Golden Retriever

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OTCH Dal-Rhe's Sunfire Titanium UDX17 OGM VER RAE TD NJP OBHF UCDX CanCD Wv-N Tn-N OS

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

OTCH Dal-Rhe's Sunfire Titanium UDX17 OGM VER RAE TD NJP OBHF UCDX CanCD Wv-N Tn-N OS
Dal-Rhe HH Street Dance
Dal-Rhe Rex
Dal-Rhe' Genesis RN OD TDI
Dal-Rhe' Beach Bum
Dal-Rhe' Zeus CD RA JH
Sunfire's Storm Trysail UDX MX MXS MXJ MJG CCA CGC
Sunfire Bingo
Sunfire Murphy Brown
Sunfire's Annie Get Your Gun
Sunfires Lucky Penny (SN23016406)
Sunfire Goldngrove's Seranade
HRCH OTCH Bargello's Ten on the Richter UDX2 TDX MH WCX U-CD
Bargello's Seaforth Sand CD WCX
Bargello's Goldmark Jody Bay
Bargello's Scatter's Golden CDX WCX JH **
Bargello's Goose In The Pond
Bargello's Light My Fire CDX
OTCH Heelalong Cracklin' Sunfire TDX OS WC OBHF
Sun Fire's Touch Of Spark UDT,WCX
Sunfires Little Hot Shot UD SH WCX NAHRA-started
Heelalong Why Not Wyant CDX
Sun Fire's Double Ringer
Sun Fire's Running Bear
Sun Fire's Golden Taffy
Can Ch Bargello's Hit-A-Miss UD JH WCX OD
Colabaugh Chateau Gamay Can/AmCD
Duchess Holly of Bedford
Sunfire Crystalite Skyfire JH CD WC OD CGC
U-CD Sunfire's Cracklin Crunch CDX TD JH
Sunfire Rising Star Sammy-Jo
Sunfire's Catch A Fire CD AAD MX MXJ AXP AJP
Sunfire's Gold Fever UDX2
Sunfire's Turbulent Seas
Sunfire's Hot Toppings CDX WC Can CD
Sunfire Clark Banana Split
U-CDX Sunfire's Rajun Skaditch UDTX JH WC FDCh
Sunfire's Cracklin Storm Am/CanCD AmOD
U-CD Sunfire's Blue Moon
Sunfires' Cracklin' Dynamo CDX
Sunfire Cracklin Livewire CD JH WC
Sunfire's Arctic Hotshot UD
Sunfire's Cherry Bomb CD WC CanCD
Sunfire's Tucker Anthony
Sunfire's Firecracker SH
Duckbusters Topbrass, Kickass JH
Hawk's Phoenix From Deerwood
Timberline Deerwood Cayenne
Deerwood's Gentle Ben
Deerwood Burt's Brier
Deerwood's Cock Of The Walk
FC Gian Carlo Of Fox Creek OS FDHF
OTCH Fox Creek Topper MH WCX
Foxcreek's Odie So Far
Taylor's Carrot Of Foxcreek
NAFC FC AFC Topbrass Cotton OS FDHF
OTCH Topbrass Ric O Shay Barty Can CD WCX OS OBHF
FC AFC Topbrass Mandy OD FDHF
Topbrass Malcairn's Zephyr UD ** WCX
Topbrass Butter Up
Topbrass Entropy
Topbrass Floating Kelp Bed **
Topbrass Misdemeanor CD TD
Topbrass Markin Masterpiece ***
Topbrass Sugar and Spice UD TDX
Topbrass Custer **
Topbrass Patriot CDX TDX
Topbrass KC Frontrunner
Topbrass Kinetic Kelly
Topbrass Sammamish Slew OD
Topbrass Apple Of My Eye CD
Topbrass Taco Belle
Topbrass War Cloud
Topbrass Yogi Bear CD
Topbrass Tahi Choki
Topbrass Win Of Fox Creek WC
Topbrass Katy
Topbrass Blazen Baron **
Rocky-Vue Of Fox Creek *** OD
AFC Son Of Red
Mean Joe Green Of Rocky Vue ***
FC AFC Firebird Of Rocky-Vue
Rocky-Vue Ever-Ready
Golden Locket Of Rocky Vue
Deerwood's Every Thing Nice
It's Just A Sprinkle
Mioaks Smokin Cayanne
FC Windbreakers Premium Vintage OS FDHF
Cattail Camo ***
Deerwood's Thunderbird
Deerwood's Blazin' Crockett CD SH WCX
Deerwood-Nealcrest Ms Hepburn
Paumanok's Irish Mist II MH WC
Oak Hill Deerwood
Cloudburst Kate Of Deerwood
Flashfire's Travelin' Man
Honey Bear (SN18925806)
Deerwood's Cotton Gin
Millercreek's Visa Gold
Deerwood Twin Branch Twister
Deerwood's Smoke'n Lightning
JR's Flash in the Night
Kootenai's Topa Topa
Deerwood's Sugar Bear
Deerwood's Double Play
Chile Pepper De Casa Corazon JH
Heartlands Good Time Charlie
Chris' Golden Remington
Trailblazers Choo Choo
Deerwod Velo Qwikshiften Meg
Deerwood Pekay's Quik Trip
Sweetwaters Beau Tangles
Utopian Desert Wind
Salmon River Rusty
Deerwoods Topbrass Roxann
Kiper's Magnolia Blossom
Arcadia's Miss Auburn
AFC Mioak's Rain Check OS FDHF
Mioaks Fire Fox ***
Mioak's Tioga Hawk
Frisbies Enchanted Nutmeg
Topbrass Tripp Of Deerwood OD
AFC Topbrass Comet OD FDHF
FC AFC Topbrass Tyonek FDHF
FC AFC Topbrass Dustbuster
Topbrass Wild Card Cody
Topbrass Accelerator ***
Topbrass Allie ***
Topbrass Crazy WCX ***
Topbrass Whiz-Bang ***
Sungold Gemstar
Topbrass Amberwood High Life
Topbrass Cotton Kandy ***
Topbrass Sneakers
Topbrass Allstar **
Topbrass Golden Domer **
Topbrass Pistol Pete CDX TDX SH **
Topbrass Big Trip SH WCX
Topbrass Yankee's Pride **
Topbrass Kc's Toss Up JH WC
Topbrass Wendy
Topbrass Springfield Joe
Topbrass Cotton Pickin Kate
Topbrass Rascal CDX TDX JH

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