Golden Retriever

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Am. CH. Princess of Many Trails

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Am. CH. Princess of Many Trails (AKC A841268 (8/1945))
Sir Gay Roxie ** (AKC A887911)
Am. CH. Pali Nu Nichevo (AKC A789533 (2/1945))
Am. CH. Dazzler Of Schoenbrunn (AKC S012901 (7/1946))
Gallant Lady (AKC A806666 (4/1945))
Golo Of Mortgage Ridge (AKC A810906 (5/1945))
Wild Honey Of Squawkie Hill (AKC A954682 (3/1946))
Bright Quest (AKC A841267 (8/1945))
Donald of Great Cove (AKC A297549 - 2/1939)
Margaret Of Great Cove (AKC A297550 - 2/1939)
Turlough Timothy (AKC A46720 - 2/1936)
Ottershaw Donya (AKC A19715 - 10/1935)
Bracken of Ottershaw (AKC A54948 (4/1936))
Fern of Ottershaw (AKC A54949 (4/1936))
Heather of Ottershaw (AKC A54,950 (4/1936))
Joe of Ottershaw (AKC A54,947 (4/1936))
Donkelve Punch (AKC 994,871 6/1935)
Anningsley Dawn
Donkelve Tess
Linkcor Don (Other KC Reg. Feb. 1934)
Linkcor Handsome (Other KC Reg. Feb. 1936)
Donkelve Jane
Frown Of Slate
Am. CH. Ottershaw Colette (AKC 863623 (3/1933))
Ottershaw Norma (AKC A379 - 7/1935)
Marcie (A278704) (AKC A278704 (12/1938))
Vycta Of Dewstraw
Sphinx of Dewstraw
Patsye (Speedwell Nimrod x Kathryn)
Am. CH. Early Autumn Sunshine OD (AKC A654682 (5/1943))
Rory Dick Of Malabar (AKC A609922 (19/1942))
Wind of Woodend (AKC A232874 - 5/1938)
FC Goldwood Tuck OS FDHF (AKC A205346 (1/1938))
Goldwood Tala (AKC A205345 - 1/1938)
Goldwood Topsy (AKC A205344 - 1/1938)
Goldwood Trigger (AKC A205343 - 1/1938)
Rockhaven Tuck ** OS (AKC A-020613 - 11/1935)
Can. CH. Rockhaven Maiha (AKC A560043 (4/1942))
Can. CH. Rockhaven Russet (AKC 894,292 (10/1933))
Am./Can. CH. Rockhaven Harold (AKC 839659 (9/1932))
Rockhaven Beau Brummel Can ***
Can. CH. Rockhaven Lempi (AKC 839656 (9/1932))
Rockhaven Zazu
Rockhaven Dinah (AKC 994,686 - 6/1935)
Rockhaven Rival
Rockhaven Michael Of Moreton (AKC A47137 (3/1936))
Rockhaven Dan (AKC 796932 (10/1931))
Rockhaven Rover (AKC 795593 (10/1931))
Am. CH. Sprite of Aldgrove ** OD DDHF (AKC A-89523 (8/1936))
Eng. CH. Golddawn Of Aldgrove
Duchess Diana of Kentford (AKC A474305 (4/1941))
Teddy Wyanti (AKC 984,653 - 4/1935)
Nicholas Ginger Gates (AKC 864503 (3/1933))
Tucker of Sunny Slope (AKC A328,182 - 7/1939)

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