Jobeka Jaguar (Other SwedKC # S41203/88)
Jobeka Lady Jane
Eng Sh Ch Westley Clementina (Other KCSB 6220BX)
Eng. SH. CH. Westley Christina
Westley Cumgen (Other M6961309N01)
Westley Lusia of Mulfield (Other KC Reg. P1592507P01)
Westley Lizanne Of Channri
Westley Garrya Of Severy (Other KC Reg. R1592902R02)
Westley Lucinda (Other KCSB 3187CD)
Eng. CH. Westley Gabriella Of Siatham
Eng. SH. CH. Westley Glen Of Highguild
Dutch Ch. Westley Cathrina (Other NHSB 1563884)
Westley Crescendo of Sundials
Westley Lucetta of Tarkeila
Westley Charlotte
Westley Lizetta Of Stirchley (Other KC Reg. P1592505P01)
Westley Callum Of Remington
Cracksavon Most Sincere Of Willowlawn KCJW
Eng. SH. CH. Cracksavon Most Faithful (Other KCSB 0558CF)
Muskan Most Likely (Other KC Reg. M6607507M04)
Muskan Miss Demeanor of Cinmarsh (UKC KCR P6431104Q01)
Muskan Miami Vice (Other S30150/88)
Muskan Maple Syrup (Other KC Reg. M6607505M04)
Muskan Miss Likely (Other KC Reg. P6431105Q01)
Muskan More Dior Of Jameel (Other KCSB 3745CB)
Muskan Must Be (Other KC Reg. P6431109Q01)
Muskan Mystic Melody Of Fadius (Other KCSB 2514CB)
Muskan Redpine Megan
Eng. SH. CH. Muskan Most Charming Of Cracksavon JW (Other KCSB 5139BU)
Muskan Miss Chic (Other KC Reg. 1057BW)
Muskan Mona Lisa of Gwyngala

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