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Tigathoe's Blazing Birch

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Tigathoe's Blazing Birch (AKC S475925 (11/51))
Tigathoe's Old Hickory (AKC S475924 (11/1951))
Tigathoe's Little Larch (AKC S475923 (11/51))
Tigathoe's Tawny Tamarack (AKC S475922 (11/51))
Tigathoe's Tiny Thorn (AKC S475921 (11/51))
NFC Beautywood's Tamarack FDHF (AKC S153955 (1/1948))
Beautywood's Triumph (AKC S076280 (4/1947))
Beautywood's Clipper (AKC S076281 (4/1947))
Beautywood's Colonel (AKC S076278 (4/47))
Beautywood's Diana (AKC S076276 (4/47))
Beautywood's First Flight (AKC S076277 (4/47))
Beautywood's King (AKC S076279 (4/47))
Beautywood's Patsy (AKC S076274 (4/47))
Beautywood's Timber (AKC S077424 (4/47))
Beautywood's Christina (AKC S153956 (1/1948))
Beautywood's Bitzy (AKC S153957 (1/48))
Beautywood's Buckshot OS (AKC A916762 (1/46))
Beautywood's T *** (AKC A916764 (1/46))
Inspiration Of Wildwood (AKC S005455 (6/1946))
Can. CH. Beautywood's Victory (AKC A916763 (1/1946))
Beautywood's Susie Q (AKC A977458 (4/1946))
Beautywood Punch (AKC A903195)
Golden Nugget (AKC A934224 (2/1946))
Susie Q Of Chicago (AKC A930186 (3/1946))
Beautywood's Stonegate Amber (AKC S047484 (12/46))
Peter of Woodend *** OS (AKC A569148 (5/42))
Michael Of Woodend *** OS (AKC A-327770 - 7/1939)
Kay of Woodend (AKC A371865 (1/1940))
Rip's Countess of Woodend (AKC A375076 (2/1940))
Oleander Of Woodend (AKC A370749 (1/1940))
AmCH Deer Creek's Anne K Of Woodend *** (AKC A360965 (12/1939))
Rip's Dinah of Woodend *** (AKC A375075 (2/1940))
Gipsy Of Woodend (AKC A357315 (12/1939))
Rip's Gorgeous Of Woodend (AKC A375077 (2/1940))
NFC Shelter Cove Beauty FDHF (AKC A-487805 (6/1941))
Shelter Cove King (AKC S001497 (6/1946))
Shelter Cove Queen (AKC S001498 (6/1946))
Shelter Cove Golden Magic (AKC S001496 (6/1946))
Shelter Cove Classie (AKC S001494 (6/1946))
Shelter Cove Empress (AKC S001495 (6/46))
Goldwood Sunset Jill (AKC A-405217-6/40)
Goldwood Bootsie (AKC A491519 (6/1941))
Goldwood Gypsy (AKC A491522 (6/1941))
Goldwood Shine *** (AKC A-405219-6/40)
Goldwood Bingo (A405220) (AKC A405220 (6/1940))
Goldwood Boots (AKC A405218 (6/1940))
Goldwood Patricia Plunkett (AKC A405216 (6/1940))
Goldwood Peggy (AKC A405215 (6/1940))
Goldwood Golden Lad (AKC A491517 (6/1941))
Goldwood Hank (AKC A491516 (6/1941))
Goldwood Lady Dawn (AKC A491521 (6/1941))
Goldwood Queen (AKC A491520 (6/1941))
Goldwood Ripper Of Allandale (AKC A491518 (6/1941))
Goldwood Rory (AKC A491515 (6/1941))
Am. CH. Rockhaven Rory SDHF OS (AKC 905893 (1/1934))
Whitebridge Judy OD (AKC A-226371-4/38)
FC Whitebridge Wally FDHF (AKC A226373 (4/38))
Whitebridge Lassie (AKC A248067 (7/1938))
Whitebridge Mac (AKC A242189 (6/1938))
Whitebridge Meg (AKC A242188 (6/1938))
Whitebridge Sandy ** (AKC A242190 (6/1938))
Whitebridge Bradford (AKC A226372 - 4/1938)
Am. CH. Saratoga of Tigathoe II ***, DDHF (AKC S306988 (8/49))
Am. CH. Hornet Of Tigathoe *** (AKC S-306991-8/49)
Am. CH. Essex Of Tigathoe (AKC S-306989-8/49)
Wasp Of Tigathoe (AKC S306990 (8/49))
Ranger Of Tigathoe (AKC S306994 (8/49))
Rip Again Of Tigathoe (AKC S306995 (8/49))
Saipan Of Tigathoe (AKC S306986 (8/49))
Ticonderoga Of Tigathoe (AKC S306993 (8/49))
Bennington Of Tigathoe (AKC S306996 (8/49))
Hancock Of Tigathoe (AKC S306987 (8/49))
Lexington Of Tigathoe (AKC S306992 (8/49))
Am. CH. Lorelei's Golden Rip ** OS (AKC S034006 (10/1946))
Am. CH. Lorelei's Golden Anne ** (AKC S034001 (10/1946))
Am. CH. Dufy's Golden Desire * (AKC S034002 (10/1946))
Am. CH. Lorelei's Golden Judy * (AKC S034003 (10/1946))
Lorelei's Golden Michael (AKC S034010 (10/1946))
Lorelei's Golden Dan (AKC S034005 (10/1946))
Lorelei's Golden Jane (AKC S034004 (10/1946))
Lorelei's Golden Jeff (AKC S034007 (10/1946))
Lorelei's Golden Tim (AKC S034008 (10/1946))
Lorelei's Golden Tuck (AKC S034009 (10/1946))
Am. Dual CH. Stilrovin Rip's Pride OS (AKC A561185 (4/1942))
Stilrovin Bride (AKC S027571 (9/46))
Am. CH. Krasnodar / Krasnodar Of Kingswere (AKC A834339 (8/1945))
Stilrovin Michael's Rip (AKC A561187 (4/1942))
Stilrovin Kennelquest Duff (AKC A561188 (4/1942))
Stilrovin River Rat (AKC A561186 (4/1942))
Stilrovin Sis (AKC A561183 (4/1942))
Stilrovin Smokie Jo (AKC A561184 (4/1942))
Greenfield Jollye OD (AKC A-432572-11/40)
Greenfield Goldie (AKC A432567 (11/1940))
Greenfield Geoffrey (AKC A432561 (11/1940))
Greenfield Mollye (AKC A432565 (11/1940))
Greenfield Noranby (AKC A432566 (11/1940))
Greenfield Raffles (AKC A432568 (11/1940))
Greenfield Scout (AKC A432562 (11/1940))
Greenfield Susie (AKC A432569 (11/1940))
Greenfield Taffy (AKC A432564 (11/1940))
Greenfield Terrye (AKC A432570 (11/1940))
Greenfield Trudye (AKC A432571 (11/1940))
Greenfield Winkle (AKC A432563 (11/1940))
Am. CH. Gold Button of Catawba ** OD (AKC S-122040)
Am. CH. Gold Charm Of Catawba (AKC S-122041)
Gold Miner of Catawba
Digger Of Golden Valley *** OS (AKC A507436 (9/41))
FC Pirate Of Golden Valley FDHF (AKC A507433 (9/1941))
Honey of Golden Valley (AKC A507429 (9/1941))
Bonnie Of Golden Valley *** (AKC A507427 (9/1941))
Joy of Golden Valley (AKC A507431 (9/1941))
Blink Of Golden Valley (AKC A507434 (9/1941))
Bunny Of Golden Valley (AKC A507428 (9/1941))
Echo Of Golden Valley (AKC A507430 (9/1941))
Nero Of Golden Valley (AKC A507432 (9/1941))
Nicholas Of Golden Valley (AKC A507435 (9/1941))
FC Stilrovin Katherine OD (AKC A396109 (5/1940))
Stilrovin Victory (AKC A598390 (9/1942))
Am. Dual CH. Stilrovin Nitro Express FDHF DDHF (AKC A-396107 (5/1940))
FC Stilrovin Super Speed FDHF (AKC A396108 (5/1940))
Am. CH. Stilrovin Shur Shot OS (AKC A947110 (3/1946))
Stilrovin Express (AKC A947108 (3/1946))
Stilrovin Vee *** (AKC A598386 (9/1942))
Stilrovin Top Sergeant (AKC A598392 (9/1942))
Stilrovin Trista (AKC A396110 (5/1940))
Stilrovin Xpert (AKC S045619 (12/46))
Stilrovin Jane (AKC A396112 (5/1940))
Stilrovin Super X *** (AKC A396106 (5/1940))
Stilrovin Tola (AKC A396111 (5/1940))
Stilrovin Top Kick ** (AKC A598391 (9/1942))
Stilrovin Victory Child (AKC A598387 (9/1942))
Stilrovin War Baby (AKC A598388 (9/1942))
Stilrovin War Bride (AKC A598389 (9/1942))
Stilrovin Hi-Speed (AKC A947109 (3/1946))
Stilrovin Hi-Velocity (AKC A947111 (3/1946))
Stilrovin Ranger (AKC S045620 (12/46))

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