Golden Retriever

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BVISS Lyric Advent Breakim All Records CDX GN RN CCA CGC BVIS

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

BVISS Lyric Advent Breakim All Records CDX GN RN CCA CGC BVIS (OFA GR-99248F25F-PI)
Lyric Advent Jake Break
Lyric Advent Breakin The Rules (Am CH. ptd) (OFA GR-92009G24M-PI)
Lyric Advent Break Loose
Lyric Advent Mambo Til Daybreak
Lollipop VII
Allen's Dusty
Am CH Sherwood's Tullamore Dew CDX JH NAP NJP WC VCX CGC OS (OFA 68925G24M-T)
CH Sherwood's Truly Bodacious BISS (OFA GR-68985G24-T)
Ch. Sherwood's Let's Play A Round CD, NA, NAJ (OFA GR64396GM-T)
Ch. Sherwood's Tribal Council BISS (OFA GR-76651E24M/PI)
Sherwood's Power Paws (OFA GR-74661F26M-PI)
Sherwood Foxfire Pucker Power (OFA GR-73894G24F-PI)
Sherwood's One Over Par
Sherwood Master Escape Artist (OFA GR-74662F43F-PI)
Sherwood's Cu-Jo Montana
Sherwood's Cool Summer
Sherwood's Braveheart Ablaze CD (OFA GR-79183G32M-PI)
Sherwood's Posi-Traction Dakota (OFA GR-85398G62M-PI)
Ch Birnam Wood's Posi-Traction CD, OS (OFA GR-38897G43M)
Am. CH Birnam Wood Such A Sensation (OFA GR-39636F27F)
Birnam Wood's Xception Rules (OFA GR-39148E24F)
Birnam Wood's Anticipation (OFA GR40220G29F)
Birnam Wood's Face The Nation (OFA GR-39649G27F)
BIS BISS Am. Can. CH Asterling's Jamaica Verdict OS SDHF (OFA GR-15175-T-F-65M)
CH Asterling Lanai Lalenia CD OD (OFA GR-15228)
Ch. Asterling's Tahiti Sweetie SDHF (OFA GR-16472)
Am. CH Asterling Sandy Isle Sunrise
Am. CH Asterling Nantucket Skybird (OFA GR-15354)
Asterling's Manhatten (OFA GR-18321)
Asterling Zanzibar (OFA GR-15355)
Am. CH. Kindred's Sun River Esprit OD (OFA GR-28190F24F)
Am. CH Kachina Doc's Irish Cream (OFA GR-28130G24M)
Rosewood Pretty Penny (OFA GR30233G33F Pennhip.31/.35)
Am CH. Kindred Peppercreek Suspense OS (OFA GR-28124F24M)
AmCH Claircrest It's Snow Business OD (OFA GR-51640G27F)
Claircrest Debraak's Showbiz (OFA GR-50921G25F)
Am Ch Claircrest Nobody's Business OS (OFA GR-51636G25M)
Claircrest Ragtime's Bizness
Ch. Carlin's Holiday A Xmas Carol OS (OFA GR-37748G26M Pennhip.36/.32)
Can. CH. Carlin's Holiday Tinsel OD (OFA GR-39698G33F)
Am. CH Carlin's Holiday Celebration
Carlin's Christmas Holiday (OFA GR-37499E24F)
Am Ch Carlin Holiday Deck The Halls CD (OFA GR-38066F26M)
Ch. Claircrest Devilish Demeanor (OFA GR-41207G26F)
Am. CH. Lyric Advent Ultimate Save (OFA GR-72952E26F-PI)
Lyric Hat Trick (OFA GR-72331G24F-PI)
BISS CH Goldstorm Moving Force BISS OS (OFA GR-59257G24M-T)
Ch Goldstorm Carrera Best Moves
Ch Goldstorm Shanoah Mov'n Showgirl (OFA GR-59236G24F-T)
BIS BISS Am Can CH Goodtime's Best Case Scenario CD JH WC VCX OS SDHF (OFA GR-48563G24M-T)
Am. Ch. Goodtime's Best Foot Forward OD (OFA GR-49880G28F)
Goodtime's Shadow (OFA GR-55655G35M)
BIS Am/Can CH Goodtime's Trademark of Rush Hill OA NAJ OS SDHF (OFA GR-61496G24M-T)
Am. CH Goodtime's Trade Secret AX, AXJ (OFA GR-73487G62F-PI)
Am. CH Goodtime's Jack of All Trades (OFA GR-63084F30M)
Goodtime's Queenly Best
Goodtime's Best Rich Victory
MEX CH, GCM, CC Goodtime's Best Of Luck
Goodtime's Best Part Of Life
Goodtime's Best Is Yet To Come
Goodtime's Best Seller (OFA GR-49531F26M)
Goodtime's Tricks Of The Trade
Goodtime's Trade Talk Mystar
CH Summit Goldstorm Moving Picture BISS OD (OFA GR-49974E48F-T)
Am CH Summits Time Stand Still (OFA GR-50836F25M)
Ginge Lyric Talk of the Town (OFA GR-59964F24F-T)
Ch Ginge Advent Indiscreet (OFA GR-60676G25M-T)
CH Ginge Lyric Toast of New York (OFA GR-59825F24M-T)
Am CH Ginge I'm No Angel (OFA GR-60225G25F-T)
Ginge North by Northwest (OFA GR-64140G37M-T)
Ch Salyran Take It To The Limit VCD2 UD RE TD MX MXJ MXP MJP OS SDHF (OFA GR-54843G24M)
Salyran's Take It Easy (OFA GR-55187F25F)
Salyran's Most Valuable Player
CH Gower's Ginge T G I F OD (OFA GR 35308G24F-T)
Gower's Bewitching Britt (OFA GR-34900F26F)

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