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Dipper's Epsilon of High Farms

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Dipper's Epsilon of High Farms (AKC S903662 (3/59))
Dipper's Zeta of High Farms (AKC S903666 (10/59))
Dippers' Beta of High Farms (AKC S903665-1/60)
High Farm's Star Merry Maker (AKC S903664 (10/1962))
Dippers' Gamma of High Farms (AKC S903661 (2/1959))
Bill Byrd's Delta of High Farms (AKC S903659 (11/1961))
Dipper's Eta of High Farms (AKC S903663 (3/1960))
Enid's Golden Byrd (AKC S772896 (4/1958))
Am. CH. Enid's Golden Madrigal (AKC S772898 (2/58))
Tigathoe's Tawny Ray Of Enid (AKC S772897 (12/1957))
FC AFC Can Dual CH Rockhaven Raynard of Fo-Go-Ta FDHF (AKC S469424 (10/51))
Rockhaven Rastus
Can. CH. Rockhaven Betty
Can. CH. Rockhaven Bess
Rockhaven Cactus
Rockhaven Randolph
Rockhaven Shelby (CKC 214936)
Rockhaven Bunte (CKC 214272)
Rockhaven Blondie (CKC 214826)
Rockhaven Goldie (AKC S047526 (12/46))
Judye of Dewstraw
Judge of Dewstraw
Topaz of Alderhill
Am. CH. Golden Girl Enid * OD (AKC S641800 (6/54))
Rocket Of Goldmeadow (AKC S642398 (3/1955))
Am. CH. Golden Thunderbolt (S405741) CD (AKC S405741 (11/50))
White Cap's Golden Ginger (AKC S485318 (12/51))
Laddie's Golden Maggie (AKC S545044 (12/1953))
White Caps Golden Rusty (AKC S535311 (12/1953))
Dean's Honey Blonde (AKC S522128 (6/1953))
Am. CH. Little Dipper of High Farms OD (AKC S-747822-4/58)
Sir Zeh Of High Farms (AKC S747820 (8/1957))
Golden Dawn of High Farms (AKC S804682 (8/58))
Am. CH. Lorelei's Star Spray OS (AKC S580135 (12/1954))
Am. CH. Lorelei's Star Luck (AKC S580140 (6/1958))
Am. CH. Lorelei's Marsh Piper (AKC S377604 (7/1950))
Lorelei's Marsh Jay OD (AKC S580147 (3/1955))
Lorelei's Aureal Basil (AKC S618944 (4/1956))
Am. CH. Lorelei's Marsh Tern (AKC S377606 (7/1950))
Am. CH. Lorelei's Marsh Snipe (AKC S377607 (7/1950))
Am. CH. Lorelei's Aureal Sage (AKC S618945 (6/1955))
Lorelei's Aureal Cinamon (AKC S618940 (10/1955))
Aureal Wood's Mizzen (AKC S685524 10-57)
Lorelei's Marsh Drummer (AKC S377603 (7/50))
Lorelei's Marsh Hen (AKC S377608 (7/50))
Lorelei's Marsh Rail (AKC S377605 (7/50))
Lorelei's Marsh Whistler (AKC S377602 (7/50))
Lorelei's Marsh Wren (AKC S377601 (7/50))
Am. CH. Lorelei's Lucky Star (AKC S339171 (1/1950))
Lorelei's Lucky Penny OD (AKC S339172 (1/1950))
Am. CH. Lorelei's Lucky Gallant (AKC S339167 (1/1950))
Lorelei's Lucky Nan *** (AKC S339175 (1/1950))
Lorelei's Lucky Shot (AKC S339169 (1/1950))
Lorelei's Lucky Ace (AKC S339168 (1/50))
Lorelei's Lucky Bet (AKC S339174 (1/50))
Lorelei's Lucky Charm (AKC S339173 (1/50))
Lorelei's Lucky Lady Lee (AKC S339170 (1/50))
Lorelei's Lucky Oro (AKC S339166 (1/50))
Lorelei's Lucky Speed (AKC S339164 (1/50))
Lorelei's Lucky Sweep (AKC S339165 (1/50))
Am. CH. High Farms Torch CD (AKC S604657 (10/55))
Am. CH. Ritz of High Farms OS (AKC S-604651-10/57)
Golden Ginny of High Farms (AKC S604658 (10/56))
Golden Gigi of High Farms (AKC S604661 (10/56))
Am. CH. Feather Fetch Tucker (AKC S-486375)
Am. CH. Golden Gal of High Farms CDX OD (AKC S537241 (9/1953))

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