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Sunfire Triple Play CD RA

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Sunfire Triple Play CD RA (OFA GR-89123G24M-PI)
Greenmeadows Keeper of the Stars (OFA GR-89353G25F-PI)
Prince Louis Provost
Master's Rizin' To The Occasion JH
Sunfire's Sweet Raisin Cane (OFA GR-94410G44F-NOPI)
Sunfires Texes Star
Cck's Tart-N-Tiny
Sunfire's Storm Trysail UDX MX MXS MXJ MJG CCA CGC (OFA GR-70483F69F-PI)
OTCH U-OCH Sunfire's After Shock UDX4 MX MXJ EAC EJC NGC OBHF (OFA GR-61338G40M-T)
Sunfire Bingo
Sunfire Murphy Brown
Sunfire's Annie Get Your Gun
Sunfires Lucky Penny (SN23016406)
Sunfire Goldngrove's Seranade (OFA GR-62825G41F-T)
HRCH OTCH Bargello's Ten on the Richter UDX2 TDX MH WCX U-CD (OFA GR-28781G24M)
Bargello's Seaforth Sand CD WCX (OFA GR-28766G24F)
Bargello's Goldmark Jody Bay (OFA GR-28553G24F)
Bargello's Scatter's Golden CDX WCX JH ** (OFA GR-29665G27M)
Bargello's Goose In The Pond (GR-29067G26F)
Bargello's Light My Fire CDX
OTCH Heelalong Cracklin' Sunfire TDX OS WC OBHF (OFA GR-12318 Good)
Sun Fire's Touch Of Spark UDT,WCX
Sunfires Little Hot Shot UD SH WCX NAHRA-started (OFA GR-20835-T)
Heelalong Why Not Wyant CDX (OFA GR-12319)
Sun Fire's Double Ringer (OFA GR-12421 Normal)
Sun Fire's Running Bear (OFA GR-26378G90M)
Sun Fire's Golden Taffy (OFA GR-22569-T Good)
Can Ch Bargello's Hit-A-Miss UD JH WCX OD (OFA GR-19342)
Colabaugh Chateau Gamay Can/AmCD
Duchess Holly of Bedford (OFA GR-23670G46F)
Sunfire Crystalite Skyfire JH CD WC OD CGC (OFA GR39709G24FT)
U-CD Sunfire's Cracklin Crunch CDX TD JH
Sunfire Rising Star Sammy-Jo (OFA GR-45613G30F)
Sunfire's Catch A Fire CD AAD MX MXJ AXP AJP
Sunfire's Gold Fever UDX2
Sunfire's Turbulent Seas
Sunfire's Hot Toppings CDX WC Can CD (OFA GR-34099F24M)
Sunfire Clark Banana Split (OFA OFA GR34125G24F)
U-CDX Sunfire's Rajun Skaditch UDTX JH WC FDCh (OFA GR-41671G54M-T)
Sunfire's Cracklin Storm Am/CanCD AmOD (OFA GR-30502F31F-T)
U-CD Sunfire's Blue Moon (OFA GR-29258G24F-T)
Sunfires' Cracklin' Dynamo CDX (OFA GR-23271G40M)
Sunfire Cracklin Livewire CD JH WC (OFA GR-28482G24M-T)
Sunfire's Arctic Hotshot UD
Sunfire's Cherry Bomb CD WC CanCD (OFA GR-22987G)
Sunfire's Tucker Anthony (OFA GR-23862G25M)
Sunfire's Firecracker SH (OFA GR-24177F29M)
Cross Creek's Raisin Cane (OFA GR-74464G24F-NOPI)
Doc's Hillbilly Lady (OFA GR-75605F27F-PI)
Doc's Colorado Andyman
McFadden's Trevor JH
Buffy Dash Hooker Berg
Doc's Golden Sapphire
Belvedere's Jake Of Joliet
Belvedere's Triple Threat *** MH WCX OS (OFA GR-67793G25M-T)
Belvedere Everready and Abel WC OS
Belvedere Forever Raisn'cain *** OS (OFA GR-52740G26M)
Belvedere's Rosemary
Belvedere Encore of Rocky-Vue *** (OFA GR-62795E48F-T)
Belvedere Bravo of Rocky Vue *** (OFA GR-65292E46M)
Belvedere's Lady Diana SH
Kiss Me Kate of Belvedere CD OA
Kyrie Belvedere Gale Wind JH (OFA GR-50643F30F)
UKC Ch. Kyrie Tycho Belvedere (OFA GR-56441G34F-T)
Kyrie-Belvedere Ard Rowan (OFA GR-50978G32M)
Kyrie Belvedere Aberdeen (OFA GR-50979G32F)
Kyrie Mumiah of Belvedere JH
Kyrie Belvedere All Aboard UD, MX, OAJ
Belvedere's Windstorm O'Kyrie WC
Kyrie Belvedere A'Trillium TD
Kyrie Belvedere A Capella
Kyrie Belvedere A'Bien
U-AGI Belvedere Morning Wood Kyrie NA NAP NAJ OJP TDI
Belvedere Kyrie Cibola's Ben
Doc's Beauty Queen
Greenmeadows Cinnamon Teal (OFA GR-65333G26F)
Frisbies Hi Point OS (OFA GR-64801G24M-T)
Woodlands Laird of the Clan MH *** (OFA GR-68878G27F-T)
Highland Chieftain of Skye
Emberain Better Believe It MH *** WCX OS (OFA GR-50437F88M)
Emberain Pine Run's Phoenix WC (OFA GR 33927G28F-T)
Tangelo's Golden Boy Emberain ***
Emberain Autumn Kunung'unika JH (OFA GR-32819E24F)
Emberain Windjam'n Agassiz CD (OFA GR-29371F25F)
Emberain Golden Shane (OFA GR-30352G28F)
Emberain Quackers At Dawn CD (OFA GR-28862F24F)
Perseverance Of Emberain (OFA GR-29771F54F)
Drumtochty Cuillin WCX (OFA GR-47203G25F)
Drumtochty Raider (5/7)
Drumtochty Clover

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