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Peter of Woodend *** OS

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Peter of Woodend *** OS (AKC A569148 (5/42))
Michael Of Woodend *** OS (AKC A-327770 - 7/1939)
Kay of Woodend (AKC A371865 (1/1940))
Rip's Countess of Woodend (AKC A375076 (2/1940))
Oleander Of Woodend (AKC A370749 (1/1940))
AmCH Deer Creek's Anne K Of Woodend *** (AKC A360965 (12/1939))
Rip's Dinah of Woodend *** (AKC A375075 (2/1940))
Gipsy Of Woodend (AKC A357315 (12/1939))
Rip's Gorgeous Of Woodend (AKC A375077 (2/1940))
FC Rip OS FDHF (AKC A-86933 (8/1936))
Queen Mary K (AKC A6772 - 8/1935)
Goldie of Ladve (AKC 965,328 - 1/1935)
Flash of Audlon (AKC 993,300 - 6/1935)
Webb (A204116) (AKC A204116 - 1/1938)
Speedwell Reuben (AKC 864216 (3/1933))
Speedwell Lancelot (Other KC Reg. Oct 1928)
Snettisham Beauty (Other KC Reg. July 1928)
Speedwell Anthony
Speedwell Vanity
Speedwell Nimrod (Other 225HH)
Glenaffric Flirt (Other KC Reg. July 1926)
Snettisham Gipsy/Gypsy> Speedwell Lola (Other 1276FF (Sept. 1923))
Eng. CH. Bess Of Kentford
Queen Of Lynn
Copper Dream
Active Lad
Amber Queen (Other KC Reg.)
Ringstead Queen (KC 403FF)
Am. CH. Speedwell Tango OD (AKC 873199 (5/1933))
Pat Of Rivey (unreg.) (Unregistered)
Pat of Clare (Other KC Reg. August 1938)
Corney of Rivey (Other KC Reg. May 1927)
Speedwell Nan
Sheena of Ricketts
Anningsley Girlie (Other KC Reg. Dec. 1929)
Rockhaven Judy ** OD (AKC A-87255 (8/1936))
Rockhaven Ben Bolt *** OS (AKC A-184622 (11/1937))
Can. CH. Rockhaven Punch
Am. CH. Rockhaven Whitebridge Nobby (AKC A-73433 (6/1936))
Eng. CH. Marine Of Woolley (AKC 885707 (8/1933))
Balcombe King
Eng. CH. Cubbington Diver (Other 1810FF)
Cubbington Fionn (Other KC Reg. Aug. 1925)
Zimber (Other KC Reg. April 1925)
Balcombe Pride (Other 1788JJ)
Onaway (Other KC Reg. Feb. 1923)
Amber Dimple
Haulstone Rusty (Other KC Reg. Nov. 1923)
Eng. CH. Haulstone Dan (Other 1653DD)
Sunshine (1925) (Other KC Reg. Nov 1925)
Failand Saucy Sue (Other KC Reg. Nov. 1925)
Dan Hill Judy (AKC 490686 (11/1925))
Dan Hall Judy (AKC 490686)
Can. CH. Rockhaven Lassie
Can. CH. Rockhaven Carole (AKC A180462 (10/1937))
Rockhaven Noel Lady (AKC A83,583 (8/1936))
Rockhaven Drake (AKC A148,221 (5/1937))
Am./Can. CH. Speedwell Pluto SDHF OS (AKC 839660 (9/1932))
Eng. CH. Kelso of Aldgrove < Speedwell Kelso (Other 1343LL KCSB)
Speedwell Barley (Other KC Reg. Sept. 1929)
Am./Can. CH. Wilderness Tangerine (AKC 912767 (2/1934))

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