Golden Retriever

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Bennington Hills Star Gazer

A vertical pedigree lists the siblings of each dog in the pedigree. Siblings are found by searching for dogs in the database with the same parents. They may be from the same litter or from another breeding of the same parents. In most cases, this pedigree will be incomplete, as not all dogs have all their siblings entered in the database.

Vertical pedigree:

Bennington Hills Star Gazer (AKC SM769858/02)
Lady Marie Over The Crites S (AKC SM76985804)
Dahl Delights Glimpse of Gold (AKC SE121067)
Savvy McTavey (AKC SD692553)
Beau's Bigbright Lite (AKC SC860580 (12-80))
Beau's Bright Star Lite (AKC SC860581)
Foolsgold's Folley (AKC SC449389)
Reina De Oro (AKC SC465158 (11/79))
Jenniffer Golden Treasure (AKC SC341636 (9/1978))
Sir Golden Rocky III (AKC SC169279 (6/78))
Foolsgold's Fancey Prancer (AKC SC545456 (1-80))
Beau Jest's Dream (AKC SD788525)
Gidget's Glory
Bolings Golden Boy (AKC SD919564)
Eason's Master Mike (AKC SD698483)
R J's Charlemagne (AKC SD608002)
Beau's Grady Rae (AKC SD917762)
Beau's Bright Star Lite (AKC SC860581)
Beau's Bigbright Lite (AKC SC860580 (12-80))
Gold Rock's Miss Milarky (AKC SF378445 (9-90))
Gold Rock's Taffy Twist (AKC SF503490)
Big Time Charlie (AKC SE994781 (11-88))
CH Asterling Sunbeam Tiger SDHF (AKC SD588696 (5-87))
Am. CH. Asterling Lamborghini Bree OD (AKC SD592733)
BIS Am CH Asterling Austin-Healey OS SDHF (AKC SD698457 (8/84))
Am CH Asterling My Very Own Bentley SDHF (AKC SD593834)
Am. CH Asterling's Lotus Lane (SD-726312)
Am. CH Asterling's Stutz Bearcat (AKC SD-736267)
Am. CH Asterling's Triumph (AKC SD-641724)
Am. CH Asterling Jazzin RR-Corniche CDX JH WC (AKC SD737983)
Am. CH Asterling Shiloh's Jaguar (AKC SD588807)
Am CH Asterling Pekay's Pantera CD OS (AKC SD638884 (8-84))
Am. CH Asterling Cntryside Bristol (AKC SD604734)
Asterling Jazzin RR-Phantom (AKC SD737982)
Thornfield's Wild Flower (AKC SE420737)
Thornfield Devon's Shadow (AKC SE408875)
Gold Rush Golden Dawn (AKC SD899680 (11-85))
Gold-Rush Loverly (AKC SD602576)
Sunbartin's Sunrise Am/CanCD (AKC SD924000)
Can CH Golden Acres Golden Bear (CKC 1004536)
Am CH Heather's Gold-Rush Nugget (AKC SD787696)
Mortons' Gold-Rush Taffy (AKC SD597716 (2/1985))
Am/Bda CH Copper Lee Gold Rush Apollo OS SDHF (AKC SC578835 (1-80))
Copper Lee Gold-Rush Cascade OD (AKC SC578884 (1/81))
Am CH Gold Rush Copper Lee WC (AKC SC572167)
Copper Lee Goldwing's Diana (AKC SC980198)
Copper Lee Gold Rush Desiree (AKC SC909622)
Am CH Sunshine Hill Copperlee Pozy (AKC SC978100)
Am CH Copper Lee Gold-Rush Legend (AKC SC909623)
Valentine's Golden Teddy Bear
Gold-Rush's Little Rascal (AKC SC995537 (4/1983))
Gold-Rush's Tonka Truck (AKC SD-139677)
Am. CH Gold-Rush Dance With Me (AKC SC909378)
Can CH Gold-Rush Amber Delight Can CD/Can OD (CKC 991265)
Am CH Gold Rush of Honey Bunch (AKC SD559360)

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